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What A Classic!

The 28th annual GPRC College Classic was held on Friday, June 5, 2015, and what a day it was! The sun shone brightly on volunteers and participants as the registration began. After being treated to breakfast at the course, and taking part in the shoot-out, participants headed out to begin their rounds. The sun stayed the whole day and everyone had a great time, with lots of laughs. 

Thank you to everyone who helped plan, organize and pull off this event! Members of the organizing committee; Chair - Serge Martin, Randy Glenn, Mike Hussey, Ian Perry, Devon Wardley, Kevin Chrenek, Brody Thomson, Francois Fournier, Bob Martin, Patricia Woronuk, Lisa Hollis, Jamie Strauss (student), Cari Foster, Joanne Ballance, Heidi Arbeau-Wood; Campus operations, and everyone from GPRC and Fletcher Mudryk who volunteered their time and energy to make this day a success. 

View the photo gallery! > Keep checking back as we add new photos!

The Gift of Dance

On June 1, 2015, the Harley-Davidson® student fundraiser raffle was drawn.  The raffle was for two custom airbrushed Harley imaged mini-fridges and two cash prizes of $250. The winners were Anna Underwood, Levi Foster, Richard Huette and Rob Mutz respectively. The students raised just over $3,100 for the Harley-Davidson® Program and the money will be used to purchase equipment.
Vinnie Saddleback, a student of this Harley-Davidson® session is a Men's Fancy Dancer from Maskwacis, Alberta. He honored his instructors and fellow students with a dance which he did in front of the Trev Deeley Building. His regalia colours were gifted to him from an Elder and he designed his regalia by incorporating Harley-Davidson® decals and colors which were inspired by his love of Harley-Davidson® bikes.
~Submitted by Patricia Woronuk and Ashley Walker

Change in Payment Options @ GPRC

There's a fantastic new way for our students to pay their fees using a credit card! GPRC has joined the ranks of colleges and universities across North America which no longer accept tuition payments by credit card. The good news is that GPRC has also joined the forward thinking institutions offering the payment option of Plastiq, an online payment service designed to cater specifically to cardholders in the tuition space. 

According to the company’s website, Plastiq was born when Eliot Buchanan found out that his college tuition could not be paid using a credit card. Experiencing this frustration firsthand inspired him to create a solution that would enable anyone to use their card of choice for any of life’s important payments. This "solution for students, created by students" will roll out in July 2015, and all credit card payments for tuition and other fees, including housing, will be processed using Plastiq. 

Keep checking our website for new information in the coming weeks!

Meeting of the Presidents

(L-R) Dr David Ross, President & CEO SAIT Polytechnic, Pat Carlson, CEO Seven Generations Energy Ltd, Don Gnatuik, President & CEO Grande Prairie Regional College. The three met on Friday, June 12, 2015 to discuss future collaboration.

President's Honour Roll 2013-14

The GPRC President’s Honour Roll recognizes full-time students who have achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.5 for the academic year.

As per “Recognition of Academic Achievement Policy”, qualifying students receive a Letter of Academic Excellence from the President and their names are presented to the Board of Governors.

Please find below the list of recipients for the 2013-2014 year. Congratulations all!

Adolphson, Dana
Allen, Sherralynn
Apples, Anthony
Armstrong, Braden
Asleson, Darren
Atzenberger, Amy
Benoit, Garrett
Bielech, Peter
Boulet, Suzanne
Bowes, Nicole
Brown, Jolene
Brownless, Kaitlin
Burris, Laura
Callahan, Melissa
Camsell, Julian
Cantor, Maria
Chapman, Lesley
Cherwak, Meghan
Clarke, Crystal
Comeau, Marc
Corcoran, Eric
Corriveau, Chelsea
Cranston, Barb
Decker, Daniel
Derouin, Lauranda
Driedger, Josh
Dueck, Anakate
Dyck, Danielle
Edgeworth, David
Eghaghe, Christy
Elden, Brittany
Elgert, Jackie
Epifantseva, Kate
Foort, Amanda
Gaudin, Caitlyn
Gerwatoski, Sheila
Gibb, Deena
Giesbrecht, Ashley
Gordon, Michelle
Gordon, Shaileen
Gour, Sylvie
Haberman, Katherine
Hearnden, Alyssa
Hegge, Stina
Hemmingway, Tarryn
Hillary, Britanee
Hodges, Michael
Hof, Ian
Holloway, Jenna
Hudson, Sarah
Hunter, Regan
Hutchinson, Nikki
Irwin, Hannah
Jalbert, Aleshia
Johnston, Taryn
Kindrachuk, Ange
King, Sharla
Kjemhus, Taylor
Laue, Brett
Lee, Jocelyn
Lepatsky, Jonathan
Loewen, David
MacLeod, Rae
Manto, Brittany
Martin, Tayanne
Mathews, Chantel
Miasek, Talia
Monk, Sarah
Montpellier, Kylie

