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Campaign Launched!

Student Life on Campus

A million dollars will go a long way toward enhancing “Student Life on Campus” here at GPRC, and recent donations mean that Campaign 2008 is already well on its way to meeting that goal!  The Student Life on Campus Campaign was officially launched by the Alumni/Foundation Board of Directors on Tuesday, with the enthusiastic support of members of the Board of Governors and College administration.  Carmen Haakstad provided an overview of what this campaign will accomplish, describing it as “a student-centred campaign responding to student needs.”  Among the goals of the campaign are:

• new student activity centre in the heart of the campus
• renovate Howlers Lounge and other student common areas
• create group study areas throughout the College building
• contemporary furniture
• work and study stations with laptop hookups and wireless internet access
• restore College Concourse as a gathering area for faculty, students and the community.
We can expect to begin to see these changes soon - within the next couple of months!

GPRC Speakers Series

Palaeontologist, Paul McNeil

GPRC's very own Palaeontologist is our next presenter in the GPRC Speakers Series.  Paul McNeil has recently come aboard to develop a Palaeontology Program at the College and to work on the planned River of Death and Discovery Museum at Pipestone Creek.  Since arriving to Grande Prairie a mere three weeks ago, Paul McNeil has created quite a buzz, both within the College and in the Community at large.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, including his doctoral research on the life and extinction of mammals after the last ice age.  He has done a great deal of field work (digging up dinosaurs) at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller and throughout southern Alberta.  He has also worked with the Burgess Shale Geo-Science Foundation in Field, BC - a world heritage site with half-billion-year-old soft bodied fossils - some of the oldest in the world.

Paul has also appeared in several documentaries for the Nature of Things, National Geographic, and the History Channel.  On February 11th at 9:00 pm, National Geographic television will air its documentary, "The Rockies", which features a long segment with Paul McNeil.  Be sure to check your listings to confirm time and channel.

GPRC's Theatre Rising presents...

by Annie Smith

Only two more 2 weeks until the opening of Unity (1918)!! The name of the play is a really good metaphor for the amazing collaborative process of staging this play. So many people in the college community have contributed and are continuing to contribute time and ideas and expertise and positive energy to make this production exciting, challenging, fabulous theatre. I think every person who sees this play will have their life changed in some way.
What will you see and hear when you come to Unity (1918)? 
• Surprisingly professional performances from gifted and committed student actors
• Evocative and innovative projections, lighting, and set design
• A soundscape worthy of a horror film
• Costumes and props augmented by authentic period pieces loaned by the GP Museum
• Simply one of the best plays ever written in Canada produced with love and passion and creativity and guts!
Featured from our College staff: Chris Murphy is sound designer and musician, Phil Gorman is our technical director, and Beckett Jubb is the set piece designer and builder. Students involved in the production: Ian Bowen, lighting design; Carlos Castillo and Jules LaPrairie, musicians; Amanda Bain, projections design; Jomanna Cheik, makeup. The actors: Marley Miles, Lisa Geerligs, Kerri Presslee, Tell Butler, Monika Pesik, Carlos Castillo, Mark Artibise, Stephanie Mead, Alyson Kaytor.
From the community: costumers - Gail Schau and Heather Fedoruk; props – Heather Gunson and Katie Ducsharm; actor – Thomas Teichroeb.
Be sure to make time in your life for Unity (1918). Catch the energy and passion – and we promise that you won't catch the Spanish Flu!

Recruitment Update

by Bill Corcoran

Re-enrol on Valentines Day and Feel the Love 
Current GPRC students planning to return in September 2008 need to start the process now.  The first step is a filling out a RE-ENROLMENT FORM.  The re-enrolment form tells Student Services that the student is planning to return in the fall, so a registration package is then prepared for the student.  Returning students are then able to register for 2008-09 courses starting in early April.
To kick start the re-enrolment process, we have teamed with GPRC’s favourite purveyor of caffeinated beverages (yes, Bernie herself) to offer returning students a $3 gift card if they fill out their re-enrolment form on Valentines Day, Thursday, February 14.  SWEEP team members will be on hand outside of Bernies to assist students with the task and “to share the love” … provided  “love” is equated with a $3 gift card … but that’s a whole other discussion …
So spread the word,  we and Bernie will spread the love, and stay tuned for further updates on the 2008-09 re-enrolment push.

GWITWN Contest Winners

Feb. 1 Draws

Congrats to Debbie Rose (Campus Operations), Andrea Plumridge (Finance), and Jodi Schollardt (Social Work Degree Student), the latest winners in the Get Who in the What Now Inquiry Card Contest. 
Debbie won a remote car starter compliments of Echo AVU, while Andrea and Jodi each received $50 gift certificates from Boston Pizza.
There’s still time to get in on the final draw for a $500 Travel Certificate from Uniglobe Travel to be drawn March 18.  So if you know of a potential GPRC who would like to be on our mailing list, obtain a GWITWN card from Student Services or the CONSIDERING GPRC information banks, fill it out, and return it to Suzanne Dunn in Student Services.
Left to right are: Andrea Plumridge, Jodi, Schollardt, Amber Williams and Debbie Rose.

Last Home Games of the Season!

Wolves Basketball

This weekend – February 8 & 9 – are the last Home Games of this season. The games will feature your Wolves Basketball Teams hosting the King’s University College Eagles. The Wolves are still battling for playoff seeding so the games will be intense. This will mark the return to playoffs for the Men’s Team who have not been there since 1993. Time to cheer on the squads!  The women play at 6:30 pm both nights and the men's games follow.  There will be a special presentation after the women's game.
In addition to the games themselves, the PEAK department has a variety of activities planned, including a Beer Gardens and performances by the Troyanda Dance Troup on Friday night; the conclusion of the Carling Project; "The Brick Seat of the Game" winners; 50/50 draws and much, much more!.  If you haven't been out to a home game this year, this weekend would be the time to do it!