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GPRC's New Vision, Mission & Values

Grande Prairie Regional College has wholeheartedly embraced the new Vision, Mission and Values statements.  “All of you did such a good job of articulating who we are and what we do that the Board of Governors has not only endorsed these statements, it has established them as a “Governance Commitment” policy!” says Don Gnatiuk.  The new policy passed at the October meeting of the Board.  The PAC (People Advancing Change) committee has been working toward this final document for several months, and the input from throughout the institution has resulted in our mutual commitment to the following:
  • Vision: GPRC is recognized by its learning communities for leadership in educational excellence.
  • Mission: Creating Connections to knowledge, experience and community one life at a time.
  • Core Values: Student Centred; Integrity; Respect; Accountability; Innovation; Passion

Watch for your personal hardcopy of this document coming soon to your mailbox!

Excellence in People

The members of the Executive Committee at GPRC regularily recognize employees and departments who have exhibited excellence in their jobs and careers.  The following people and departments have recently been acknowledged in the Commendations Report presented to the Board of Governors by GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk:
  • Sharon Barr, Robert Howey, Lorna Perry and members of the PAC Team for their work in finalizing the Vision, Mission Values of GPRC.
  • Marina Chondros and the ALFA Steering Committee for the launching of the first leadership course in September.
  • Carmen Haakstad for his futurist vision as presented to the GPRC Board of Governors at their September Board Retreat.
  • Anna Gillis and Alfred Pride for their timely work in supporting Alberta North.
  • Community Relations staff for the excellent advertisement in the Fairview Post and Daily Herald-Tribune acknowledging appreciation to Fairview and Fairview College for hosting the Board Retreat in September. 
  • Megan Ryan-Walsh and Kelsey Hamer for the successful High School Counselor Update held October 8 at GPRC.
  • Ali Al-Asadi and Connie Korpan for the successful response received for the peer counseling project.  The peer counseling project provides an avenue where there was none for students to discuss concerns and raise issues in a safe environment.
  • Power Engineering Instructor Houshang Ghazi for development of five curriculum documents for implementation by ABSA.
  • Carmen Haakstad, Amanda Cyr and the Community Relations Team for the record-breaking funds raised at this year's President’s Ball. 
  • Eva Abbas and the President’s Ball organizing committee:  Amanda Cyr, Robert Cole, Delaine Haugen, Sharifi Houssain, Ninette Laliberte, Tina Nelson, Lynne Ness, Lorna Perry, Angela Shields, Crystal Sitek, Loretta Thompson, Susan Thompson, Carolyn Vasilieou, Pam Williams.
  • Bethe Goldie, recipient of the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce Small Business Employee of the Year Award.
  • Carmen Haakstad for making GPRC the number one in fundraising amongst similar sized institutions last year.
  • Ken Riley and the Due Diligence Team.

Open House November 12

A reminder that our college-wide Fall Open House is taking place on Wednesday, November 12th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.  This is always a great oppportunity for GPRC to show it's stuff!  Open House gives us all a chance to invite the community to our campus; showcase our programs and services; introduce our fantastic faculty and staff, and also to provide prospective students the opportunity to research educational opportunities at GPRC - gather program information, ask questions and get answers!

Some great incentives are available for potential students to take advantage of throughout the day.  The $40 application fee is being waived for that day only and there is a draw for a $1000 Tuition Voucher. The popular scavenger hunt is on again, so be prepared to point excited young people in the direction they are looking for!

Mock Wedding Raises Funds for Room of Plenty

There are several departments and individuals at GPRC that consistently go all out for Halloween and this year was no exception.  Kudos to all of you who really put in the time, effort and planning to pull off some awesome stunts this year including the Finance Department, Student Services and Theatre & Media Services to name a few.

An honourable mention goes to the ladies of Finance who staged a "Mock Wedding" and invited all staff & faculty to join them in celebrating the occasion for the bargain admission price of a toonie.  Little did many of us know at the time that these funds were not the being used to offset the cost of the multitude of treats provided by the wedding party, but instead a mini-fundraiser for the Students Association's Room of Plenty. Congratulations for raising $158.72 in support of our students and demonstrating your generous GPRC spirit!





P.S.  Don't worry if your photo didn't show up in this edition of Insider...it will likely show up in Paula Backer's PowerPoint on the BIG screen in May at the Employee Recognition Ceremony!