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GP Centennial Innovation Awards

As part of Grande Prairie’s 100th Anniversary celebrations, Innovate 2014 is the premier centennial event putting a spotlight on the rich innovation heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of our region. This centennial project is spearheaded by Community Futures Grande Prairie in partnership with the City of Grande Prairie, the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI), Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) and Alberta Community Spirit. 

Grande Prairie is Canada’s leading city for entrepreneurship and the innovators in this region submit more patent applications per capita than any area of our country.  Grande Prairie is also known for its "can-do" spirit, including innovation in service provision, multi-sectorial partnerships, and social innovation.

The conference is  May 22 and 23 and features two workshops with Ken Wong, from Queen’s School of Business:   

  • Thursday afternoon workshop, "Competing Against Giants" will offer entrepreneurs insight to not just compete, but thrive in a world of box store mentality.
  • Friday morning session, "Innovation is More Than Just Products- Developing a Culture of Innovation", focuses on innovation as a mindset. 

The May 22 evening Awards Gala will showcase local innovations and three prestigious Centennial Innovation Awards will be presented:

  • Innovator of the Century
  • Innovation of the Century
  • Entrepreneur of the Century

The nomination website has been launched at and is ready to receive your Centennial Innovation Award nomination. 

Then the online voting begins!    

Nominations for people who lived/worked within 100 miles of Grande Prairie. 

Deadline is March 31, 2014.

Act now:  Register for the Conference – Inquiry about sponsorship – Nominate an Innovator, Innovation or Entrepreneur of the Century Today!

GPRC Student Business Plan Trade Show

Please accept this as your invitation to join us on Grande Prairie campus Wednesday April 9 from 2:30 – 4:00pm for the annual GPRC Student Business Plan Trade Show.  The event takes place in Pillars Cafeteria and is an opportunity for current students to network with alumni and friends and to discuss their business plans in a trade show format.  Coffee and snacks will be available.

I hope to see you there!

~ submitted by Joanne Ballance

GPRC Student Recruitment

2014 is off to a busy start, with trade shows, campus tours and CALM Class presentations.

Career and Life Management 20, aka CALM is a great forum to meet High School students and share with them information about all that GPRC has to offer! To date over 35 classes have welcomed GPRC Recruiters. Approximately 750 students have participated in presentations at schools in Whitehorse-YK, Yellowknife-NT, Ndilo- NT, Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, and  Grimshaw with more to come.  

Feedback from both students and teachers is positive “…A balanced presentation – that stresses academic and technical/trades programs. Tremendous amount of info about why GPRC is a superior choice!” G.M. Grande Prairie Composite HS.

Other events this winter, include Motorcycle Shows and Education and Career Fairs in Calgary & Edmonton, Noobcon, Fox Creek School Career Fair, Hay River Career Fair, Mighty Peace Teacher’s Convention, and the Peace Country Agriculture Show at Evergreen Park. Upcoming events: Careers NextGeneration Career Expo, Grade 7 Day, NW Regional Skills, Trades Camp, Provincial Skills – and of course CALM Classes and Campus Tours.

Working with the GPRC Marketing Team has increased recruitment’s ability to target groups, and enhance their presence at community events. Tests using Google AdWords, and targeted Facebook promotions have been well received. Results including increased traffic to website, Facebook Pages, and individuals stopping by display booths for information.

Thank you to Patricia Woronuk for coordination of campus tours in Fairview, Craig French and Dan Bruce for sharing their motorcycle knowledge, Ed Bader for attending Noobcon, Jean Reston for helping out at Teacher’s Convention, Lin Roy and Darrell Wiens for their help with the Agriculture Show. Thank you Mike DiPasquale, Shilo Watson, Les Rawluk, Pat Caulfield Fontaine, Angie Harper, Gordon Pellerin and Cari Foster for making the Derek Taylor Grade 8/9 Campus tour an experience to remember.

