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College Barbecue

This year's College Community Barbecue on August 28th was another great success.  As usual, it was a great chance for staff & faculty to muster and welcome the new members of the GPRC community.  It is a great opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces after the summer break and before the Fall semester gets underway. 




The traditional Brick Awards were handed out by the self-proclaimed team of GPRC dinosaurs - Bert Hunt, Jill Thomson and Jerry Petryshyn. This year's award recipients were:

Paul Rathke - The "Reaching the Peak" Award
Leigh Goldie - The "Steadfast" Award
Esther Heggelund - The "Silent Force" Award
Campbell Ross - The "Vintage Bubble" Award

Excellence in People

The members of the Executive Committee at GPRC regularily recognize employees and departments who have exhibited excellence in their jobs and careers.  The Commendations Report is presented to the GPRC Board of Governors by GPRC President, Don Gnatiuk.   "Excellence in People" will be a regular column in upcoming editions of Insider. 

Commendations to date:

  • Duff Crerar recognized by Canadian Foreces for his lectures on Canadian military history and the history of military chaplaincy.
  • Weixing Tan recognized for his published research on spruceling seedlings.
  • SA 2008 Award for Excellence in Teaching to Campbell Ross.
  • Amber Amy received the Student Awareness Award for her tireless efforts in improving student life at GPRC.
  • Kelly Benning for her work with Aboriginal recruitment.
  • Megan Ryan-Walsh on her radio debut and recruitment efforts.
  • Monique Sedgwick for obtaining her Ph.D.
  • Jill Thomson congratulated on her nomination for the ACCC Staff Excellence Award.
  • Ken Riley, Cybilla Rakestraw and Emily Fraser for guiding their business students to receive a bronze in the Business Student Games.
  • Bethe Goldie on receiving the 2008 HPEC Distinguished Service Award;
    Bethe Goldie, GPRC Dintinguished Employee Award 2008.
  • Dr. Charles Backman for passing his PhD Candidancy exam.
  • Robert Cole, Robert Howey, John Webster, Geoff Whittal, Lane Borstad, Magda Herrera, Amy Johnson, Hazel Liley, and Community Relations staff acknowledged as integral to the success of the EnCana Grande Prairie and District Music Festival.
  • Alumna Christina Nelson on receiving the U of A Dean's Citation Award for Excellence in Education upon transfer from GPRC. 
  • Jean Nordin and the entire Student Services Team for the successful launch of Power Campus. Specifically Jill Thomson, Cheryl Head and IT Manager, Jordan Pickup.
  • Gerard Palmer for effectively re-evaluating the process for disposal of waste from GPRC and negotiating an agreement with a provider that wil save GPRC a significant amount of dollars.
  • Jordan Pickup for his efforts to save GPRC up to $25,000 on the Power Campus project.
  • Jerry Petryshyn, appointed to the position of Dean, School of Health, Wellness and Career Studies.
  • Wendy Morrow and Finance staff for the FIRST TIME in our College's history, our financial statements were ready and waiting for the auditors when they appeared to begin the year-end audit.
  • Congratulations to the following GPRC staff (past and present) and members of the GPRC Board of Governors or Alumni/Foundation Board of Directors that were recognized by the City of Grande Prairie as Hometown Heroes during the 50th Anniversary Celebration:   Elmer Borstad, Bill Bowes, Clem Collins, Paul Evaskevich, Leigh Goldie, Scott McAlpine, Perky McCullough, Sukamar Nayar, Jaroslav Petryshyn, Ernie Radbourne, Harry Stevens, Turk Taylor, Donna Tink, Melodie Wilton.
  • Congratulations to those GPRC staff who completed the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). The ISW Worship provides a strong foundation for new GPRC staff in the development of instructional skills, openness to learner-centred classroom and team building:  Victoria Abboud, Asha Palmer, Casandra Jordan, Jennifer Head, Carmen Gorgichuk, Michelle Veitch, Jo-anne Tomie, Kelly Socha, Raelynn Shaughnessy, Laura St. Pierre, Daryl White, Christine Vandemark, Bonny Townsend, David Dansereau, Linda Duval; Facilitators: Sheila Elliott, Teresa Evans, Gwen Hoyseth, Cybilla Rakestraw, Laurie Nock.
  • All staff in Campus Operations for their above and beyond duties in successful classroom and office transition.

