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Fall Semester at GPRC In Full Swing

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Orientation 2007

What a Great Day!

Kudos to Megan, Amber, Kelly, Bill, all the Orientation volunteers and the Student Services Team for making Orientation 2007 a resounding success!  High School Liaison Coordinator, Megan Ryan-Walsh, provided the GPRC Insider with a brief rundown of some of the things that made yesterday's orientation an exciting day:

  • Approximately 400 Student Grab Bags were handed out
  • Don Gnatiuk and members of the Board of Governors served over 400 burgers
  • Over 85 students showed up for campus tours
  • Crystal Zeyha at the Learning Support Centre is already receiving requests for help
  • Info sessions like "4 months 4 months 4 months" and "The First Two Weeks" averaged approx. 30 students per session with a total of 90 or so over three time slots
  • Winner of our first ever Scavenger Hunt Tour and the IPOD Shuffle: New student David Hafso
  • StudentFliks Contest was launched
  • Farley was a hit!
All around great turnout, great teamwork and great energy!!
Thanks to all who pitched in to make Orientation 2007 a GREAT SUCCESS!!







College Community Barbecue

Great Turnout!

The annual College Community Barbecue on August 23rd was well attended by staff, faculty and spouses/significant others.  New staff & faculty were introduced to the College community and members of the Board of Governors.  Bert Hunt and his team of self-proclaimed "dinosaurs" made a special presentation to five long-standing College employees in acknowledgement of their respective contributions and committment to GPRC.  Left to right are:  John Webster (Campus Operations) - The Mortar Award; Eddie Chow (Campus Operations) - The Unrecognized Award; Sukumar Nayar (Fine Arts) - The Rock Award; Lane Borstad (Fine Arts) - The Duracell Award; and Som Pillay (Science) - The Focus Award. 


To view more photos of the barbecue and the awards presentations, please visit the GPRC website photos galleries at:  https://www.gprc.ab.ca/photos/

College-Wide PD Day

A Great Success!

GPRC's first ever college-wide Professional Development Day held on August 20th proved to be a success by all accounts.  Plans are already underway for similar events in the near future.  The day started with an audience participation performance by Rapid Fire Improv and ended with a wine tasting conducted by Al Lakusta with music provided by GPRC's resident DJ "Heavy G".  Throughout the day, there were a wide variety of interesting and well-attended presentations.  Don't forget to have your voice heard by providing feedback for next year's event to the Planning Committee c/o Wanda Moen in the President's Office.









RRAC Up and Runnng

By Bill Corcoran

The first meeting of the Recruitment and Retention Action Committee (RRAC) was held Tuesday, August 28th where many good ideas were generated and shared.  RRAC is composed of reps from each College department and meets monthly to assist the Recruiting and Retention team with its various initiatives and events.

If you have a question, good idea, or otherwise random thought around recruitiment and retention, feel free to contact your department's RRAC member.  The Department Reps are:

Academic Upgrading - Christine Frattini
Admin Tech - Sharron Barr
Arts & Science - Dianne McDonald
Business Admin/Commerce/HPT - Cibylla Rakestraw
Campus Operations - Robert Cole
Fine Arts - John Murray
Human Resources - Karen Gerwatoski-Maddigan
Human Services - Theresa Suderman
Library - Crystal Zeyha
Nursing - Dalyce Sather-McNabb
PEAK - Chris Nicol
Science - Libero Fiocelli
Webmaster - Richard Podsada
Director of Student Services - Jean Nordin (or designate)
Students' Association Rep - Charlene Robinson
College President (ex-officio) - Don Gnatiuk
Executive Director, Community Relations (ex-officio) - Carmen Haakstad