Mike traded his construction job

as foreman to become a carpentry instructor at Grande Prairie Regional College, something he knew he wanted to do since getting his own GPRC Carpentry certification back in 1986. Now he spends his days helping students and his nights at home.

Apprenticeship Program

Carpenters construct, erect and repair buildings and other structures made of wood, wood substitutes, steel and other materials. They work in residential, commercial, industrial and maintenance settings. Duties vary according to the type of job and can include exterior and interior finishes, repair and/or remodeling, or specialized work.

Ideal for people who...

  • Are accurate and economical
  • Can solve mathematical problems quickly and accurately
  • Take pride in a beautiful final product
  • Like to either work alone or with others
  • Are physically fit and are dexterous

Potential career paths include:

  • General carpentry
  • Residential housing
  • Repairs and remodeling
  • Commercial/industrial construction & maintenance
  • Specialized carpentry

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