Moskalyk, Lisa
Mutch, Jody

Nadeau, Bailey
Nicholson, Muria
Niekamp, Meghan
Nolette, Diane
Norman, Amy
Norman, Jeannie
Oostra, David
Ovsiy, Alina
Owen, Blaire
Patel, Charmaine
Peddle, Lucas
Pedersen, Katey
Penner, Luke
Pernal, Katherine
Pocrnja, Blaz
Pringle, Karim
Rawluk, Amy
Reber, Brandon
Reimer, Michele
Richards, Andrew
Roberts, Sarah
Rossing, Courtney
Rouw, Katrina
Ruether, Andrea
Ruether, Taylor
Rush, Andrea
Saathoff, Roxanne
Sadler, Laura
Sandberg, Pamela
Sarkonak, Jamie
Schulz, Fallon
Schulz, Katie
Sears, Alexis
Shmyr, Savanah
Shrestha, Suravi
Simmons, Ashley
Soderholm-Martell, Linneah
Spitzer, Sydney
Stauffer, Gillian
Stegmeier, Kayla
Straker, Brittany
Strizich, Jessica
Sunde, Nicole
Swanson, Brad
Tindall, Bailee
Tschechne, Stefanie
Tucker, Dominique
Tunke, Mallory
Turcotte, Nathan
Tzeggai, Filmon
Uhryn, Nicole
Valine, Averil
Valiquette, Henri
Van Eck, Graham
Vance, Amanda-Rae
VanderZwan, Haley
Walkley, Sheena
Watchorn, Morgan
Webster, Charne
Wenger, Shana
White, Christina
White, Jacob
Willsey, Kayla
Wohlgemuth, Denay
Wollmann, Raivan
Wong, Monica
Yusuf, Buki


Cabin Build

Second year GPRC Carpentry Apprenticeship students worked on a new and exciting project this year! In years past, they have built playhouses as their assignment, but the instructors decided to change it up this year and had the students build a small log cabin. This was a great change for the students who didn’t have to take turns working on the structure as they have had to do with the playhouses - the whole class could work together on the cabin at once. This assignment was deemed to be a better learning experience, as the build is more applicable to the real world. The students worked with a lot of traditional materials such as log siding, and machining accessories like corners & trim, as well as machining a door from scratch. This rewarding development had a lot of extra learning value to the carpentry apprentices and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire class. Looks like the log cabin, is the new playhouse project!

~ Submitted by Patricia Woronuk

Celebrating 40 Years!

The GPRC Wolves Volleyball 40th Anniversary celebration is quickly approaching! Organizers are gearing up for a fantastic weekend July 2-4, 2015, full of fun family activities and trips down memory lane. Over the past 40 years, Wolves Volleyball has touched many lives; whether you were a player, coach, trainer, fan or parent we want to see you here! There will be lots to do, so plan on spending the whole weekend, catching up with old friends and maybe making some new ones. 

News of the upcoming event has spread beyond our immediate region, with press reports even coming out of Edmonton. If you are interested in attending, contact Betheor visit our webpage and register online!

Touring Around

On May 29, 2015, third year GPRC Carpentry Apprentices, technician Cam Robertson and instructor Dave Long were toured around the new Grande Prairie hospital by the Superintendent for Graham Construction, Scott Worthing. The group spent three hours touring all areas of the hospital project, with emphasis on concrete forming for column and wall construction, and were privy to the pouring of a suspended concrete stair in one of the stair wells. Various Graham staff were consulted along the way, allowing students the opportunity to ask questions and see first-hand, many of the theoretical concepts that had been discussed in the theory component of their course. The radiation vault was of special interest; the concrete forming requires this process in order to accept the massive weight of the 10 foot thick walls, floors and ceilings. Survey layout and steel stud construction were also discussed at length.

The students were given questionnaires, which they were required to answer as each topic was viewed and considered. The feedback from the students was very favourable and at the end of the tour, they thanked Scott for his in-depth discussions and his time by presenting him with a router table that was constructed by one of the students. The opportunity to tour such a unique project was greatly appreciated, as opportunities of this scale rarely come about in the peace region. The students went on to do extremely well in the subject areas that were relevant to this tour.

