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Social Work, Degree Completion

The Bachelor of Social Work Program delivered by Learning Circles has several unique features, including:

  • Curriculum designed to ensure cultural and geographic relevance to communities in the north and rural areas,
  • Innovative course content sensitive to Indigenous peoples, and aligned with traditional philosophies and knowledge systems,  and
  • Convenient scheduling of courses, with weekend and evening delivery and local practicum placements.

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Admission Requirements

*   Two years of university transfer courses

You can apply to GPRC for the first two years, 60 credits, of university transfer course work selected from a broad liberal arts and social sciences background.  SW2010 Introduction to Social Work mandatory for all incoming BSW students. You apply to the University of Calgary for admission into third year of the program hosted at GPRC. This is a competitive program.

*   Social Services Diploma

You may also apply for admission into this Bachelor’s Degree if you have successfully completed a two-year approved Social Services Diploma. For a list of the Alberta approved social services diploma programs, please refer to the University of Calgary website. If you apply with a Diploma you may require some additional arts and sciences University Transfer courses.  When you apply for admission to the University of Calgary you may request admission to the program hosted at GPRC.

*  After Degree

If you have successfully completed another degree, you may apply for admission to this program hosted at GPRC.

Other Requirements for Applicants

All Bachelor of Social Work Learning Circles students must reside outside of Calgary, Edmonton or Lethbridge.  Admission to the Bachelor of Social Work Learning Circles Program follows the basic admission requirements of the University of Calgary.  You require the equivalent of a minimum GPA of 2.3. All applicants are required to complete the general admissions form on-line at the University of Calgary website as well as the Faculty of Social Work application form and required documents.

Application Process

Students are encouraged to apply early in the Winter Term for the coming Fall Intake. Deadlines are posted on the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work webpage. Student intakes take place in the Fall for students admitted to third and fourth year.  For more information about the program, or to pick up an application, contact the Bachelor of Social Work Coordinator at 780-539-2964; the Department of Arts and Education at 780-539-2995; or contact the University of Calgary directly:

Faculty of Social Work, Learning Circles Central & Northern: 

University of Calgary 
(780) 492-3888

Graduation Requirements

The University of Calgary sets out the admission requirements to this degree.  The University also governs the degree requirements and evaluates students’ eligibility for graduation.  Students enrolled in university studies at GPRC must consult with the University of Calgary to ensure their course selection meets the University’s requirements for admission, transfer and graduation.

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