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GPRC Connects With Grande Cache

The GPRC Board of Governors and Executive Team travelled to Grande Cache March 24 to meet with the Mayor, Town Council and other community organizations. In addition to the sunny warm weather there while we were still covered with snow and grey skies here, the GPRC contingent was warmly welcomed by Grande Cache, and there is potential for even more partnership in education for the future. GPRC currently provides educational services in the Grande Cache Learning Centre.

Board of Governors Chair, Michael O'Connor, Grande Cache Mayor, Louise Krewusik, and GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk

Hockey Night in Fairview

Displaying the same energy as the whole country exhibited during Canada’s Gold medal hockey game, the two campuses of Grande Prairie Regional College faced off for a friendly, spirited and fun-focused hockey match that was enjoyed by players, fans, and even the referees.  A ringer goal tender, our own President Don Gnatiuk, played net for both sides through the match, giving players on each team a chance to “put one past the gipper”.  Don’s antics in the net were also noticed by the referees, who assessed him with a two-minute penalty that he had to personally serve in the penalty box, where our VP’s Susan and Marg gave him a stern lecture on sportsmanship and fair play

In addition to showcasing hockey skills unmatched in the region, the game provided the Fairview team with an opportunity to display some of their specially-modified hockey sticks with two blades, longer handles, and more, all custom made in the carpentry shop for the game. In addition to bringing food bank donations for Student’s Association, the players, referees and fans all contributed to making the evening  a fun event for everyone who was there. Cow bells, waves, and cheers were evident all evening. After the game players, fans and officials shared more laughs over snacks and refreshments. It did not take long before the challenge for next year’s match was issued: which campus will have more fun at the next game?                     Submitted by Russell Workun

Special Thanks to Paula Backer who provided us with these photos!

Congratulations Electrical Grads!

On March 12th, GPRC celebrated the success of it’s second graduating class of 4th year electrical apprentices. The department celebrated the success of their students by hosting a graduation ceremony in the Trades building at the Grande Prairie Campus. After the presentation, all trades students in attendance were treated to a Chartwell's buffet and a deluxe Black Forest Cake!

Instructor, Norm Driver, presents one of the                      Now that's a cake!
grads with his portfolio which includes a class
photo and a letter of appreciation from GPRC.

GPRC Staff Curling Funspiel

Thirty-two Fairview and Grande Prairie staff and guests enjoyed themselves at the GPRC staff curling funspiel on January 29th at the Fairview Curling Rink.  The most points were awarded to Craig Rode’s team whose team included his wife, Kathy, Joan King and Shannon Ball. They each received a Wolves t-shirt. After a strenuous four games (of 4-ends each), curlers and fans retired to the lounge area for snacks and beverages. Lots of door prizes were given out and fun was officially had by all!  Thanks to the organizers of this event: Marie and Dave Coristine and Marg McCuaig-Boyd.   - Submitted by Cheryl Frank

Pic 1: Dave's Team:  Pete Dechant, Monica Macdonald, Racheal Murray, Dave Coristine (missing from photo)

Pic 2: Marg's Team:  Annike Watts, Marg McQuaig-Boyd, Karen Scribner, Rod Arkinstall (missing from photo)

Staff Recognition

At the February Board of Governors meeting, the following recognition was presented by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team:
  • Chris Nichol for organizing the Wolves Junior High Basketball Tournament held in the GPRC gymnasium the weekend of January 30. Chris is a great ambassador for PEAK and GPRC and is typical of our coaches and all the extra time they put into their programs to make them successful. Chris and the others definitely have a great passion for what they do.
  • Kelly Benning and the Circle of Aboriginal Students, for organizing the Blues Night Benefit Concert for Haiti Relief. The event raised $2,230.
  •  Appreciation is extended to the Bursary Selection Committee consisting of: Student Services staff Carla Basarab, Sheila Moerkoert, Christine Gurlitz and Allison Chisholm, Instructional reps Loren Jacula and Khris Weeks, SA Rep C.J. Scheller, Foundation Rep Hazel Liley. They disbursed $95,725.00 to students in financial need.  155 students - 157 Bursaries.
  • Congratulations to Vince Vavrek who received the Clem E. Collins award, which honours a dedicated Chamber volunteer.
  • The Fine Arts faculty held 'Winter Song', an eclectic and entertaining mix of a variety of different music styles organized by Fay Bredeson (Conservatory Coordinator) and Joanne Porta (Fine Arts Admin. Assistant). It featured performances from GPRC Music faculty: Geoff Whittall, Chris McIntyre, John Murray, Carmen Gorgichuk and Robert Howey and performances by our Fine Arts Conservatory instructors: Fay Bredeson, Gwen Bartek, Carmen Bartel, Jeremy Thielman, Diana Strid, Loesha Eastman, Joyce Smith Alison Dalgleish, Mary-Ann Lynch and guest Franz Kratschat. $700 was raised to benefit GPRC Fine Arts students through Awards and Scholarships. 
  • Karen Kennedy has been designated Instructor Emeritus of GPRC at the Feb. 11th Academic Council meeting.
  • Appreciation is extended to Kellan Eckstrom and Russell Workun for organizing the first annual GPRC Fairview/Grande Prairie Campus Hockey Challenge. Thanks to everyone that played and to all who travelled to Fairview to support the teams.
  • Community Relations, PEAK and Student Recruitment: namely Jordan Abney, Joanne Balance, Kelsey Hamer and Debbie Rose for their contributions in making the Wolves Alumni weekend and parents reception a success on the long weekend in February. 
  • To the organizers of the Spirit Seekers Youth Conference held on campus with over 200 youth in attendance and just under 500 people at the Saturday evening Round Dance. The event was a huge success. The conference included the Role Model Awards where youth are recognized and honoured in several different categories for their extreme hard work and overcoming obstacles.  This year, two GPRC Students and one GPRC Staff/Alumni were honoured: In the Category of Health and Wellness: GPRC student Ashley Nixon in the category of Academic Excellence; GPRC student, Jackie Benning in the category of Career and Employment; staff/alumni, Sheila Moerkoert.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Robert Hunt for successfully achieving the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance Level 2 Certification.
  • Acknowledgement of Desh Mittra’s involvement in the Hindu Society of the Peace Region.  Desh works to maintain tradition as an instructor in Hindi language classes.  Desh and his wife, Meera, were recently featured in the Daily Herald Tribune.
  • Recognition is extended to Fairview Campus Librarian Monica MacDonald for the article featuring the Fairview Library and its resident cat, NEOS.
  • Recognition to Liz Richard (currently on Professional Leave). Liz was given an assignment to evaluate her own clinical teaching and in the process implemented a new way of doing clinical supervision. With the assistance of Nursing Instructor Bonnie Braun , Liz used the TGrow Model Coaching of indirect clinical supervision to supervise her 4th year Nursing students.
  • Congratulations to Board member Grant Menzies on his numerous contributions and determination that led to his inductee as one of Grande Prairie's Hockey Legends.