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Room O' Plenty Drive

As many of you know, Student Services maintains the Room O’ Plenty Food Bank. Over the past year we have helped 114 adults and 152 children, and this year the need is just as great. All donations are very much appreciated - gift cards are ideal so products that are needed can be purchased immediately, rather than relying on donations. At this time, we are in need of the following items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Pudding
  • Canned pasta or beans
  • Fruit Cups
  • Cheese & crackers (non-perishable pre-packaged)
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Canned corn/vegetables
  • Fruit snacks (lunch sized treats)
  • Granola Bars
  • Crackers
  • Lunch sized cookies/snacks
  • Dish soap
  • Juice boxes
  • Granola Bars
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Baby Wipes
  • Toothbrushes
  • Noodles & Sauce
  • Canned meat (Tuna, Salmon, Ham)

We are overflowing with soup and anticipate that our supply of these items will last for the fall semester. Any questions related to the food bank can be directed to Financial Aid.  We would like to thank the college community in advance for your support!

Sunday Dinner Cooking Classes for College Students

Megan Ryan-Walsh is a self-confessed foodie, so it is no surprise that she found herself contemplating the culinary wasteland which is often the lot of a first-time-away-from-home student.  The thought was keeping her awake nights, and in conversation with fellow cooking enthusiast Shari Johnston, the Sunday Dinner Cooking Class idea was born.  The idea is that students will gather to learn to prepare simple dishes, prepare a meal together, and then enjoy it together.  

The registration fee includes instruction, all supplies and food, plus leftovers and recipes to take home.  The classes will be held Oct 20, 27 and Nov 17, 2013.  If you know a student who would enjoy meeting new people while learning to cook healthy, quick, easy delicious meals, registrations are being accepted at the Students’ Association office until October 17, 2013


Explore Program a Success!

This past spring, 3 GPRC students took part in the Explore program - a five week, French immersion program hosted by various post-secondary institutions across Canada. Kirsten Manz, Kyla Gilchuk and Riley Greentree participated in the program, each choosing a different city to explore. Click here to read about their personal experiences.


Wow! What a day! Orientation 2013 was an event for the books. Over 500 students were in attendance and boy was it fun. Jessica Holmes had us all in stitches with her light-hearted comedy and positive outlook on success. Several students won prizes including a $500 gift card to Follett Bookstore. This year’s event was a great success and we look forward to next year! Special thanks to all those who helped make Orientation 2013 a success, we couldn’t have done it without you. - submitted by Madison Warnock

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Since embracing the Mission, Vision and Values six years ago, the cultural transition of GPRC has been a great success. Last spring a new team, known as "The Transformers" emerged, endeavouring to strengthen GPRC’s resolve to attain its core values:  integrity, student-centred, respect, accountability, innovation, and passion

The team held its first meeting of the academic year yesterday, and after a year of developing its structure and processes, the Transformers have moved on to the next stage of its purpose – hearing from you

  • What would you like to see at GPRC, albeit tangible, cultural or virtual?
  • What have you noticed that you think should continue or stop?
  • Do you see any ongoing problem and have a possible solution to share?
  • What product, service or performance can we improve?
  • Where can we grow, become better, and be nearer to excellence?

If you have ideas, you are invited to share those with the Transformers by emailing  Due to the sensitivity of some issues, there is the option of replying anonymously, using the President's blog at and clicking on the anonymous button. 

President's Honour Roll

The GPRC President’s Honour Roll recognizes full-time students who have achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.5 for the academic year.

As per “Recognition of Academic Achievement Policy”, qualifying students receive a Letter of Academic Excellence from the President and their names are presented to the Board of Governors.

Please find below the list of recipients for the 2012-2013 year. Congratulations all!