~ Submitted by Dave Long

Unlocking Creativity

Grande Prairie and area Early Childhood Educators came together May 25, 2015 for an evening of learning and laughter, at a workshop hosted on campus by the GPRC Human Services Department. Instructor, Theresa Suderman, facilitated the sold out event, “Unlocking Creativity in Infants & Toddlers”.

~ Submitted by Theresa Suderman

Harley Draw This Friday!

The countdown is on for the final draw of the 27th Annual Harley-Davidson® Raffle. The lucky winner will be chosen on Friday June 19, 2015 at 10am in the GPRC Fairview Atrium. Good luck to everyone who entered, and thank you for supporting the enhancement of the Motorcycle & Powersports, and Harley-Davidson® departments at GPRC.

Thank You!

GPRC Theatre Manager, Meghan Noftall and GPRC VP External Relations, Carmen Haakstad, flank Grande Prairie Live Theatre (GPLT) Manager Wayne Ayling, and GPLT Board President Sandra Pippus. The cheque is for GPRC's share in the collaboration with GPLT on the production of Les Mis which took place in February 2015.

Joanne Ballance, GPRC Director of Development (L), and Heidi Arbeau-Wood, GPRC Development Officer (R), with Marteena Duda of Grande Prairie Service Plus Inns & Suites. Marteena stopped by with a cheque representing the company’s annual rewards program contribution to GPRC.

Erman Eray, Pepsico Canada Food Service Representative presents Joanne Ballance, GPRC Director of Development with a donation in the amount of $40,000. 


Family Time

Another successful year of the Children’s Centre Demonstration preschool was celebrated at the end of May, with the year end Family Gathering event. The children who had attended the program and their families were treated to a barbecue/potluck where each child was given a t-shirt and memory book. It was extremely well attended, with over 100 people including children, parents, and grandparents. The day was a great deal of fun, and a wonderful ending to another amazing year at the Children’s Centre Demonstration Preschool.

~ Photo submitted by Bruce Rutley, with information submitted by Angela Birnie-Browne

Artwork Takes Flight

Artwork by GPRC Fine Arts student Christina Wallwork is displayed above the desk of Hazel Liley in GPRC Community Relations.

There is currently an exhibit at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre entitled Take Flight, which features the work of past and present GPRC Fine Arts students. Christina Wallwork and Katherine Moe will be returning to GPRC in the fall, while Dee Ezzedine and CJ Lyons both graduated this past spring. The exhibit, which runs until the end of June was recently profiled in the Fairview Post. Read Post article >

~ Submitted by Nate Smith

Excellence In People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team.

• Congratulations to Business student and SA VP Outreach Eric Derose, who has been named as President of the Circle of Aboriginal Students.

• A big thank you for the endless support everyone has shown to the Dual Credit program. The success of this year is a direct result of everyone going over and above to help with mapping, organizing, and ensuring that GPRC programs are available to dual credit students! Connie Korpan, Dorothy Dooley, Cybilla Rakestraw, Jonathan Verhesen, Tom McLeister, Ali Al-Asadi, Chris Laue, Brian Carreau, Sandy Rendle, Charles Sanderson, Geoff Whittal, Ed Bader, Bill Corcoran, Carolyn Vasileiou, Ron Thomson, Matt Bain, Pat Caulfield Fontaine, Shirley Pasieka, Jean Nordin, Garth Findlay, Les Rawluk, Renee LaBoucane, Shelly Cardiff, Jennifer McLean, Gordon Pellerin, Karlee Worobetz, and Shari Johnston.

• Congratulations to student and SA VP External Kristen George, on her election as Chair of the Alberta Student Executive Association (ASEC).

• Thanks and congratulations to Abigail Adebusuyi, Weixing Tan and the GPRC-CRI Pollutants to Products team for their ground-breaking work using microalgae to capture carbon emissions before they are released into the atmosphere. The project was recently featured in the Energy Exchange Magazine. Read the full article now > 

• Special thanks to student Vinnie Saddleback for his gift of dance in honour of his Harley-Davidson® program instructors and class mates.

• Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's College Classic a success! The organizing committee; Chair - Serge Martin, Randy Glenn, Mike Hussey, Ian Perry, Devon Wardley, Kevin Chrenek, Brody Thomson, Francois Fournier, Bob Martin, Patricia Woronuk, Lisa Hollis, Jamie Strauss (student), Cari Foster, Joanne Ballance, Heidi Arbeau-Wood; Campus Operations, and everyone from GPRC and Fletcher Mudryk who volunteered their time and energy to make this day a success.