Happy New Year!

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ARTery Project

Artist and GPRC Fine Arts Instructor, Ed Bader, is the guest curator for the Prairie Art Gallery's current exhibition "ARTery".  Bader's participation in GPRC's Prairie North Residency Program in 2007 inspired the conception of the show.  He credits the Program Coordinators, fellow GPRC instructors and artists, Tina Martel and Ken Housego, for providing an environment which fostered creative ideas. 

ARTery is a multi-media exhibit that is being featured in downtown storefronts throughout the month of January. It consists of seven video works from seven different artists, six of which will be playing in storefront windows, including Urban Home, Bama Furniture, Tim Horton's Administration Office, Picture Perfect Gallery, Curry's Jewellers, Midwest Furniture, and Wonderland Toy & Hobby.

"The ARTery project uses art as a means to revitalize the heart of the city of Grande Prairie during the bleakest darkest month of the year. Since the site of the exhibition is along 100 Avenue, a major thoroughfare, commuters are able to experience a number of works from their vehicles, reaching a potential audience that normally does not visit art galleries. The pieces selected for the exhibition clearly differentiate themselves from the realm of commercial street advertising in terms of their imagery and content. Due to its latitude, Grande Prairie experiences long hours of night. Therefore video and text based works were chosen their ability to engage the viewer quickly, as they will be glimpsed under lowlight often for only the briefest of moments."  - Ed Bader

The videos of all of the artists works are showing on a big screen at the Gaiety Theatre (Living Christ Youth Mission - 9932 - 100 Avenue) until January 31st.  Hours for viewing are Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and admission is free.

Michael Campbell's "I want to know what you'd be in the best of all possible worlds" (2001) can be seen in the east window of Urban Home.

United Way Campaign Wrap-up

GPRC's United Way Campaign team was one of 87 community workplaces that were recognized at a recent "Heroes United for Good" luncheon for their contribution to the United Way's fall campaign. United Way President, Gladys Blackmore, stopped by to personally acknowledge the Team for raising $15,136.50 towards the campaign total of $775,558.52.


GPRC Participates in World Record Walk

Thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm of GPRC's Laura Hancharuk and the Be Fit For Life Centre, 157 members of the GPRC community were inspired to participate in this year's World Walk on October 3rd, 2007.  Unofficially, Canada has beaten the existing World Record - to set a new World Record for the largest number of people walking one kilometre simultaneously at exactly 12:30 pm EDT of that date.  The current record is held by Western Australia with 100,915 participants in September 2006.  Canada's total number of walkers this year was 231,365 and Alberta's total contribution to this number was 30,945.  These results have been submitted to Guinness World Records for final verification. 


Recent Contest Winners

During the month of December, GPRC awarded prizes for two ongoing contests.  SA President, Rory Tarant, won a cash prize for his video submission depicting an aspect of student life on campus to our StudentFlicks contest.  To view his winning video clip, go to www.gprc.ab.ca/studentfliks/contest/  Monthly cash prize winners will be eligible for a Grand Prize to be awarded in March. The contest runs until February so encourage your students to participate!


Our other big contest winners last month were Liz Richard, GPRC Nursing Department Chair and GPRC student, Brenda Wurtz..  They both participated in our "Get Who in the What Now" Contest. 


In case you've forgotten how it works...Do you know a friend, family member, acquaintance, etc. who might be interested in attending GPRC in the near future?  If so, have him or her fill out a specially marked GWITWN Inquiry Card and include your name on the card as the referral contact.  Student Services will supply them with information about our courses and programs that they are interested in and your name will be entered into our next draw.  Submit completed Inquiry Cards to Student Services - attention: Suzanne Dunn.  Three draws will be made on the next draw date, February 1st.  A remote car starter and two $50 gift certificates for Boston Pizza are up for grabs!