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College Pride Day Revisited

By all accounts, GPRC's inaugural College Pride Day was a great success and rumour has it that it will become an annual event!  The cleaning blitz was kicked off with a scrumptious barbecue, well-attended by over 80 members of our staff and faculty. Then it was off to the nooks and crannies of our beloved College with rubber gloves and cleaning supplies in hand! 

Kudos to the "Quick Fix Committee" -  Shawnna Boyd, Andrea Plumridge, Brian Parlee, Brenda Lindquist and Nancy Campbell for organizing the event and a huge "thank you" to everyone else who participated in cleaning up our College and recycling like crazy.  A special thanks to those Campus Operations guys who work hard everyday to deal with our recycling (even if it means jumping into a bin to pack down cardboard)! 



Employee Recognition Ceremony

A reminder that the GPRC Employee Recognition Ceremony will be held on on May 15th. The ceremony is 11 am to noon in the GPRC Theatre with a celebratory luncheon to follow. Lunch is provided free, courtesy of Human Resources, but tickets are required. Deadline for tickets is tomorrow, May 8th so if you have not already done so, please RSVP your attendance to Human Resources at 539-2853.

GPRC 2008 Wolves Summer Camps

Wolves Summer Camps encourage children ages 6 to 14 years of age to engage in sport and physical activity with an emphasis on “Participation and Fun”. Our quality instruction focuses on promoting safety, cooperation and individual exploration. We provide a camp to accommodate everyone, ALLDAY, AM and PM camps. This year we are very proud to have Chartwell’s provide very nutritious lunches to the campers in our ALLDAY camps.
Summer Camps being offered are:
Multi-sport Camps – 6 different camps to choose from
Golf Camps – 4 different camps to choose from
Soccer Camps – July 7-11 & July 28- Aug 1
Badminton Camps – 3 different camps to choose from
Climbing Camps – 4 different camps to choose from
Basketball Camps – August 18 – 22
Volleyball Camps – August 23 – 29
The GPRC Gym is undergoing a major renovation this summer and thus will not be available for use, but GPRC Wolves Summer Camps will be operating in 2008.  The Golf, Soccer and Climbing Camps will be located at GPRC while the Multi-Sport and Badminton Camps will be off-campus. Volleyball and Basketball Camps will be scheduled off-campus with hopes that the GPRC Gym will be  ready early and will then be moved back to the GPRC facility.
For more information regarding the Summer Camps programs see our website at, or contact Lori Fleming at or phone 539-2000 ext 1.

Recruiting and Retention Corner

Bill Corcoran

Access To Success Entrance Awards Announced
The GPRC Foundation has been busy over the past few years generating significant dollars for student aid. Last month, the Foundation approved a plan which will see an additional $550,000 of scholarships, awards, and bursaries put into the pockets of GPRC students over the next three years. The first major initiative from these monies is the Access to Success Entrance Awards. This program will see more than $275,000 awarded in the coming years of which $75,000 will be distributed this fall.
Each Access to Success Award is worth $2000 per academic year and is re-newable for a subsequent year. A number of different categories have been established including local high school students, adult students returning to schools, Academic Upgrading students moving to post secondary programming, ESL students moving to credit programming, and more. Collectively, the Access to Success Awards are amongst the most generous entrance awards available at any college in Alberta.
If you know of a potential student who might benefit from one of these awards, have them contact Yvonne Carlstrom in Student Services for more details.
Yet another Reminder (ok, nagging!!)
At the risk of sounding like a broken record (hmmm … that cliché has certainly dated the writer), please ensure that your areas are being covered to answer phone and e-mail inquiries over the coming months.  We are investing a considerable sum in radio and other local advertising in May and June to attract students. These inquiries need to be followed up in a timely manner. 
*Watch and listen for the “Yes You Can” ads.

Student Services Welcomes...

Lorraine Prafke to GPRC as the Athabasca Liaison Officer and congratulations to Megan Ryan-Walsh as the new College Recruitment Manager starting May 12.