What’s Going On Around Here?

It seems that everywhere you look on campus these days there is a construction or renovation project happening!  We are making great strides toward a number of goals - and we’ll all be dodging work-in-progress for the next few months.

L-Wing/Sound Module: the project is being tendered now (Sept/08) with a completion target of Aug 15/09.

Howlers Reno: Most of the area will be usable in time for the Student Welcoming Celebration on September 16, and final completion of Howlers and the new Students’ Association offices is expected by December.

Executive Offices - Renovations are nearly complete.  The new “portal” to the executive offices now opens from the concourse – and the renovation added two new offices in the existing space!

Student Housing phase V & VI: Excavation started in mid August and it is expected that the first of four pods (36 beds) & parking lot will be ready for June/09. The other three pods will follow with completion scheduled by Dec 2009.

Gym floor replacement:  The defective gym floor has been replaced, and the long-awaited new bleachers have been installed.  Completion is expected by Sept 17/08.

Weight room expansion: will be completed in conjunction with the L-wing project, with a target of August 15, 2009.

NLC portable complex: The old portable which was the Building Blocks day care for so many years has now been removed, and a new portable complex to house programs offered in Grande Prairie by our stewardship partner Northern Lakes College will be on that site by January, 2009.

So don’t walk under any ladders, don’t peek under any tarps, and always smile at our contractors - before we know it everything will be better than ever!

Recruitment 2008

by Megan Ryan-Walsh

Orientation events on September 2nd went off without a hitch.  Approximately 400 students participated in the Theatre Welcome and all of the Student Success Seminars were well attended. Thank you to all staff and faculty who helped to make orientation a success!
This Fall, the students are very engaged and excited and it is satisfying to see students taking advantage of tools the college is offering them.  It is also fantastic to recognize a lot of the students - seeing new students that I have met either on the road, or at on campus an event such as Student for a Day is a very rewarding experience, and affirmation that recruitment is visible in the community!  Proof that these activities are important and do make a difference when students are making decisions about their post secondary careers!
This Fall also marks the start of my third year here at the college, and some great new changes have taken place.  As College Recruitment Manager, I am thrilled to welcome the latest addition to the college recruitment / student services team: Kelsey Hamer.  Kelsey is a long time resident of the Grande Prairie area, is a graduate of Emily Carr with a BFA who had her start at GPRC’s Visual Arts program. She brings to the table great knowledge of the area and community, as well as excitement and passion for not only post secondary learning but GPRC itself!!
The Recruitment and Retention Action Committee (RRAC) is up and running for another year. While we have a full schedule ahead of us, College Open House is the next BIG item on the agenda. This year Open House will be held on Wednesday November 12, 2008 11am – 7pm. Details will be forthcoming…
Your RRAC representatives are:
Megan Ryan-WalshChair - Student Services - Recruitment
Christine Frattini - Academic Upgrading
Raelynn Shaughnessy / Jim Wohlgemuth - Nursing
Cara Leaf - Office Administration
Elaine O’Hara - Human Resources
Kelly Benning - Student Services - Aboriginal Liaison
Jen Maclean - Library Services - Learning Centre
Kelsey Hamer - Student Services - Recruitment
Dianne McDonald - Arts and Education
Melissa Hunt - Workforce - ESL instructor
Janelle MacRae - Workforce Development
Theresa Suderman - Human Services - Teacher Assistant Program
Jessica Bull - Students' Association
Geoff Whittall / Joanne Porta - Fine Arts
Pat Caulfield-Fontaine - Early Learning and Child Care
Lynne Ness - Community Relations
Francois Fournier - P.E.A.K.
Cybilla Rakestraw - Business Administration