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A United Way Success Story

GPRC is once again a proud contributor to the annual United Way Campaign and is pleased to announce that we have raised a total of $14,048.78. The three week campaign included fundraising events through pledge donations, a breakfast, lunch, 50/50 ticket sales and a Farmer’s Market. This was the first campaign that has been run across two different campuses with Fairview College Campus staff also having the opportunity to contribute via pledge donations and 50/50 ticket sales. Although the economy has slowed and belt buckles may have tightened, it was great to see that people are still willing to support their local community and contribute to the 2009 United Way Campaign.                                      Submitted by Marina Chondros

Breakfast volunteer servers pictured below are: Catherine Dean, Paula McGregor, Lori Fleming, Jodi Virr, Doug Frattini, Carmen Haakstad, and Angie Scriba

50/50 ticket sellers Gaitane Gilje, Rachelle Troendle, Natalie Amyotte, Sheila Lock, & Angie Scriba

Excellence in People

At the October 22, 2009 Board of Governors meeting, the following recognition was presented by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team:
  • Appreciation is extended to Lena Bengtsson and LeiLani Boucher and the staff of Chris Warkentin’s Office for their assistance with an Immigrant and Settlement Services challenge in Fairview.
  • Thanks to the following staff for a successful launch of the Alberta North Hythe CAP site on October 2, 2009: Darcie Coulter, Anna Gillis, Phil Gorman, Chris Murphy, Jordan Pickup, Jennifer Thomas and Cap Site Coordinator Karen Bass.
  • Congratulations to Darcie Coulter, Anna Gillis, Jordan Pickup and Jennifer Thomas for their successful application for funding from Alberta North to support distance delivery for GPRC’s learners.
  • Appreciation is extended to the staff of the Finance Department for their patience and support during the 2008-2009 Financial Audit process: Shelley Berg, Tammy Blackley, Dana Doering, Debbie Gustavson, Doris Hoveland, Kristie Hedges, Kristine Kimpe, Tracy Laurin, Barb Mayer, Wendy Morrow, Barb Ollenberger, Andrea Plumridge, Leigh Roberts, Sharon Sanderson. 
  • Congratulations to the Fine Arts Department for its creation and donation of a scarecrow for the rotary fundraiser. It was chosen as one of the best and brought in $700.00 in the live auction - the second highest bid.  
  • Appreciation is extended to the staff that provided support to Brian Larsen during his contract with GPRC to prepare a Fairview Institutional Access Plan, specifically Barb Johnston and Sue Sych.  
  • Congratulations to Kelly Benning on being shortlisted for the GP & District Chamber of Commerce's Employee of the Year Award.

Employer of Choice 2009!

On Friday, October 23rd, GPRC President & CEO, Don Gnatiuk, proudly accepted the 2009 Employer of Choice Award on behalf of Grande Prairie Regional College. This award is sponsored by the Government of Alberta and was presented in person by Premier Ed Stelmach on behalf of the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce.

To celebrate this distinguished honour, both the Grande Praire Campus and the Fairview Campus held cake cutting ceremonies on October 28th.

Cutting the cake at GPRC's Fairview Campus were Gavin Winter, Vice-President, Academic Staff Association and Dianne Bedford, Chair, AUPE Local 71, Chapter 2.

At the Grande Prairie Campus, Carla Basarab, Employees' Association President, and Laurie Nock, Academic Staff Assocation President did the honors.

Door Decorating Contest

Fairview Campus

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who participated in the 1st annual Halloween Door decorating competition...there were fantastic decorations all around the campus!
The Animal Health Department had the most individual participants (and we hear that Dr. Schatz’s door actually scared someone)!  The Facilities staff had a live spider participate and catch a fly!

The frightening doors of Rhonda Shaw, Instructor in Animal Health Technology and Marie Hemstock, Administrative Assistant Mechanical Studies

Choosing a winner was not easy, but we would like to congratulate Bridget Montpellier for her winning submission. Bridget is the Administrative Assistant in the Construction & Health Studies Department.  Thanks again to everyone who participated.  We look forward to next year’s competition!     Submitted by Julie Byrne

GPRC Con Ed Pen

These 4 dangerous criminals terrorized the College on Friday, October 30th, having escaped from Con Ed Pen:

Convicts Villainous Velda and Murderous MacRae attempted to steal a cake from the
PJ Party in Finance
Convict Psycho Sanderson disrupted the PJ Party in the Finance Department and
Darth Vader, aka Gordon Pellerin, captured two convicts by sticking his light sabre up their nose!

Once the warden, Shari, “the Shiz” Johnston, broke free of the closet they had locked her in, she had the convicts back under control.

12th Annual Lantern Tours

Every year on the weekend before Hallowe'en, drama students from the college
participate in the Lantern Tours as part of their course curriculum. On October 23 and 24, the GP Museum hosted the 12th Annual Lantern Tours. Twenty-nine (the most ever!) GPRC drama students from two DR1490 classes performed eight 10 minute scenes in various buildings in the Museum village for 160 people at the sold out  shows.

The GP Museum is the only museum in Alberta that offers this kind of intimate and interactive theatre. After the performances are finished all the audience and actors repair to the common room for hot soup and buns and squares. It is a fabulous evening and suitable for all ages.

Imagine being part of a small group of 10 people. You have a guide with a lantern and you walk through the dark Museum village entering different buildings and witness a dramatic scene performed by young actors in a very intimate, lantern-lit space. This kind of theatre is processional theatre, where the audience moves from performance site to performance site. It is also site-specific theatre - the scenes are created for the buildings in which they occur. It is also, in some cases, historically-based theatre, where the stories and characters actually happened there in the past - or could have happened if you use your imagination ... Sometimes the scenes involve you - as a student in the schoolhouse or a guest at a wedding. And beware: some of the buildings are haunted!

If you missed it this year make sure to get your tickets early next year. The audience size is limited capacity and the tickets were gone this year a week in advance.
                                                      Submitted by Annie Smith