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Building Blocks Daycare Grand Opening!

Please join us for the official grand opening of Building Blocks Daycare on Thursday, April 17th at 11:00.  Help us celebrate this wonderful new facility for our community's children!

International Education Centre

Request for Conversation Partners

Do you love chatting with friends? Are you interested in other cultures? If you said yes to these questions, you would be perfect for our ESL Conversation Partner Program!
We are looking for volunteers to donate a ½ hour of time each week to meet with an International Education student – just to chat! Our students will get great practice speaking and listening to the English language, and you, in turn, will learn about their country and their culture! You can talk about your job, your home, sports, Canadian culture, whatever you like!
Students in the International Education Centre come from all areas of the world. Why not volunteer a couple of hours a month to converse with an International student? To sign up for the program please contact Melissa Hunt at 539-2778 or mhunt@gprc.ab.ca.

CAS Year-End Celebration

The Circle of Aboriginal Students held their year-end celebration April 4th.  Congratulations to Kelly Benning, Amanda Ferguson, and the CAS Executive for organizing another memorable event to celebrate students who have successfully completed this academic year. The event was well attended by College staff and faculty, members of the community, and students and their families alike.  The entertainment was spectactular with performances by the Blue Bird Dancers, Men's Traditional Dance by Dennis Whitford and Clinton Soto, and an acoustic performance by singer and Peace Country Idol winner, Cindy Boucher.  Of course the evening would not have been complete without the opening prayer given by Darlene Cardinal, the heartfelt words of keynote speaker, Omarla Cooke, and the presence of the elders. To view photos of the event go the CAS Photo Gallery on the GPRC website (photos taken by Paula Backer and Susan Thompson).

CAS Executive (left to right ): Connie Tsetta-Gowans, Ashley Goodswimmer,
Reva Jaycox, Candice Triembacher, and Tina Kinnee-Brown


SSP 55 or “Nobody Leaves until they fill out a Registration Sheet!!!”

Bill Corcoran

As March rolls into April, we’re into the next phase of enrolment: converting continuing student applications into registrations.
During the next three weeks, we’d like to focus on getting those returning students to sign up for their 2008-09 courses. So if you could encourage these students to:
1.      Pick up their re-enrolment packages from Student Services, and
2.      Make an advising appointment with either their faculty advisor or a Student Services advisor
we can get them signed up for next year before they take off for the summer.
We’ve dubbed this initiative Super Secret Project 55, or SSP 55 for short. (Hmmmm …. I guess it’s not so secret now??) The 55 stands for 55%, which is the goal. We’d like to have 55% or more of our continuing students registered by May 4th.
As of last Friday, we are at 14%, which isn’t bad considering we were only 3 days into the registration process. Stay tuned further SSP 55 updates … and keep it on the down low, OK.

2008-09 Re-Enrolment Drive


As reported in the last issue of GPRC Insider, we all did a fantastic job of getting our current students to fill out applications for 2008-09. A grand total of 640 continuing students applied for next year by March 31st which is 37 more than last year.
To encourage students to “get it done,” a series of Friday draws for $200 GPRC Bookstore Certificates were held. The final winner was Cynthia Oliver from Office Administration. Congrats Cynthia!