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Congratulations Ray!

Ray Kardas is the President of Sports Council of Alberta and was jointly responsible for organizing a very successful Pan Pacific Sports Medicine Council Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii with the Brisbane, Australia branch. It took place January 27-30, 2011 and was attended by about 55 professionals. He successfully received sponsorship funds from various sources as well as a grant to bring in 3 Alberta vocal artists to entertain the participants during the “Taste of Alberta” night. The participants from Australia, England, Denmark and Canada were so impressed with the excellent sessions throughout the conference. It was largely Alberta that set a new standard for this kind of conference which the Australians are clamouring to duplicate in future.

Ray Kardas, President Sports Medicine Council of Alberta; Kerry Mummery, Dean of Physical Education and Recreation, UofA;  Steve Manning President, Sports Medicine Australia Queensland division.

Grand Chief Alphonse Apples Visits GPRC

Tlicho First Nation Leaders visited GPRC February 4th, and expressed their amazement to see the beautiful college and students. “On behalf of Tlicho Government and Tlicho Community Services Agency, I would like to say Masi Cho, means thank you very much for all the support with students and helping them when it is needed the most, when they are far away from their communities.” Grand Chief Alphonse Apples, Tlicho First Nation (second from the right in front) and his administrative assistant Leona Lynn Mantia, who is an alumna of GPRC, (far right) were part of a contingent who visited GPRC as part of a tour to explore educational opportunities for the youth of their community. Tlicho traditional lands are a vast area of boreal forests, waterways, and tundra stretching from the northern shores of Great Slave Lake to near the southern shores of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Photo (l-r): Kelly Benning, GPRC Aboriginal Liaison Coordinator; Joe Beaverho, Tlicho First Nation Education Coordinator; Susan Bansgrove, VP Academics and Research; Don Gnatiuk, President and CEO; James Rabesca, Interpreter; Grand Chief Alphonse Apples, Tlicho First Nation; Mark Mackenzie, driver; Leona Lynn Mantia, Tlicho First Nation; and Carmen Haakstad, VP External Relations.

Freedom to Read @ GPRC Library

Celebrate your freedom to read and checkout a challenged book from the library!

This year, the library has created miniature cards that you can fill out at the library with your name and title of a challenged book you’ve read or want to read. Drop it off at the Circulation desk and it will be proudly displayed with all those who support and believe in our freedom to choose what we read and know.

Fairview Fossil Road Show

The Grande Prairie Regional College’s Palaeontology Program recently took the show on the road to the Fairview College Campus within the framework of our community outreach and public education activities. On January 18 and 19, the conference room in the administration building on the Fairview Campus was taken over by fossils and enthusiasts. The road show brought books, handouts, maps, kids activities, and of course dozens of fossils to display for the interested people of Fairview and surrounding area.

In the morning and early afternoon, grade four, five and six students from the local E. E. Oliver and St .Thomas More schools were invited to come for a presentation on Peace Country dinosaurs, and a chance to see the fossils for themselves. This was followed by a public open house where many fossil enthusiasts and amateur collectors were delighted to bring in what they had found and compare it to the collection on display. An evening lecture on Tuesday about the fossils of Northwest Alberta, and on Wednesday about the fossils of the Gobi desert in Mongolia filled up the audience with eager listeners.

Overall 91 students and approximately 130 people attended the open session and evening lectures. The success of the event was evident in the excellent turnout and the satisfied smiles of those who attended. A warm reception from the Fairview College Campus made the experience smooth and coordinated, and a pleasure to organize for the people of Fairview. The road show will continue on to other communities in Northwest Alberta, and several people expressed interest in having the road show come back to Fairview again in the future. - Sumitted by Katalin Ormay

Robin Sissons, Katalin Ormay, Phil Bell, Bert Hunt, presenters for the Fossil Road Show at Fairview Campus

Students enjoyed the display of real                    Robin Sissons identifies fossils
dinosaur bones

Recruitment Road Rules

February 7 and High School classes are in full swing. College Recruiters started off the week with four 80 minute CALM 10 classes at the Grande Prairie Comp, and left with an invitation to return in the next quarter to do more! At Monday’s end recruitment had made contact with 120 comp students, and three different teachers.

From Grande Prairie we travelled on to Fox Creek School and took part in their first annual Health and Wellness fair, a great opportunity to network, and showcase GPRC programming.  As usual we were asked all types of questions, and were happy to report back to the school about how some of their alumni are doing at GPRC. This year’s SA President and VP Student Life are both Fox Creek grads and their current success at GPRC was well received by their former instructors.

Next stop Chetwynd BC, and an enthusiastic group of grade 10 students found us engaged in great conversation and leaving with a strong sense that these students are going places. We will be heading back to Chetwynd before the end of the school year. We were also provided with the opportunity to meet with several Chetwynd students that have applied and plan to attend GPRC in the fall. It is always great to help new students decrease their anxiety and fly the GPRC banner of Student Centeredness before they arrive.

February 10 and the last day of our tour we were up bright and early and on the dark snowy road to Tumbler Ridge. The smell of the mountains and trees was refreshing as we started Thursday off meeting with over 30 students from this small grade 7-12 school. We expect to be back there soon, and to see their students on campus.

There is such a strong peace region connection in these communities, and GPRC is a school of choice. Once finished in Tumbler we motored back to Dawson Creek and met with a dozen grade 12s that have either applied or plan to for September starts. Never a dull moment, the questions were insightful and indicative that high school students are planning ahead and appreciate the need to have a plan after high school. Until next time… Megan & Gord.  - Submitted by Megan Ryan-Walsh

Anime Convention

Fine Arts Instructor, Ed Bader, recently spent a few hours at NOOB-CON, the local Anime convention at the Composite High School.  He had several inquiries about a variety of GPRC programs such as art, music, drama, the Conservatory, Education and Computing Science.  Many GPRC Fine Art Students were in attendance selling their wares and some students even recognized Ed from the FAD Open house.

See attached photographs of this unique but creative sub-culture where there were folks attending from Prince George, Fort St. John, Spirit River, Sturgeon Lake, Valleyview and Grande Prairie. - Submitted by Ed Bader


The Librarian

This sculpture depicting renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s painting titled The Librarian, c. 1566 was created by Wanda Bruvold in celebration of Freedom to Read Week – February 2011.

Famous in his lifetime, Arcimboldo painted witty surreal portraits. Arcimboldo was largely overlooked for centuries after his death in 1593 at 66, only to be rediscovered in the 20th century and hailed as the grandfather of Surrealism.

The Librarian was a triumph of modern art in the 15th century. It is said to portray court historian Wolfgang Lazius, author of some 50 volumes.

From: Smithsonian magazine – “Feast for the Eyes” January 2011’
Stop by the library and check it out for yourself!
~the library