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Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award was announced at a wine and cheese event hosted by the Students' Association on April 7th. This year's recipient is Sukhvir Sandhu, an instructor in the Academic Upgrading Department. She was not able to attend the awards ceremony but Insider caught up with her recently accepting her award from outgoing SA President, Chelsey Green.  This coveted award is determined through nominations by the student body.

New SA Executive at GPRC

Members of next year's Students' Association Executive were sworn in at a wine and cheese reception on April 7th. Chris Scheller was voted in as the new SA president, Doug Sinclair has been elected VP Lounge Programmer, and Lisa Hildebrandt will hold the position of VP Student Life. The only returning member from last year's executive is Chantal Fontaine, VP Internal. The team is committed to communicating with GPRC students on both campuses and making student life on campus exciting and accessible to the student body.  Morgan Krause was also awarded the Student Awareness Award, which is given the student who has volunteered the most time to the SA at various events and activities throughout the year.

Doug Sinclair & Chantal Fontaine receive their    Morgan Krause accepts her award.
swearing in lollies.

Year-End CAS Celebration

The Circle of Aboriginal Students hosted their year-end celebration on April 8th at GPRC's Grande Prairie Campus. This annual event is always well attended by staff, faculty and community members. This year's keynote speaker was Joseph Redhead, also the recipient of this year's Distiguished Alumni Award announced at the President's Awards Luncheon on March 16. The opening prayer was lead by Elder Darlene Cardinal and the closing prayer was delivered Elder Loretta English.  Opening remarks were given by GPRC President & CEO, Don Gnatiuk and Melodie Wilton from the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre. The CAS Executive gave each student a year-end gift which consisted of a dreamcatcher made by the G.P. Friendship Centre Youth Group (UMAYC), a dvd of the year's events, and a certificate of congratulations. The CAS Executive also presented the Educational Warrior Award to this year's recipient, Lorinda Goodswimmer from Sturgeon Lake First Nations. Entertainment was provided by the Bluebird Native Dance Troupe.

Keynote Speaker Joseph Redhead                                  Bluebird Dancers

Darlene Cardinal, Susan Bansgrove,                            
and Lorinda Goodswimmer

Kudos Trans Voc Students!

Twelve hardy souls from the Transitional Vocational class at the Fairview Campus participated in a campus clean-up on April 12th. The students battled the cold and the wind to do their part to pick up litter on the grounds. Instructor Carol Dillon explained, “We try to teach the importance of becoming involved in your community through the unit on Volunteerism. Some of our students have volunteered on an individual basis, but most have not. Today’s activity was aimed at giving them that experience.” Also planned are guest speakers from the Fairview Fire Department and Scouts Club to share their volunteer experiences. Thank you from the whole Campus! Your efforts are appreciated.    - Submitted by Cheryl Frank

Upcoming Professional Development Activities

With the end of the academic year quickly closing in on us, May and June tend to be great months for staff and in particular faculty to participate in professional development activities. The College will be delivering ALFA courses every week beginning May and ending June 11. All ten ALFA courses will be delivered during these weeks and two extra ALFA classes have also been scheduled for delivery in Fairview from May 18-21. Staff and Faculty from both campuses are free to travel to either campus to attend. The ALFA schedule for the new academic year will be released shortly.

There will also be an opportunity for staff to attend the Aboriginal Awareness Seminars facilitated by Elder Darlene Cardinal throughout April, May and June. Darlene is a GPRC Alumni, and the Owner of Dar Car Developments. She has been a Cultural Teacher and Cree Instructor since 1990 and was raised in a traditional home with cultural and traditional values. This seminar is a great opportunity to learn more about the Aboriginal culture. Open dialogue and questions will be welcomed throughout the seminar.

Starting off the next academic year will be the annual Professional Development (PD) Day. Both campuses will host PD Days for staff and faculty, and the PD Day Planning Committees are coming up with ideas to make this year's PD Days fun, educational,  informative and an invigorating start to the new academic year. Staff and faculty are also invited to participate as presenters. PD Day provides an excellent forum to share your knowledge with colleagues.

Further to the standard PD opportunities offered internally at the College, the GPRC Insider will also be an additional forum to share information and generate discussion. Our staff and faculty have an immense wealth of knowledge and experience and Insider will provide everyone with an opportunity to share their knowledge within the College community. If you are interested in sharing what you have learned at a recent Conference, Workshop or other activity through the GPRC Insider please contact Marina Chondros.                   - Submitted by Marina Chondros

