Convocation 2009 This Saturday!

Congratulations to all graduates of Grande Prairie Regional College 2009!

In this issue

Excellence in People

GPRC President,  Don Gnatiuk, recognized the following individuals for their value-added contributions to the college and community at last month's Board of Governors meeting:
  • Justin Lytle, Jim Richards and Richard Lehman for their outstanding assistance during the Theatre performance of Woman Song, as recognized by Susan Picard.
  • Fine Arts Department staff Tina Martel, Ed Bader, Laura St. Pierre, Ken Housego, Beckett Jubb, Joanne Porta and Geoff Whittal held a very successful fridge magnet fundraiser, ‘Fine Art for your Fridge’, raising $6,000.00 for the Fine Arts 2009 awards. Special thanks to Tina Martel for her continued hard work in organizing this event on behalf of the Fine Arts students.
  • Scott McAlpine, Lena Bengtsson and LeiLani Boucher for the Immigrant and Settlement Services Safe Harbour initiative.
  • Welcome and congratulations to Joanne Ballance, recently appointed as the GPRC Alumni Development Manager.
  • Student elections are complete. Congratulations to the new SA Executive:
    Chelsey Greene, President
    Chantal Fontaine
    , VP Internal
    Jenna Backer
    , VP Student Life
    Jules LaPrairie
    , VP Lounge Programmer

Internal Fundraising Campaign Now Underway!

GPRC Staff, Faculty, Board of Governors and the Alumni/Foundation Board members all recently received an invitation to participate in the annual internal campaign. Donations of any size are welcome, and you can direct your support to the Student Life on Campus Campaign, student awards, specific departments, or to your favorite program or cause at GPRC.

Return your pledge form to Community Relations (D218) by Tuesday, May 12
and you could be eligible to win dinner for two at the Keg and two tickets to the Summer Solstice Concert at the Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre on
July 19.

Last year the Alumni/Foundation board launched the Student Life on Campus Campaign and thanks to the many internal donors,  improvements to Howler’s Lounge and the Students' Association offices have already been completed.  Much more can be done with your help so please consider making a one-time, monthly (to January 1020), or on-going gift today!

For more information about the internal campaign, contact Joanne Ballance, Alumni Development Manager at 2719.

Kudos to Our Power Engineering Students

Congratulations go out to GPRC’s Power Engineering students, who beat the provincial pass-rate of Part B of the 4th Class Power Engineering Exam by
20%!  The current pass-rate for this exam in the province of Alberta is 61%,
but the students at GPRC achieved a pass-rate of 81%!  That is an amazing achievement for the successful students and for their instructor, Houshang Ghazi. Congratulations!

Bonus From Service Plus

Service Plus Inns & Suites recently presented a cheque to the GPRC Alumni/Foundation in the amount of $2,100.  The donation was the result of a special promotion at the hotel in support of GPRC.

Carmen Haakstad accepts the donation from the Service Plus team: Lorraine Ehlert, Director of Sales; Courtney Clark, Inside Sales; Sheena Rasmussen, General Manager

Between April 1 – March 31, 2010 if a guest is staying at the hotel for a GPRC event, then a percentage of their room rental will be donated to the Foundation.  This promotion is based on a graduating system: the higher the room volume, the larger the donation to the Foundation, the more support we give our students.

This promotion is open to all GPRC departments – simply advise your guest booking into the hotel to state that they are attending a GPRC event!  Contact Joanne Ballance at 2719 for more information.