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*Please note that sequencing is designed for transfer to the University of Alberta unless otherwise noted.

A number of options are available for students seeking a degree in business. 

GPRC can offer you up to two years (60 credits) of course work toward the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta or toward the Bachelor of Management degree at The University of Lethbridge. You can get up to one year of course work towards the University of Calgary's Bachelor of Commerce. It is highly suggested to speak with an advisor if you are planning on going to Calgary. Within these degree programs, you may do a general program or you may choose to develop a major (area of concentration). The specific majors available are listed along with the appropriate curriculum for each individual institution.

The Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Management degrees at Alberta institutions are, normally, four-year and 120 credits of appropriate course work.  The Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge have residency requirements that you must complete in order to graduate. Usually, the last (or senior) 60 credits of the degree taken at the university fulfills this requirement. Students must, normally, complete all degree requirements within eight years, beginning with the year admission to the program was granted.

Degree granting institutions may not consider grades of D and D+ sufficient to award transfer credit. Institutions that accept grades of D or D+ for transfer courses may consider that those courses do not fulfill prerequisite requirements to senior courses. 

Admission Requirements

Admission to the University Transfer Bachelor of Commerce Program requires an overall high school average of 60 percent in the following five Alberta Education courses. Refer to the Classification of Alberta Education Courses:

  • English 30-1
  • Mathematics 30-1
  • One of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Mathematics 31, Physics 30, Science 30
  • One from Group A (Language Other than English or Social Studies 30)
  • One other 30-level, 5-credit course from Group A, B or C (refer to Admissions Chart)

If your plans are to transfer to an institution other than the University of Alberta, the admission criteria may vary. Check with the Associate Registrar, Admissions or an advisor in Student Services.

Mature Student

If you are 21 years of age or older and do not have a high school diploma, you may still be eligible for admission as a Non-Matriculated Adult (NMA). Admission to the University of Alberta pre-professional year program requires an overall average of 60% on the following three courses:

  • English 30-1,
  • Mathematics 30-1, and
  • Group C Science subject

Although admission requirements have been adjusted for mature students, you must have the high school prerequisites to the courses that you require or wish to take in your program.

Program Curriculum

Bachelor of Commerce

University Transfer to University of Alberta

The University of Alberta does not admit students directly into year one of the Bachelor of Commerce. Admission to the Faculty of Business is based on completion of a pre-professional year, with a minimum of 24 credits of course work which must include the English, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics courses listed in the curriculum for first year.

The following majors are available in the Faculty of Business: Accounting, Business Economics and Law, Business Studies, Decision and Information Systems, Distribution Management, East Asian Studies, Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, European Studies, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Latin American Studies, Management Information Systems, Management and Organization, Marketing, Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment, Operations Management, and Retailing and Services.  A Cooperative Education option, in all specializations, is available for students who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants. You can apply for this option on completion of the first two years (60 credits) of your program (application normally being made during year two).

First year

  • EC1010 and EC1020
  • Junior English (6 credits)
  • MA1130
  • ST1510*
  • Non-Business Electives (12 credits), can be chosen from any areas of interest in the Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences

Second year

Note: No more than 21 junior credits (100-level at the University) in non-Business electives may be used for credit toward the degree.
*Students considering applying to both University of Calgary and University of Alberta should consider completing ST1510 in their first year. ST1510 satisfies the University of Alberta requirements for first year.

Bachelor of Commerce

University Transfer to University of Calgary

Bachelor of Commerce transfer students must meet the pre-commerce requirements set out by the University of Calgary. The University offers seventeen different concentrations in this degree. Students considering transfer to University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business, are encouraged to review list of available concentrations, and information on admission and program requirements, available online at or   

Students transferring to the University of Calgary can do a maximum of One Year with GPRC. Please consult with an advisor regarding transfer to the U of C prior to registering.

First year

  • EC1010 and EC1020
  • Junior English (3 credits)
  • Junior Humanities (3 credits) - Junior English recommended
  • MA1130
  • Junior Non-Commerce Options (3 credits)
  • Junior Science (3 credits), excluding Computing, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Junior Social Science (3 credits)
  • ST1510* - must be taken in Fall
  • MG3120

*Students considering applying to both University of Calgary and University of Alberta should consider completing ST1510 in their first year. ST1510 satisfies the University of Alberta requirements for first year.

Bachelor of Management

University Transfer to University of Lethbridge

Admission to the Faculty of Management is normally based on completion of a minimum of one year, 30 credits, of course work which should include the courses specified in the first year curriculum.

The following majors are available in the Bachelor of Management program:  Accounting; Computer Science, Economics, Finance, First Nations’ Governance, General Management, Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, International Management, Information Systems, Marketing and Political Science.   

The following is a general curriculum for first and second year.  You are advised to review the University of Lethbridge Calendar and the Alberta Transfer Guide, and to consult with an advisor in Student Services for details and advice about the different majors.

First year

  • EC1010 and EC1020
  • Junior English (6 credits)
  • MA1130*
  • ST1510
  • Electives (12 credits) chosen to meet the General Liberal Education Requirement **

Second year

*MA1130 and MG3120 or ST2520 are required for most quantitative Majors such as Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Information Systems and Marketing.  Students who complete these courses can count them toward their Liberal Education (Science) Requirement.
**Electives should be chosen to fulfill the General Liberal Education requirements that apply to all students in University of Lethbridge degree programs.  Refer to that section of the current University of Lethbridge Calendar.  No more than 30 credits in introductory level, 1000-level course work will be granted credit towards a degree at the University of Lethbridge.  If you present course work that transfers as 3000-level Management courses, you will receive credit after admission to the Faculty.

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