June a Busy Month at GPRC!

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Minister of Advanced Education Visits GPRC

First Official Visit to GPRC

Doug Horner paid his first visit to GPRC on June 18th, since being appointed minister in charge of post-secondary education this year.  His tour of the campus was hosted by Don Gnatiuk and Board Chairman, Fletcher Bootle.  He also had the chance to visit some department chairs and international students. 


GPRC's Class of 2007

Convocation held June 16th.

The afternoon's proceedings honoured the 149 convocants that were present at the ceremonies out of a total of 420 students graduating this year.  The covocants were representative of the wide range of students and programs of study at GPRC  Many thanked their instructors for their support.

Tipi Resurrected at GPRC

The GPRC Tipi is up!

Under the guidance of Cree Elder, Darlene Cardinal, and our very own Kelly Benning, a  nine-foot tipi was erected in the outdoor courtyard on June 14th.  Over 20 people, many of whom were GPRC staff and faculty, came out to raise the tipi.  Everyone who participated would likely agree that it was a very unique and special experience to be part of.
Darlene Cardinal, Cree Elder said that 
"her heart was overflowing with ka nanaskomowayahk, thankfullness
for the college honouring Aboriginal culture in such a meaningful way.    


College Classic Sets New Fundraising Record

Thank You College Volunteers!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors and community at large, we are very proud to announce that this year's College Classic raised $65,000.  Monies raised support students through scholarships and bursaries and other initiatives to enhance student and community facilities at our College.

Of course these kinds of fundraising successes would not be possible without the support of the volunteers from the community who sit on the committee and our own college community members who volunteer their time, energy and smiling faces to make the day enjoyable for all the golfers.