~submitted by Your Student Recruitment Team: Megan Ryan-Walsh & Madison Warnock

One Hour No Power Campus Challenge

Challenging all STUDENTS, STAFF & FACULTY - This is the last week to participate and consider pledging one hour of your time on Saturday from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm!!! All you need to do is turn your lights off for an hour.   To be involved, simply click this link

Last year with GPRC pledges, we came in second place behind King’s University College.  As you can see from the numbers below, we have some work to do if we want to make an impression this year! The contest organizer considers the number of students, faculty and staff in determining the final outcome.

If you want to see what the world is doing:

Here is an update on the educational institutes One Hour No Power fun contest as of March 25, 2014:

·  Bow Valley College - 69

·  Concordia University College - 0

·  Grande Prairie Regional College - 69

·  King’s University College - 142

·  Lakeland College (Vermilion Campus) - 97

·  MacEwan University - 180

·  Medicine Hat College - 43

·  Mount Royal University - 138

·  NorQuest College - 116

·  NAIT - 298

·  Red Deer College - 0

·  University of Alberta - 605

·  University of Calgary - 84

TOTAL: 1,856

Rebranding ACCC

ACCC members recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new name for the Association. ACCC wishes to highlight college talent and is offering a $5,000 prize to a currently enrolled student for their design of the new Colleges and Institutes Canada logo.

We need your urgent assistance getting this information to our students as soon as possible. Submission deadline is April 22, 2014.

Students can visit, for specific information on how they can participate.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this effort. It is hoped that a new logo will be unveiled at the upcoming annual conference in May 2014.

Joining Forces For Bees!

For at least the next four years, we will be uniting with our American counterparts in the fight to save honey bees. On March 12, 2014, a ground breaking Memorandum of Agreement was signed between GPRC's CRI National Bee Diagnostic Centre and the Bee Research Laboratory, of the USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Centre, of Beltsville, MD. This agreement is to "initiate and develop cooperation between the units and to share expertise and techniques related to honey bee pest, pathogen and parasite diagnostics". 

Bruce Rutley, Director of the CRI states that "This is an important new development for the NBDC-TAC because in essence the leading laboratory in the US (USDA Beltsville) recognizes the role of the NBDC within Canada and that we are becoming not only the National Laboratory that we envisioned but one of a handful of International Laboratories working diligently to solve the question “why are the bees dying?”"

The two will share techniques, procedures and services, except those that fall within confidentiality restrictions, as well as exchanging staff for short periods of time to promote cross training.

Dr Carlos Castillo, Applied Scientist Manager of the NBDC is excited over this collaboration. “The NBDC has recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the USDA - Bee Research Laboratory at Beltsville, Maryland to develop cooperation and share expertise and techniques related to honey bee pest, pathogen and parasite diagnostics. This agreement includes a training component with the short-term exchange of personnel, our diagnostic technician Msc. Patricia Wolf Veiga, just returned for a one week long training on specific molecular techniques for the quantification of bee viruses. This experience will help the NBDC to harmonize our methods with those used in Beltsville.”

Upon returning from her cross training in MD, Wolf Veiga shared some thoughts. “Concerns in honey bee health go beyond borders. Leading laboratories around the world are making efforts to harmonized their  standard procedures and the NBDC is engaged in this task as well. My visit to the USDA Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville was very important in order to have the NBDC diagnostic procedures synchronized to the procedures used in reference laboratories in USA and Europe.”

Excellence In People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team.

• Many thanks to all the generous supporters of the Building Blocks Daycare fundraising bake sale last week. A total of $2165.00 was raised to help a family in need. 

• Congratulations to Doug Wills and the students of DD1380 for the tremendous show in the Glass Gallery. 

• Thank you to the Wolves Women's Basketball Team for their kind donation of toys to Odyssey House.

• Thank you everyone who came out to the bake sale in support of Team GPRC in the Relay for Life. We raised $303.45!