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Brick Awards

The Brick Awards have been a tradition at GPRC Grande Prairie for many years now. They are awarded annually at the College & Community Welcome Back BBQ near the end of August on PD Day.

Bert Hunt reminded everyone how the Brick Awards originated, quoting Jill Thomson who was part of the original Brick committee. “The first bricks went to some of those persistent, dedicated faculty/staff who consistently stepped up to move GPRC forward in the community and as a College. The Bricks were our way of telling our colleagues that we noticed their efforts and appreciated the challenges they faced. At the time, it was our way of reminding administration that the foundation of the college was its staff, Bert explains. Today, the motivation is changing as the creative energy of dedicated staff is being recognized. Now we tend to look for staff whose loyalty and faithfulness to the organization may be taken for granted.”

This year's recipients were: Kim Richardson "Mother Hen Award", Robert Cole "Above & Beyond Award", Rick Scott "Above & Beyond Award", Doug Frattini " Joker Award", and Edith Mongrain "Perserverence Award". Congratulations to all!

Leigh Goldie accepted on behalf of Edith Mongrain; Suzanne Dunn accepted on behalf of Robert Cole.

Jean Nordin presented Kim Richardson with her brick award.

Rick Scott and Doug Frattini posed with their respective awards.

PD Day at Grande Prairie Campus

The Grande Prairie PD day was a great success this year with a wide assortment of activities to fill the day. The day started with Matt Bain as the ever so entertaining emcee, followed by Keynote Speaker, Barb Stegemann, who delivered a powerful and compelling presentation.

GPRC’s one and only Matt Bain                               Keynote Speaker Barb Stegemann

The day was filled with computer courses, exercise classes and personal interest courses such as birdhouse building, egg decorating and jewelry making. Many of the presentations and workshops were filled to capacity and ever popular events such as wine tasting and automotive repair required wait lists.

GPRC’s Paula Backer (pictured at right) taught Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating to a full class of 12 enthusiastic participants. Some of the finished creations and creators are pictured above (top left) Cindy Nychka,Caryl Sallows and Wendy Iob. The other participants (not in photo) were: Joan Jacobson, Tammy Blackley, Julie Neale, Shelley Cardiff, Connie Korpan, Alan Iwaskow, John Murray, Brenda Lindquist, and Teresa Wouters.

The birdhouse building workshops taught by GPRC Fine Arts Instructors Ken Housego and Laura St. Pierre were hands-on and very well received.

The PD Day committee worked hard to come up with an entertaining and educational event and would welcome suggestions for next year’s agenda. In line with the theme “giving back” a collection was taken for the student food bank during the morning address. A lunch and coffee break sponsored by the ASA and EA was a great addition to the success of the day. Thanks to all who attended and gave their time to provide presentations for the event.
~ Submitted by Valerie Day-Hawkins. Photos by Paula Backer and Susan Thompson

PD Day at Fairview Campus

“Giving Back” was the theme for PD Days held at the Fairview Campus during the week of August 20 this year. Our guest speaker, Barb Stegemann (whom we shared with GP campus), gave us an inspirational talk on her efforts to give back through her business. She shared her philosophy on how to create a better world through fair-trade with war damaged countries.

A huge effort from the PD committee to bring new, interesting, informative and interactive classes allowed staff to take part in everything from skeet shooting to art, trades and computers. Most of the instructors and campus staff had returned in time for these classes.

This year the PD committee decided to run the First Aid class at a separate time from the other PD classes. It was a well-attended class and recertified 11 staff for this campus. Skeet shooting proved to be the most popular class this year, with 27 attending (class max was listed at 18). Novices and experienced shooters came together at our local gun club to experience this sport. We had a number of different art classes this year, which we have not tried in the past. The feedback from these classes was excellent and you can see a number of the projects displayed in the atrium and in various offices around campus. This was an excellent way for staff to express their creativity and share it with others at work.

The trades department opened its doors, and shops, to allow staff to learn new skills and use the great facilities our campus offers. Bat-houses proved to be a popular choice in the carpentry class and now 10 of these projects will be located on campus and the surrounding area to provide shelter for our small winged friends. Our welding staff took us into the GMAW (MIG) lab and allowed us to learn/practice under their guidance. Mech 7 opened its doors to the chainsaw sharpening class and all who attended came away with a nice sharp saw, the tools and the knowledge to keep it that way. Despite a couple of glitches, the computer based classes were well attended and a number of new skills learned in each area. Food is always an enticing reason to attend and the cooking class which was held off campus this year, at the local Legion kitchen, was full of eager staff.

The weather proved to be a little on the cool side, but did clear off in the river valley for the hike. Alberta Parks led an interpretive walk in the valley and surrounding hills to explain the local geology and flora found there. Several staff brought cameras and some stunning shots were taken of the trip.

The group stops for a break and a photo op during their walking tour of the Dunvegan valley. Back row (from left): Dr. Susan Klassen, Steve Johnson, Lisa Osterhold, Dan McRann. Middle row (from left): Lyla Helle, Craig French, Eric Stromgren. Front row (from left): Dave Hiebert, Lin Roy, Shannon Glas, Annike Watts, Mary Starnes, Dan Bruce.

GPRC’s own Cindy Nychka taught Outdoor Creations to nine enthusiastic participants. Some of the finished creations and creators are pictured, (from left) Karen Litke, Lynette Tye (wearing the bracelet she made), Cheryl Frank (holding her own creation plus Paula Fiorini’s moose), Shan Ball, Sue Sych (holding two of Cindy’s creations) and Carol Dillon. Inset photos: Julie Byrne with her creation and Paula shaping her moose on the anvil. Absent from the photos: Cindy Nychka and Laura Rukavina.

