Finning® Heavy Equipment Technician

Dale & Tyler traded their odd jobs

for future careers as Finning® Heavy Equipment Techs. They're halfway through this Grande Prairie Regional College program that will afford them future stability, good pay, and a chance to work anywhere with Finning®. Nothing odd about that.

Finning®-Approved Training Program

Finning® Heavy Equipment Technicians use their analytical troubleshooting and problem solving in an active and physical work environment and should enjoy the challenge of working on some of the largest, most technologically advanced equipment in use today. Students must be a Canadian resident and able to work in a physically demanding environment.

Ideal for people who...

  • Have physical strength and stamina
  • Can work alone or with others
  • Enjoy a mechanical aptitude
  • Have an interest in all types of machinery and engines, electronics, and precision equipment

Potential career paths include:

  • Work anywhere with Finning® where opportunities are available

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