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Insider, the internal newsletter of GPRC, will be once again be a regular feature of life at the College, and will endeavour to keep you informed about events and activities among staff and faculty.  There will be one or two sample editions in the coming weeks, and regular bi-weekly publication will begin in late August.  Be sure to keep editor Susan Thompson updated on things your colleagues need to know!  Simply send your content suggestions to or call Susan at 2908.

Employee Recognition Ceremony 2007

GPRC's Human Resources Department hosted the annual Employee Recognition Event in the Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre on May 10th.

For those of you who missed this year's Ceremonies, here is a list of the Awards that were presented.

Long-Serice Awards:

35 years

Bill Fletcher, Business Administration    

John Webster, Campus Operations 

25 years
Nancy Campbell, Academic Upgrading
Esther Heggelund, Student Services
Marian Mark, Human Resources
Scott McAlpine, Faculty of Arts and Science
Gail Sherman, Administrative Technology 
(Photo not available)


20 Years - Doreen Lakusta, Academic Upgrading and Bookstore


15 Years
Dorothy Eiserman, Faculty of Nursing
Arlene Loewen, Academic Upgrading
Edith Mongrain, Nursing Education
John Murray, Faculty of Fine Arts
Calvin Noskey, Campus Operations
Les Rawluk, Faculty of Science
Louise Saldanha, Faculty of Arts & Education
Angela Scriba, Computer Training
Audrey Wells, Academic Upgrading  

10 Years
Rick Beeson, Faculty of Commerce
Cheryl Bereziuk, Faculty of Arts & Education
Robert Cole, Library and Media Services
Kathleen Frei, Workforce Development
Darcy Getten, Campus Operations
Carmen Gorgichuk, Faculty of Fine Arts
Mona Grace,  Library and Media Services
Hazel Liley, Community Relations
Eden Murray-Black, Library and Media Services
Andrea Plumridge, Financial Services
Dallas Sawtell, Faculty of Science
Trevor Thomas, Administrative Technology
David Ticheler, Library and Media Services
Sandra Wetzel, Computing and Telecommunication Services

5 Years
Darcie Coulter, Library and Media Services
Michael Hussey, Faculty, School of Business
Owen Lewis, Faculty, School of Business
Chris Nicol, Faculty of Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology
Nancy Robbins, Faculty of Arts & Education (Hinton - YREC)
Doug Wills, Faculty of Fine Arts


Honoured Retirees - Don Brown, Bill Fletcher and Gail Sherman  

Student’s Association Award for Excellence in Teaching - Bill Shaw


 Distinguished Employee Award - Jill Thomson