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1001 Arabian Nights!

     The 22nd annual GPRC President’s Ball of last Saturday, October 18, is leaving a trail of genie dust behind and a golden glow in the minds of patrons and organizers. With the theme of 1001 Arabian Nights, the Bowes Crystal Gardens magically transformed into a sumptuous setting in red and gold, rich in satin and damask, befitting a Sultan from the Orient. Music waved through the air from the opening champagne reception with the GPRC Jazz Combo and late into the evening. After the middle eastern inspired dinner, graciously served by GPRC hospitality students, dancers packed the floor to the rocking music of the Top Ten Show & Revue up to the midnight hours.
     The evening was brimming with entertainment: our celebrity emcee Daryl McIntyre, anchor at Edmonton’s CFRN, guided the patrons expertly through the program, with intermezzos of belly dancers making for delicious eye candy, a fortuneteller adding flavor, giving a glimpse into the future, and a live auction that heightened suspense, as exciting trips and treasures were on the block. A silent auction and raffles provided yet more opportunities to win and come away with something special; how about a suitcase full of gift certificates for a night on the town, or an original piece of art?
     Yet, the flights of fancy of 1001 Arabian Nights were firmly anchored in the very real and concrete goal, namely  to raise funds for the Student Life on Campus Campaign, and as such, it broke a number of records: the tickets were practically sold out before they went on sale and the funds that were raised far exceeded the target and all expectations. It was a good and generous genie that came out of the bottle!
     The greatest reward was to see the immense support that GPRC is receiving from the business sector and the community in general. The GPRC President’s Ball Committee is hugely thankful to all the contributors for the support they received and for all the generous contributions that came in many shapes and forms to help improve student life on Campus. 
                                                              A big, sumptuous thank you to all!
                                                              Eva Abbas, Chair
                                      The grand entrance to the Ball
A glimpse at the luxurious decor          Our illustrious Chair, Eva Abbas
 Celebrity emcee, Daryl McIntyre          GPRC instructor Bob Howie has some moves! 
'the Odalisque' by Fine Arts students    Top Ten Show & Revue rocked the house!

GPRC President...Arrested?

In case you haven't heard, GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk, was arrested yesterday. Thanks to a concerned tipster, Insider was on hand to witness the arrest. It was obvious that the Peace Officer meant business as he marched right into Don's office and promptly hancuffed him before escorting him out of the College and into the back of a police cruiser.



Now for the real scoop...Don was actually a willing participant in the Canadian Cancer Society's annual fundraiser, Jail-N-Bail.  After being whisked off in the cruiser, Don was taken to "jail" at the Prairie Mall where he was given a bail amount and provided with a phone in order to make calls to friends and co-workers to earn his bail. After only being incarcerated for little over an hour, he managed to raise $1000 - an amount which exceeded the bail amount he was given by the judge!  Congratulations Don and kudos to you for being such a good sport for a great cause!

The Road to Student Success Starts With You Part 3

by Bill Corcoran

If you’ve been following this column over the past few weeks, you’ll be aware that we’re now half way through the 12 ideas from Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention. To recap, the first 6 tips were: 
  1. Learn and use  student names  
  2. Create a positive classroom environment  
  3. Provide easy access to course materials  
  4. Communicate clear expectations 
  5. Use a variety of teaching techniques and strategies 
  6. Have the students re-state material through reflection and self-assessment


 Here are points 7, 8, and 9

  1. Provide Opportunities for Students to Interact:  Student persistence research tells us that schools with high student-student and student-faculty interactions tend to have higher retention. Given this, what can you do to facilitate interaction both inside and outside of class? A few ways include pair-share and group in-class discussions, group projects and presentations, and even sitting down and having coffee with students outside of class time. 
  2. Give Encouragement to all Students:  Because we are a college, and not a university, we are often dealing with students who may not have had a great deal of academic success in the past. Since success breeds more success, what can you do to facilitate a few small wins early in the semester that build your students’ confidence?
  3. Direct Students to the Appropriate Resources:  Students encounter a number of barriers to learning, some academic and some non-academic. If you see a student struggling, it’s important to direct them to the supplementary resources we have to help them succeed. These resources include The Learning Resource Centre (for tutoring help with English, math, and the sciences), Financial Aid (for emergency student loans), and Advising (for referrals to health and crisis counseling.)


Stay tuned to the next issue of the GPRC Insider for the exciting conclusion to this series.   Note: Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention is available on the web at: