Gearing Up for September at GPRC

There is nothing quite like the energy and excitement that accompanies the bustling of students throughout the building in September. Not only is it exhilarating to see the faces of the new and returning GPRC students, but this is the time of year when we reunite with colleagues and welcome the new members of our College family. This issue of Insider kicks off the GPRC year 2007-2008!

In this issue

New Faculty & Staff at GPRC

Welcome One and All!

The Department of Human Resources hosted the new faculty and staff orientation on August 13th and 14th with the help of the departments and some volunteer tour guides.  These are the newest members of our staff and faculty:

Christopher Anderson - Operating Systems Administrator (IT)
Matthew Bain - Academic Advisor/Liaison (Student Services)
Krista Bollinger - Office Assistant (Arts & Science)
Catherine Dean - Librarian
Joy Dunn - Cashier
Phil Gorman - Computer Lab Technician (Library)
Kori Grykuliak - Circulation Assistant (Library)
Klisala Harrison - Fine Arts Instructor
Cindy Hickok - Housing Assistant
Natasha Hipkiss - Computer Lab Assistant (Academic Upgrading)
Deena Honan - Nursing Instructor
Joan Jacobson - Nursing Instructor
Monika Johnson - Nursing Instructor
Shawn Johnston - Instructional Assistant (Academic Upgrading)
Terry Kosowan - Nursing Instructor
Eric Lenza - Instructor, Academic Upgrading
Justin Lytle - Theatre Technician
Barbara Mayer - Accounts Receivable Clerk (Financial Services)
Tom McLeister - Math Instructor
Karen Minde - Lab/Distance Education Assistant (Health and Wellness)
Christopher Murphy - Library Technician, Interlibrary Loans
Leeanna Nagel - Home Game Assistant (PEAK)
Aum  Nicol - Instructor, Human Services Department
Sarah Odolot - Community Liaison Assistant (Immigrant Settlement Services)
Dalyce Sather-McNabb - Nursing Education
Neeraj Shrestha - Support Technician (IT)
Annie Smith - Drama Instructor
Jim Wohlgemuth - Nursing Instructor
Crystal Zeyha - Learning Support Coordinator (Library)

A Friendly Insider Reminder:  This would be a great time for everyone to update their personal profiles on our website so that we can all continue to put faces to names of new and existing staff & faculty.  Watch for an email with instructions on how to edit/update your GPRC profile online.


Recruitment and Retention Corner

Bill Corcoran, Director of Enrolment Management

The Board and President have made Student Recruitment and Retention one of their key priorities this year.   To help us get more “seats in seats”, I have been seconded until June 30 to lead College Recruitment and Retention.  I’m really looking forward to the challenge; it should be a lot of fun. 

One of the first major changes you will see is more frequent and better communication.  This column will give you a regular update about recruitment activities at GPRC.  The Recruiting and Retention Action Committee (RRAC)  has been established to get input from across the College and help on our various initiatives.

So if you see me around the College and have an idea, buy me a coffee (black with one cream!!) and I’ll hear you out.  Better yet, if you can help manning a booth, designing a promotional piece, or visiting a school, please offer.  The more people we can get involved, the more successful we will be.

 ( Stay tuned for Bill's "Retention Tips" as a regular feature in upcoming issues of Insider! )