Welcome 2011!

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A Cause for Celebration!

The GPRC fundraising target of $950,000 was met once again this year,  thanks to thousands of generous supporters.  Meeting the fundraising goal is paramount in order for GPRC to benefit from the maximum matching funds through the Access to the Future Fund.  The  request for $1.2 Million in matching funds was recently submitted to Government and we are awaiting  approval. Thank you to all of our generous faculty and staff, friends, families, businesses, organizations who continue to support Student Success at GPRC through charitable gifts.  For more information on donating to GPRC, go to https://www.gprc.ab.ca/alumni/donations/

Stop Idling

GPRC is proud to be the first organization to commit to the City of Grande Prairie Idle Reduction program.

Did you know?
If every driver of a light-duty vehicle in Grande Prairie, Alberta avoided idling for 8 minutes a day, this would:

    * Reduce the use of 2,534,089 litres of fuel per year;
    * Save $2,063,761.76 annually;
    * Reduce 6,158,722 kilograms of GHG emissions per year;|
    * Represent 3.54% of total light-duty vehicle fuel use in Grande Prairie, AB;
    * Equal to taking 4,398 vehicles off the road;
    * Mean each driver would save 82.18 litres of fuel, $66.93 in fuel costs, and
       contribute to reduction of 200 kilograms of GHG emissions, annually; and
    * Equal a fuel cost reduction of 2.88 cents per litre at the pump.
    * Eliminate enough GHG emissions to fill 3,671 NHL-sized hockey rinks
    * Equal to having 36,952 trees planted to absorb GHG emissions.

Flowers For Fiona

GPRC Wolves Runner, Fiona Benson, won the CCAA National Cross Country Championships in Fredericton in November and is now a Gold medalist, the National Champion and GPRC's first CCAA Women’s National Champion.  GPRC President & CEO, Don Gnatiuk, recently took the opportunity to personally congratulate Fiona and present her with a flower bouquet on behalf of the Executive Team.  Accompanying Fiona was Wolves Running coach Rick Scott.

A Christmas Present For GPRC

Just before the Christmas break, GPRC received a very generous donation from the estate of Willie Janssen.  Emily Schuett, a family friend of the late Willie Janssen, presented the cheque in the amount of $150,000 to Carmen Haakstad, VP External Relations.  The funds will support student awards at GPRC for Peace Country students.

GPRC Recycling Update

Campus Operations has placed various recycle bins for drink containers, paper, tin/plastic, cardboard and batteries at locations around the campus, and you can find the location of all bins at:  https://www.gprc.ab.ca/green/

Drink Containers: The bottle bins are maintained weekly with revenue used to partially fund paper shredding.  See the chart at https://www.gprc.ab.ca/green/ for locations throughout the College.

Paper: Paper recycling is picked up on a weekly basis or when the bins are filled. We have heard your concerns about the small paper slots and the difficulty in getting paper into those slots.  In order to ensure confidentiality, the paper entrance must be small and the bins must remain locked. If you have large quantities of non-confidential paper for recycling, there are blue bins located in various areas around the College https://www.gprc.ab.ca/green/ , or you can request a temporary bin from Campus Operations.

Tin/Plastic: Most of the tin/plastic bins have been removed with the only remaining one located by the vending machines at the main entrance near Student Services.  The reason for the removal is due to low volume.  Since it took a long time to fill up the bins, it didn’t make sense to empty them weekly and food garbage was being added to them causing a bad odour.

Cardboard: Please take your cardboard to B228 in the Shipping Receiving bay, flatten it, and place it in the provided dumpster.

Battery Recycle Station: Batteries may be placed in the bin attached to the wall in Shipping Receiving (on the right) for appropriate recycling.

Please let us know if there are high-use areas in need of recycle bins as this is a work in progress.  Your comments and ideas are welcome by going to:  GPRCgoingGREEN@GPRC.ab.ca