The Second Coming of Spring?

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Internal Campaign Update

Congratulations to Kelly Coulter, who won the internal appeal campaign prize of a gift card at the Keg and two tickets to the Summer Solstice Concert on July 19 at the Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre.  A special THANK YOU to all the faculty, staff and board members who have contributed to the campaign so far. Your generosity and commitment to our students is evident.
                                              - Joanne Ballance, GPRC Alumni Development Manager

Excellence in People

On behalf of the Executive Team, GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk, recognized the following individuals and departments for their recent achievements at April's Board of Governors meeting:
  • Sheila Elliott has been appointed the Chair of the Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust, a province-wide charitable organization that raises, manages and distributes funds to support continuing education for registered nurses.
  • Outgoing SA President, Rory Tarant, for his exemplary service and leadership of the Students’ Association over the past two years.
  • Thanks to  Natalie Amoyette, Marina Chondros, Barb Johnston and Marian Mark for their above and beyond contributions to completing recent negotiations.
  • The following nominees for the Excellence in Teaching Award:  Victoria Abboud, Sharron Barr, Nancy Campbell, Emily Fraser, Les Rawluk, Sukhvir Sandhu, John Sloan, Theresa Suderman, Darryl White, and to the recipient of the award, Ali Al-Asadi.
  • GPRC Business Students won first place in the fourth annual Business Case Competition:  Adrienne Cook, Lindsey Frostad, Shawn Harrison, Jennie Straughan, Nikki Thompson and Braden Donaldson.  The team was joined by instructors Emily Fraser, Bill Corcoran and Charles Backman. 
  • Thanks to Community Relations, our nursing and engineering students, Campus Operations, Theatre and Media Services, and our community partners for their cooperation during the STARS, Alliance and GPRC “ Alliance for Survival" event.
  • Dr. Scott McAlpine for his appointment as President of Douglas College.
  • Dr. Houshang Ghazi, for have the highest percentage of passing students (81%) for part A of the power engineering exam.
  • Congratulations to Kelly Benning for hosting another successful Aboriginal Student Success Ceremony on April 4.
  • John Murray, Carmen Gorgichuk and the GPRC Concert Choir for putting on another wonderful spring concert. 
  • Robert Howey, the GPRC Wind Ensemble and the GPRC Jazz Ensemble for another year of wonderful spring performances.
  • Thank you David Gregg, Franco Carlacci and Reddy Ganta for stepping in on the spur of the moment to cover their colleague's classes while he was dealing with a family emergency.
  • Congratulations to the staff and students of the Business Administration Department for hosting another successful Student Business Conference on March 18.
  • All organizers and participants in this year's College Pride Day.
  • Peak Department for organizing another excellent Festival of Gold student athlete awards evening on March 26.

GPRC Three Go Back to School!

Three members of the Palaeontological Society of the Peace (PSP), Bert Hunt, Engineering Instructor, Desh Mittra, Geology Instructor, and Katalin Ormay, Library Technician and Geologist, spent the week of May 4th in Edmonton digging for dinosaurs. They accepted the invitation of Dr. Phil Currie and Dr. Eva Koppelhus to join their University of Alberta Palaeontology 400 Field Course at the Edmonton Hadrosaur Bonebed.

The trio spent the week as part of a group of 12 students who were busy uncovering, plaster jacketing and removing dinosaur bones. The time was well spent learning new skills and discussing exploration strategies with Dr. Currie as they planned for his upcoming field work near Grande Prairie in the second half of July.

The Hadrosaur bones uncovered were the largest ever seen in Alberta, according to Dr. Phil Currie. These Edmontosaurus bones represent the earliest citizens of Edmonton and the first Edmontosaurus bones found in Edmonton! Our GPRC palaeo amateurs also had a chance to visit the Vertebrate Palaeontology Department at the University with graduate student Tetsuto Miyashita as tour guide. (Miyashita and Federico Fanti just published a peer reviewed scientific paper on a new dinosaur nesting site in the Kleskun Hill Park near Grande Prairie). The trio also visited the Preparation Laboratory where material from the Wapiti River Bonebed is now being prepared.

Funds to enable this preparation work were donated to GPRC by Talisman Energy earlier this year. With this week of palaeontology excavation under their belt, Hunt, Mittra and Ormay earned partial credit towards completing this U of A palaeontology course. They together have accumulated well over 50 years of experience and knowledge of the Palaeontology of the Peace. They will be continuing to support palaeontological exploration and excavation in our Region this summer.

Bert Hunt, Desh Mittra and Katalin Ormay at the Dinosaur Dig in Edmonton

 In front of the Styracosaurus at the U of A             Kat with Susan Kagan, fossil preparator

Ryan's Hope

May 2, 2009 proved once again that GPRC has the best staff and faculty. Not only do they care about our students they care about each other and our community.

The South Peace Chapter of the MS Society would like to thank the following GPRC staff and faculty for their team contribution of $7,349.00 raised as by the team Ryan’s Hope. The team would also like to thank all GPRC staff that contributed to the funds raised. Thank you!

• Carla Basarab
• Suzanne Dunn
• Erin Gonci
• Kelsey Hamer
• Amy Johnson
• Brenda Lindquist
• Lorraine Prafke
• Rae-Lynn Shaughnessy
• Megan Ryan-Walsh