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Excellence in People

The following people and departments were acknowledged by the GPRC Executive Team at the Board of Governors meeting on February 26, for their value-added contributions to GPRC and the community:
  • Dr. Scott McAlpine, Dean, School of Arts Science and Upgrading, emceed the Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Next Steps Symposium on January 22 at the Evergreen Park Tec Centre.  This year's theme was Sustainable Business.
  • Allen MacFarlane, Housing Department, for his assistance above and beyond by removing the snow from between the new Northern Lakes modular units just because he knew it needed to be done and wanted to help others that couldn’t get to it until the next day.
  • Joan Godbout, Academic Upgrading instructor, has fulfilled the requirements for the Master of Online Education through the University of Southern Queensland.
  • Terryl Kosowan, Nursing instructor, has fulfilled the requirements for the Master of Nursing program through the University of Southern Queensland.
  • Congratulations to the organizers, volunteers and workers of both the Athletics Alumni Weekend and the Game Xpo. 
  • Gratitude and recognition to John Webster, Brian Parlee, Brian Brewster, and Jim Richards for managing the recent sewage problems.
  • Carmen Haakstad, Susan Bansgrove, Karen Scribner, and Ken Riley recognized for their stellar work in negotiations with the Academic Staff Association and the Employees’ Association, administering the process of the Fairview transition, and finalizing the GPRC 2009-2010 budget, all within tight timelines.
  • Science Department Chair, Som Pillay, was recognized for his assistance in the organization of the recent Science Fair at GPRC.

Lunch Buddies

The Quick Fix Committee will once again present. . . . . GPRC LUNCH BUDDIES!
Lunch Buddies is intended to promote relationship building between GPRC staff, faculty and administration. 
Interested individuals should email their name and contact information to Brenda Lindquist at blindquist@gprc.ab.ca by March 17, 2009.
Groups of four members will be created from this information and a group “leader” assigned who will act as the initial contact person for the group.  This person will be the one to initiate contact with the others.  We will try NOT to group folks with people they work with wherever possible to allow everyone the opportunity to meet others.
Who can participate?
What is required?
You will be required to participate in arranging a time convenient for your group to have lunch (hence the name “Lunch Buddies”) and to participate in the lunch.  Where you do this is totally up to your group...brown bag it, go off campus, whatever works for your group!
Meet as often as you like ! !
Pretty simple concept, just have fun meeting others who we work with on a regular basis but never actually meet or get a chance to get to know!