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*Please note that sequencing is designed for transfer to the University of Alberta unless otherwise noted.

Grande Prairie Regional College offers transfer programs to the University of Alberta or University of Lethbridge.  A maximum of two years (60 credits) will prepare you to apply to second or third year of the Bachelor of Education degree program at the University of Alberta.  A maximum of one year (30 credits) can be applied to the Combined Bachelor of Education Degrees programs at the University of Lethbridge.

When you have completed the Bachelor of Education degree or combined degree program, you will be eligible to apply to the Teachers’ Certification Branch, Alberta Education for your teaching certificate.

Selection and completion of the appropriate courses for your program and a competitive grade point average (GPA) are required for successful transfer to the Bachelor of Education program of your choice.  For further information on current required GPA, please consult with an advisor in Student Services.

For Transfer to University of Alberta

The University of Alberta Bachelor of Education program requires you to select either the Elementary Route (Kindergarten to Grade 6) or the Secondary Route (Grade 7 to Grade 12). If you choose the Elementary Route, you may wish to consider completing the University of Alberta Bachelor of Education degree on site at GPRC.  See the program listing for Teacher Education North, Bachelor of Education, University of Alberta.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this university transfer program requires an overall high school average of 60 percent in the following five Alberta Education courses.  Refer to the Classification of Alberta Education Courses:

  • English 30-1, minimum 60 percent
  • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2 (elementary route) or Group A or C (secondary route)
  • Two courses from Group A or C
  • One course from Group A, B, or C

While not an admission requirement for the program, you may be required to present a Criminal Record Check to those practicum agencies and field placements that require one of individuals working in their organizations.

If you plan to transfer to an institution other than the University of Alberta, you will want to confirm the admission criteria for that institution.  Check with the Associate Registrar, Admissions or an advisor in Student Services.  If you plan to specialize in a particular subject area, you should present Grade 12 prerequisites basic to that subject area.

Mature Student

If you are 21 years of age or older and do not have a high school diploma, you may still be eligible for admission as a Non-Matriculated Adult (NMA). Admission to the University of Alberta pre-professional year requires an overall average of 60 percent on the following two Alberta Education courses:

  • English 30-1, minimum 60 percent
  • One other 30-level subject from Group A, or C

Regardless of admission requirements, you must have the high school prerequisites to the courses you require or wish to take in your program.

Additional Information

Education Students Association, ESA

Students, who are enrolled in studies at Grande Prairie Regional College with the goal of becoming members of the teaching profession, should consider membership in the ESA.  The objectives of this student group are intended to foster a professional attitude, establish contacts with the educational community, further objectives of the Alberta Teachers Association, and members in developing career goals.  In addition, the ESA arranges social events for its members to foster a sense of fellowship.

Executive members of ESA may be eligible for co-curricular recognition.

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