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International Education Week at GPRC

Did you know that students from over 30 countries are currently attending GPRC?  International Education Week is celebrated all over the world, and GPRC is celebrating our international students by displaying a flag of their home countries in Pillars this wek,  In addition, different types of ethnic dishes have been featured in Pillars each day this week along with some international music playing in the background during lunch hours, courtesy of the Students' Association.

You still have two days left to sample some international cuisine.  Today, the special is Chinese food and on Friday it is Morocco Chicken Tajine with almonds and prunes.

Don't forget that today, November 20th, there will be an International Display Show in the Theatre Concourse from 11 am to 2 pm.  Booths will include demonstrations of Tai Chi, Calligraphy and Origami, along with Samba dance demonstrations, Henna art, Korean games and more!  You can also visit with the GP Multicultural Association and GPRC's Immigrant Settlement Services at the show.  Come out and celebrate with our international students!

Friendship Centre Bursaries Awarded

The Grande Prairie Friendship Centre has been supporting aboriginal students at GPRC for over forty years through their bursary awards program.  This has been made possible in part through the generosity of an anonymous donor who established a Foundation Trust with the Friendship Centre forty years ago.  The Donations Committee, made up of Friendship Centre Board members, reviews each year's applications and presents the awards.  Melodie Wilton, Interim CEO of the G.P. Friendship Centre, was at the GPRC Outreach Friendship Centre on Wednesday to officially annouce this year's award recipients and present them with their bursary cheques.

Darryl Laboucan is a first year student in the Fitness Leadership Program; Ashley Goodswimmer is in her first year of a Bachelor of Education Degree; Danielle Richard is a first year Fine Arts student (not present at the awards presentations).

Peace Country Idol

The Marketing Strategies students in their second year of study in the Business Administration program at GPRC pulled off another very successful Peace Country Idol this year. This annual event is carried out by these students as a single term project with a hands-on approach.  They are responsible for organizing, promoting and hosting the Idol competition from beginning to end.  One half of the total proceeds from this year's Peace Country Idol will go towards the GPRC's Marketing Tour to the "Big Apple" in February, and the other half will go towards the Ethiopia fund established through the Swan City Rotary Club.  Congratulations to the 2nd year Marketing Strategies for hosting another successful event and thank you to Q99 and Preda for their generous donations to the project.

R & R Corner - The Road to Student Success Starts with You Part 4

by Bill Corcoran

This is the final installment of a summary of the 12 ideas from Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention. To recap, the first 9 tips were:
1.      Learn and use  student names
2.      Create a positive classroom environment
3.      Provide easy access to course materials
4.      Communicate clear expectations
5.      Use a variety of teaching techniques and strategies
6.      Have the students re-state material through reflection and self-assessment
7.      Provide Opportunities for Students to Interact
8.      Give Encouragement to all Students
9.      Direct Students to the Appropriate Resources
Bringing us home, the final three tips are
10. Prepare students both academically and psychologically for examinations.
Practice exams, pre-tests, clear instructions about what is being covered, and a preview of the test format all help to reduce any test anxiety that a student might be feeling.
11. Inform students of their progress throughout the semester.
Feedback can inspire students who are doing well to continue doing well, and may inspire students who are doing poorly to do better. A few ways to communicate about academic performance include:
  • Provide specific, ample, and timely written feedback on all assignments and tests
  • Communicate class averages and grade distributions on marked assignments
  • Use the Gradebook feature of MS-Blackboard to record all marks issued during the term.
 12. Believe the YOU make a difference
As a teacher, your actions, both positive and negative, have an impact on students. As Henry Adams once said, “A Teacher Affects Eternity; He(She) Can Never Tell Where His(Her) Influence Stops.”
Note: Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention is available on the web at