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Two New Launches in One Week

Public launch events were held in recent days to raise awareness of two new programs starting September 09 at GPRC: the Drama Diploma with specializations in Drama and Performance or Technical Theatre, and the Older Adult Fitness and Wellness Specialization of the Fitness Leadership Diploma.  Both events were well attended by media and public, and generated good news coverage.
Fine Arts Department Chair, Geoff Whittall                   GPRC Drama Instructor, Annie Smith
Bethe Goldie gives the new program a thumbs up!               The launch attracted a substantial crowd.

College Day

Hey, GPRC!  This invitation is being distributed far and wide, and we will be ready to host prospective students as they visit our College to find answers to their questions about post-secondary education.  

Let’s all make the day special - Wear Your College Pride colours on March 26th!
College Day
Spring Info Session

March 26,  2:00-6:00 pm, Lower Level
Highlights of the day will include:
• Information about programs; Tours & Displays; meeting instructor
• Tours and displays
• Meet instructors and current students
• No application fee for applications made between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Contact Megan Ryan-Walsh for more information: 780-539-2931

Fine Art for your Fridge

This year's highly anticipated Visual Arts Annual Fundraiser is all about fridge art.  That's right - original works of art in the form of fridge magnets!  As usual, the designs are limited editions of original works created by the Fine Arts students, faculty, staff and invited guest artists. Staying true to its fundraising origins, all proceeds form the sale of these magnets are returned to the Visual Arts students in the form of awards and bursaries.  In previous years, Art Cards and wearable art in the form of buttons and t-shirt transfers have been very popular and this year will be no exception. Plan to get there early so that the limited edition fridge magnet that would look perfect on your fridge is not sold out before you get the chance to grab it.  They are going for the bargain price of two magnets for $20.  See you there - Friday, March 13th at 7:30 pm in Room L104 (otherwise known as the Black Box).

I Love Living Well

By now, you have likely received dozens of emails over the last 6 months from the mysterious Robyn Alford, Student Wellness Coordinator. Faceless I am no more! I would like to formally introduce myself to you and provide some inside information to the Student Wellness Program.
The Student Wellness Program officially kicked off this past September and has enjoyed continuous growth through the winter semester.   Each student pays an administration fee at the beginning of the semester and is automatically a member of the Student Wellness Program receiving all benefits at no additional charge unless otherwise stated. The intent of the Program is to allow students to learn lifelong skills in the area of well-being and good health and put them into practice. With the Program, we are also eliminating the common cost barrier deterring students from focusing on and participating in wellness programming. 
Some examples of free programs and activities offered through the Student Wellness Program to date include:
  • Membership to the GPRC Fitness Centre
  • Membership to the GPRC Climbing Centre
  • Women Only Climbing Lessons
  • Yoga-Climb
  • Belay Certification Climbing Courses
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Drop-In Ballroom Dance
  • Drop-In Sports
  • Student Only Hatha Yoga
  • Leisure Centre Drop-In Passes
  • Fitness Classes
  • Self Defense Class
  • Stress Management Class
You are likely wondering why I include staff and faculty with my student email list, right? I feel it best to keep everyone informed in, what I consider to be, a very important program to all persons on campus. With the support of all staff and faculty in promoting the benefits of the Student Wellness Program, healthy living can truly become a part of the GPRC culture and make us a leader amongst post-secondary institutions in the field of Student Wellness. I am sure you will agree that college and university life is much more than academics and partying! We are bridging the gap for many of our students from being a child to growing into a well informed and educated young adult. Why not also teach them healthy living skills while we have their captive attention?  
Although the current school year is still in progress, I am very much looking forward to next year and the expansion and improvement that will be seen in the Student Wellness Program.  In the meantime, I encourage all staff and faculty to take time and make healthy living a priority in your life. Leading by example may be our best weapon to reach all GPRC students!     Submitted by Robyn Alford

GPRC forms Partnership with Korean Tourism High School

Grande Prairie Regional College proudly signed a partnership agreement with Korea Tourism High School on February 19th. Eight students from the High School had been taking part in a Winter Educational Tour for the past two months in our English as a Second Language program. The students and their chaperone, Peter Hwang, the Director of Planning with Korea Tourism High School, were so impressed with the quality of our ESL program, the enthusiasm of GPRC staff and instructors, and the warmth of the community, that they expressed their interest in sending future students to GPRC to take part in both the ESL program, and the GPRC Hospitality & Tourism Diploma program. 
The Hospitality & Tourism Diploma program is an ideal match for Korea Tourism High School, as students attend the high school with a career in Hospitality & Tourism in mind. One of the majors at the high school is English language tourism. Forming a long-term partnership with the Korea Tourism High School guarantees that we will be seeing many graduates and students of the school taking advantage of GPRC programs for years to come. We would like to thank the fabulous ESL instructors and dedicated ESL staff for their hard work in making this partnership possible!                  submitted by Janelle MacRae

Director of Workforce Development, Kathleen Frei and Peter Hwang.