Happy Holidays!

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Excellence in People

The members of the Executive Committee at GPRC regularly recognize employees and departments who have exhibited excellence in their jobs and careers.  The following people and departments have recently been acknowledged in the Commendations Report presented to the Board of Governors by GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk:


  • Bill Corcoran for his outstanding work, energy and enthusiasm in completion of the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan.  
  • Laura Twast for her work with the Mid-Year Review process.
  • John Murray, Carmen Gorgichuk, Robert Howey for their efforts in meeting the needs and requests of the High School system.
  • Norine Laverick and Jordan Pickup for pulling the due diligence framework together. 
  • Department of Student Services for their extraordinary work to meet the timelines of the Northwest Alberta due diligence work.
  • Ken Riley for his exemplary work as the Transition Coordinator. 
  • Bethe Goldie nominated for the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) Excellence in Leadership Award.
  • Congratulations to the Employee’s Association on successfully hosting the GPRC Christmas Party. Special mention to Kim Richardson and the welcoming atmosphere by all from GPRC and Fairview, and Garth Finlay for his solo air band performance.
  • Tina Martel of the Fine Arts Department for being featured in the “Art of the Peace” Publication, sponsored by GPRC and AACTI.
  •  Raelynn Shaughnessy, Nursing Instructor, for being instrumental in the organization of the Christmas Party for the Young Person’s and Families with Cancer Society held on campus on November 29th. 
  • Bruce Rutley was recently recognized in the Globe and Mail with regards to advancements in applied research at GPRC.
  • GPRC sadly recognizes the passing of one of its own and sends condolences to the family of Bruce MacDonald. Bruce was an instructor in both Office and Business Administration.
  • Cibylla Rakestraw and the Marketing Class (Peace Country Idol) for raising $22,000, half of which was presented to the Swan City Rotary Club Ethiopia Fund.
  • Wendy Morrow was recognized by Canada's Chartered Accountants in the Globe and Mail.

GPRC Makes a 1000 lb Delivery!

A big thanks to Gerard Palmer and those awesome Campus Operations guys who braved the elements to deliver this large (and heavy) donation to the Salvation Army Food Bank on behalf of GPRC!  Thanks also the the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at GPRC who contributed an large quantity of non-perishables held over from their Halloween food drive to help us tip the scales to an impressive 460 kilos.


Professional Leave Approvals

The Board of Governors recently endorsed the recommendations of the Professional Leave Committee, approving the following instructors for Professional Leave:

Tom Enders is an instructor in the Department of Arts and Education.  During his six months leave, Tom plans to complete research on the force of American political ideas and the political ideas of American force and write a first draft of a book using that research.  He also plans to do further research in the study of the criticisms of conflictual, party politics and the particular alternative embraced by many in the form of consensual politics.

Libero Fiocelli is an instructor in the Department of Science.  He is taking a 12 month leave and has plans to complete an intensive research-based Masters of Science in Management at the University of Lethbridge.

Ray Kardas is an instructor in the Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology.  Ray is taking a 12 month leave to undertake original research which has never been investigated concerning the history of women's involvement and contribution to sport in Canada.

Terrah Lindsay in an instructor in the Department of Human Services.  She will be taking a 12 month leave and plans to take courses in Early Learning and Childcare from GPRC through the distance program.  She also plans to become involved in the on-campus Spring Nursery program activities which will increase her knowledge regarding Early Learning and Child Care to better prepare her as an instructor and practicum supervisor in the program.

Tina Martel is an instructor in the Department of Fine Arts.  She is taking a 12 month leave to study digital video production through a recognized national institution.  On her return, she plans to create and implement a new syllabus to deliver a digital design course in the Fine Arts Department.

Liz Richard is the Chairperson and an instructor in the Department of Nursing Education and Health Studies.  During her 12 month leave she plans to take the Nursing Education Certificate Program from James Cook University through distance delivery.  She also hopes to develop a Nursing Education Certificate Program framework for the College and have it ready for submission through Advanced Education and Technology's Program Registry System.