Student Traffic Report: High Volume!

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GPRC Open House

New Format Proves Successful

GPRC hosted its Fall 2007 Open House Wednesday, November 14th.  The format changed this year from a trade-show style in the gymnasium, to a more interactive, college-wide approach.  Events such as the "Celebrity Scavenger Golf Contest" and the "Student Scavenger Hunt" generated a lot of excitement and encouraged circulation throughout the College.    

104.7 FreeFm was on location "live" to add to the excitement. Farley was his usual good-natured self and seemed to pop up everywhere!  Daily Herald-Tribune reporter, Damien Wood, was on location too, but this time he was wearing two hats: DHT reporter AND "Student For a Day"!  

The numbers are in and impressive to say the least:  2 new student registrations, 3 continuing registrations, 95 applications (compared to 66 at the February 2007 Education Fair), 103 Scavenger Hunt participants, and 175 entry forms for the $1000 Tuition Voucher.

The SWEEP Team

Who are they and what do they do?

The new incarnation of student mentors “SWEEP” is proving to be a great asset to the Recruitment Team and to the College as a whole.  The SWEEP Team are an amazing bunch of students that represent a variety of academic areas and diverse personal backgrounds but have one thing in common - they love the College and they are enthusiastic about their roles as GPRC representatives. Their student perspective is invaluable and makes the college experience more accessible to prospective students.  They often accompany our High School Liaison Coordinator, Megan Ryan-Walsh, on the road to visit regional high school groups. As Megan says, "It is amazing to have students travel with me and watch how they are able to bridge the gap between potential students and GPRC".  They really are aptly acronymed: "Students With Energy, Enthusiasm, and Passion". They are:  Kyle Small, Rigel Carias, Niki Bahm, Mitch Christensen, Jason Bryan, Tina Kinnee-Brown, and Erin Connell. 

United Way Campaign Success

GPRC's 2007 United Way campaign officially ended November 7th. Thanks to the efforts of the Campaign Team, countless volunteers, and the College community as a whole, over $10,000 was raised for the Grande Prairie and Region United Way - an awesome contribution to our community!  In the words of Karen Scribner, "United Way funded programs touch 1 in 3 people in our region of all ages and circumstances. Funded agencies are addressing issues in poverty, isolation and loneliness, family stress, violence in society, and substance abuse. Your contributions are helping these agencies make an difference in our community".  As a reminder, pledge forms are still being accepted by the Human Resources Department until the regional campaign ends November 30th.