Great Day for Student Welcoming Celebration!

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Dallas Arcand Wows Audience

Student Welcoming Celebration 2007

Over 200 students, faculty and community guests enthusiastically cheered the performance of two-time  and reigning world champion hoop dancer Dallas Arcand during his noon hour performance as part of the Student Welcoming Celebration today.  Arcand is a noted Aboriginal musician and inspirational speaker as well as champion hoop dancer, from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Indian Cree Nation, located near Edmonton, Alberta,

GPRC Alumnus and noted film actor and Aboriginal role model Gerald Auger is giving presentations in several classrooms today, and also gave a presentation before introducing Dallas Arcand.  Auger spoke to the audience about his life on the street before his decision to choose change instead, and commended the students for choosing post-secondary education.  Auger completed the Bachelor of Administration diploma at GPRC, 1993 - 1995.  For more of Gerald's story,  see the Wisdom magazine issue Summer 05, pages 18-20.

Arcand met with audience members following his performance, while Student Welcoming Celebration organizer Kelly Benning with members of the Circle of Aboriginal Students (CAS) were interviewed by the media.  The event concludes with an evening celebration including  a free barbecue sponsored by Talisman, a lineup of traditional performances, and a round dance.

New Concept for Open House/Career Fair this year

Get Ready for November 14!

Those of us accustomed to the great February tradition of the GPRC Career Fair will need to make a few adjustments this year.  The Recruitment and Retention Team has decided to try a few new things with the annual open house event.

The first major adjustment is the focus.  The Open Houses will primarily be about us, us, us!! - there will be far fewer (if any?) outside exhibitors than in the past.  Visitors will be encouraged to learn more about what GPRC has to offer rather than alternatives or complements to going to school here.

The second big change is that we’ll be doing two events this year: a Fall Open House on November 14 and a Spring Open House on March 19.   Visitors are invited to join us from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.  The Fall event will be focused on generating inquiries and getting students to Start in January (if possible.)  The March Open House will be primarily focused on encouraging students to apply and register for September 2008 classes.

A final modification is that we won’t be centering the events in the Gym.  Visitors will be encouraged to wander around the building and visit the departments closer to where the classes, seminars, and labs are actually held. .

More details will be forthcoming.  We’re confident that these adjustments will allow us to get more out your promotional efforts.

Amber Williams ( or 539-2439) will be coordinating the Open Houses this year.  If you’d like more information or have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact her.