Abdi, Qaal Atzenberger, Amy
Badger, Saylor Barnhardt, George
Barsi, Melissa Bateman, Samantha
Bathgate, Brad Beamish, Agnes
Bellerive, Emanuel Bielech, Peter
Blimkie, Kathrina Bowers, Dillon
Bowes, Simone Bratt, Caitlin
Braun, Calvin Burt, Adrienne
Callfas, Whitney Chabot, Megan
Chagnon, Philippe Chang, Xi Wen
Chapman, Lesley Clarke, Dora
Coonfer, Matt Cruickshank, Mike
Davies, Jackie de Jong, Daniel
Debruyn, Aaron Decker, Kristi
Degenhardt, Mike Delong, Jessica
DeVuyst, Michael Dorward, Cameron
Dubois, Shadiah Duval, Melanie
Eluik, Aimee Evans, Patrick
Fields, Daniel Froese, Nathan
Gaudet, Wilfrid Gerwatoski, Sheila
Gillespie, Craig Glas, Kayla
Goetjen-Pilgrim, Carolyn Gour, Sylvie
Gouschuk, Breanna Gowler, Jessica
Greentree, Loranda Greentree, Riley
Grosset, Alex Hanna, Stacy
Hansen, Elishia Hanson, Quinn
Hass, Clayton Haus, Kathrynne
Haus, Kyle Haycock, Laryssa
Heath, Brooke Hemmingway, Tarryn
Henderson, Tanner Heywood, Brodie
Hinks, Lucas Hoehn, Matthew
Hollinger, Joshua Holloway, Jenna
Hook, Jessica Horne, Tyson
Howe, Nicki Hudson, Sarah
Humphreys, Aaron Humphreys, Keith
Hunt, Toni Ihlen, Andrea
Irwin, Josh Jalbert, Aleshia
Jangula, Cameron Jensen, Mark
Jolin, Quinton Jussila, Jeffrey
Karrys, Dannica Kay, Zachary
Kennedy, Ian Khafizov, Tony
Kidd, Kayla Kindlan, Mike
Kostick, Marcus Kramer, Douglas
Kramer, Kayla Kronhardt, Rudi
Labonne, Benoit Langan, Corey
Lappenbush, Heather Larocque, Cayle
Larson, Allie Laufer, Josh
Leach, Clayton Lovas, Jill
Lovas, Nicole Lozier, Lewis
MacPhee, Kelsey Maguire, Laura
Malmas, Ethan Mangena, Dean
Manto, Brittany Martens, Jess
Martin, Tayanne Mathews, Chantel
Maxwell, Brandon May, Gin
Mayhew, Ashley Mazur, Alan
McFaddin, Tori Mckay, Kyle
McLeod, Blake Melnychuk-Manuel, Carlie
Michaudville, Kelsey Millie, Adam
Mines, Matthew Mitchell, Dawson
Montgomery, Charity Motherwell, Kendall
Murray, Tyler Neale, Cody
Neill, Jenny Nelson, Brandon
Nicholl, Bobby Nolette, Diane
Norman, Travis Olsthoorn, Carlee
Oostra, David Oslie, Vanessa
Paquette, Nathan Payeur, Savannah
Pedersen, Tyler Peebles, Daulton
Pelensky, Michael Penman, Kristy
Phillips, Nikki Plank, Justin
Plantinga, Spencer Reimer, Michele
Rennhack, Ally Rinne, Caitlyn
Rodgers, Lauren Ross, Cole
Rouleau, Dana Rouw, Katrina
Ruether, Andrea Rush, Andrea
Sanjenko, Micah Schamehorn, Lynnelle
Schmidt, Kelsey Schulz, Amanda
Serhan, Leah Sharko, David
Shelton, John Shirley, Katrina
Sigalet, Charlee Simmons, Ashley
Simpson-Rondeau, Kayleigh Sosiak, Brian
St. Laurent, Kole Stabb, Lindsay
Stegmeier, Kayla Subban, Nathan
Summers, Chris Sydlowski, Mitch
Thomas, Jenna Toews, Alicia
Torgerson, Craig Turcotte, Nathan
Van Spronsen, Rais Vance, Amanda-Rae
VanderZwan, Haley Vogel, Waylan
Walker, Susanne Warkentin, Kelly
Weir, Kathleen Whitford, Randi
Wieler, Michelle Wigmore, Jamie
Wohlgemuth, Denay Wolfe, Courtney
Wollmann, Raivan Wong, Monica

Volunteering at GPRC!

Nancy Campbell - GPRC Volunteer Coordinator

GPRC has launched a volunteer program, led by retired faculty member Nancy Campbell. The initiative will coordinate opportunities for retired faculty, staff and community members to provide services such as hosting at events, guiding campus tours, greeting guests at events. 

Complete the online volunteer registration form

Wolves' Own Chosen for CCAA Program

GPRC and Wolves Athletics are proud to announce that the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) has selected Jaelle Buhler to participate in the 2013-2014 CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program. The program is funded by Sport Canada and targets female graduating student-athletes to participate in collegiate sport as apprentice coaches. Grants are provided for professional development opportunities and operational costs while the apprentice coaches aid in player scouting, team communications, training exercises, skill development and administrative duties throughout the season. Buhler has been active in the community, coaching various camps and clinics including a U15 Alberta Summer Games team and a Wolves Basketball Club U13 Girls team. 

Excellence In People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team:

• Congratulations to Mike DiPasquale for completing his Apple Certified Technician certification, becoming one of only 43 in Canada!

• Congratulations to Shelley Brown, Instructor, Department of Nursing Education and Health Studies for fulfilling all of the requirements of the Bachelor of Nursing Program from Athabasca University

• Thank you to Nancy Campbell, Bethe Goldie and Meghan Noftall for all your input and hard work in implementing the Volunteering at GPRC program