Excellence in People

At the March Board of Governors meeting, the following recognition was presented by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team:
  • Thank you to each and every person who contributed to the success of GPRC’s Fairview Campus 2010 Convocation on Saturday March 20. Please accept our sincere appreciation. To the faculty and volunteers who participated in the ceremonies, a special thank you for joining us in celebrating our students’ achievements and for the very generous contribution of your time and efforts. Every contribution is important and while convocation is a celebration of student achievement, it is also a testament to the faculty, staff and others who go out of their way to support such an event. Your dedication is greatly appreciated by the leadership of Fairview Campus, by the Executive and by our students.
  • Bernie Swanson for her helpful and friendly behaviour and always stellar customer service.
  • GPRC Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Curling and Women’s Curling teams all qualified for playoffs. Congratulations to the Women’s Volleyball Team, Coach Ron Thomson, and Asst. Coaches Hugh Bartlett, Jenny Head and Erin Henning for winning the Bronze Medal at the Conference Championships. Athletes are Heather Boos, Kacey Bowman, Krystal Boyd, Ashley Davis-Pajor, Katie Dogterom, Jasmine Hawryliw, Alex Lambright, Brittany Lefebvre, Katelyn Porta, Megan Smith, and Jenice Warkentin
  • Congratulations to the Women’s Curling team and Coaches Caryl Sallows, Raelynn Shaughnessy and Garth Finlay for winning the Bronze Medal at the Conference Championships. The athletes are Jessica Henricks, Tiffany Hetenyi, Jackie Huitt, Heather Stewart, Stephanie Yanishewski.
  • Congratulations to the Men’s Curling team, also coached by Caryl Sallows, Raelynn Shaughnessy and Garth Finlay, for winning the Gold Medal at the Conference Championships. This is the first conference championship in Men’s Curling for GPRC since the early 1990’s. This year’s championship team consisted of: Brett Vavrek (Skip), Mark Pillsworth (3rd), Donald Meurs (2nd), Myles Mix (Lead) and Michael Donaldson (Alternate).
  • Many athletes received accolades for their performances during the weekend and throughout the season: Myles Mix was named to the all-star team for the conference championship in Men’s Curling; Heather Stewart and Tiffany Hetenyi were named to the all-star team for the conference championship in Women’s Curling; Kate Porta was named to the All-Conference 2nd team in only her rookie year for Women’s Volleyball; Devon McLeod and John Scheideman were named to the All-Conference 2nd team for Men’s Volleyball; Andria Carlyon was named to the All-Conference 1st team, also in her rookie year, for Women’s Basketball; Jaelle Buhler was named to the All-Conference 2nd team for Women’s Basketball.
  • Congratulations to the students of Marketing Strategies BA2090 for raising $15,443.05 with the fall Peace Country Idol competition. The dollars will pay for the construction of 2 concrete water collection cisterns in southern Ethiopia. In addition, the students raised another $15,443.05 which is being used to fund the GPRC Marketing Tour to New York City. The students are: Heather Asmussen, Mercy Balogun, Jamie Capot-Blanc, RaeAnne Gibson, Amber Griffin, Wendy Hughes, Danielle Laboucan, Laura Manning, Wade Manzuik, Kirsten Patry, Randi Scheck, Ellise Sekulich, Amanda Skyrpan, Chantal Soucy, Jennie Straughan, Kelly Wilson, Justin Milsted.
  • Jordan Pickup and the staff of IT for their fast conversion of the classrooms for the Arctic Winter Games. Michael Lummerding and the Campus Operations staff for their hard work to ensure a successful Arctic Winter Games.
  • To Bethe Goldie, Joanne Ballance, Sharon Barr, and Brenda Lindquist for their extensive time spent as a volunteer for the Games. GPRC is very proud of all of our volunteers who stepped up and showed our commitment as an institution in the success of the Games. Staff and students extended a hand wherever needs, even those that took on extra workload so others could assist with the Games.
  • Everyone who participated in the Students’ Association Annual GPRC Chili Cook-off and helped to raise over $300 for the Room of Plenty.
  • Bouquet to the first year clinical nursing students in NS1910, who in conjunction with Alberta Health Services, provide a wide range of health promotion activities including programs such as “Do Bugs Need Drugs”; “Teaming Up for Tobacco Free Kids” and Health and Wellness Curriculum Support with content for health promotion topics including nutrition, physical activity, general hygiene and body image. Students travel to participating schools at their own expense.
  • Bouquet to 12 second year Nursing Students who participated in H1N1 Influenza Clinics targeting High Risk Groups as well as the General Public at several of the flu clinic locations.
  • Bouquet to the Workforce Development Office, Fairview Campus for their numerous articles written and published in local media as well as national publications: Some of those articles include: ‘Ready to Ride’ Motorcycle Training; Former Vet Clinic helpers realize Dream of a Lifetime (Animal Health Technology) ; Reef Caulder’s 2010 Olympic Dream on a Pisten Bully (Turfgrass Equipment Technician); Old techniques and pine beetle killed trees gain new eco-following thanks to College Workshops (Con. Ed - Traditional Building Workshops); Young Beekeepers Needed – for sweet career!; Community Spirit and Dreams combine to rescue historic aircraft; Four special students embark on new life-changing adventure (Transitional Vocational); We’ve never stopped learning – so neither will our students!; Hybrid Vehicles; Back to the farm – and onward – for today’s youths (Green Certificate – College Farm).
  • Congratulations to Archie Meurs of Nortrux, Grande Prairie. Recipient of the employer of choice award that the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Awards Banquet.
  • Congratulations to the Director, Writer, and Performers of Sonny’s Song.
  • Thanks to Nancy Fraser for going above and beyond by accepting additional students into her classes. An excellent example of student centredness.
  • Appreciation to Robert Cole for taking time at the Fairview Campus Theatre to make improvements to the Theatre sound system.
  • The Department of Community Relations and the Alumni/Foundation Board for organizing the President's Awards Reception. Special thanks to Chris McIntyre for performing throughout the event.