Executive hosted the Welcome Back barbecue lunch in the cafeteria at the beginning of PD days. Many of the staff were back on campus to enjoy it, including the grounds crew, pictured from left: Patty Przybylski, Steven Ruether, T.J. Hiemstra, Ben Moffatt, Brett Laue and Samantha Salmond.

With “giving back” as the theme, a collection was taken for the student food bank during this week. Dried goods, IGA stamps and even some cash was collected and given to the student food bank in anticipation of student needs in the coming year. Thank you to all who donated. When we give back to ourselves, each other, our community and our campus the positive results will spread out like ripples on a pond affecting more people than we realize; and in giving back we inevitably get as well.

Donation Update

Alumni/Foundation AGM
Tuesday October 16, 2012
Fairview Campus at 4:30 pm
Contact Joanne Ballance for more information

Ron Regnier, General Manager of Grande Prairie’s Canadian Tire Store, presents a cheque to GPRC President and CEO, Don Gnatiuk, and VP External Relations, Carmen Haakstad. This generous donation represents their annual sponsorship for the College Classic and President’s Ball.

Congratulations Team GPRC!

Congratulations to TEAM GPRC who received gold status in the Canadian Cancer Society's 10th Annual Relay for Life earlier this summer for raising a total $12,815.56 toward the fight against cancer. The 2012 Organizing Committee's goal for Grande Prairie and area was $480,000 for and they surpassed this goal with a total of over $560,000 - more than what Edmonton and Calgary were able to raise combined. "Grande Prairie raised the most in all Alberta once again; we have such an amazing community spirit in our little city." -  Tanya Kinderwater, Team Captain - TEAM GPRC.

Team Members: Sue Sych, Lyla Helle, Joy Mcmahon, Erin Gonci, Shannon Glas, Lynne Ness, Shawnna McClelland, Jean Nordin, Melanie Kellerman, Bert Hunt, Anita Dnistransky, Lynette Klien, Gina Kelly, Amy Johnson, Christine Gurlitz, Sheila Moerkoert, Bernie Matlock, Steve Johnson, Lin Roy, Elisabeth Roy, Tanya Kinderwater, Dianne Lund, Patricia Woronuk.

Excellence in People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team. The following recognitions were presented at the August 2012 meeting:

• Congratulations to the ‘Brick in the Wall’ recipients: Robert Cole, Doug Frattini, Edith Mongrain, Kim Richardson, and Rick Scott.

• Thank you to the organizers of the GPRC Fairview Campus PD Week: Carole Arkinstall, Dianne Bedford, Sue Sych, Don Watson, Annike Watts, Patricia Woronuk, Augustine Ebinu, Cheryl Frank.

• Thank you to the organizers of the GPRC Grande Prairie Campus PD Day and College Community Barbeque: Natalie Amyotte, Paula Backer, Maureen Clarke, Valerie Day-Hawkins, Clinton Derocher, Gaitane Gilje, Brenda Lindquist, Velda McKenzie-Diederich, Tracy McLenna, Wanda Moen, Katlin Ormay, Cate Sazwan, Nathaniel Smith.

• Executive recognizes Liz Richard for instructing the Non-Violent Crisis Intervention course to staff and faculty. She will also be providing this course to students.

• Thanks to the organizers of the Fairview Campus Instructor’s Conference: Dave Hiebert, Martin Larsen, Jeremy Peters, Ryan Peterson, Dana Ponto, Sandy Rendle, Rob Young, Craig Rode, Al Hagen, Harry Frykas, Al Hagen, Kelly Rainer, Richard Byam, Garry Candy, Steve Johnson, Brad Lockhart, Don Parker, Richard Smith, John Stiles, Gaylord Toews, Gavin Winter, Megan Ryan-Walsh, Gord Ivey, Lisa Osterhold, Brian Carreau, Annike Watts, Chris Craig.

Appreciation is also extended to the following for going above and beyond their normal activities at a busy time of the year: the Fairview Campus Accounting Dept., the Cafeteria Staff, Marie Coristine, Karen Lazorko, Bev Candy, Cheryl Frank, Chris Laue and Marg McCuaig-Boyd. Comments received from the approximate 110 guests were fantastic and the people that took the GP Campus tour were very impressed.

• In a letter from Service Canada regarding the discontinuation of the Youth Industrial Workers Employment Program, Chad Boone and Lauri Dvornek were recognized for their development of the program and genuine commitment to assisting youth with barriers to employment.

• Congratulations to Chris Spaidel for successfully obtaining a National ‘B’ Coaching License from the U.S. Soccer Federation.

• Congratulations to Bonnie Braun, Instructor in Nursing Education and Health Studies. Bonnie has fulfilled all of the requirements of the Master of Science in Nursing Program from Trinity Western University.

• Congratulations to Elizabeth Belliveau for being selected by the Art Gallery of Alberta for inclusion in the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, to be presented January 26 – May 5, 2013.

• Congratulations to Anna Gillis for the development and success of the Online Course Development Certificate Program for GPRC and for eCampusAlberta. Registration for 2012-13 is currently over-subscribed. An amazing accomplishment for this Program!

• Congratulations to Melissa Day and Charles Backman. They have been awarded an AACTI CAP Talk seed grant, in the amount of $5000 each, to advance their applied research and innovation interests.

• Appreciation is extended to the Staff of Financial Services for all of the hard work that was done in June and over the first half of July to get year-end completed in such a short period of time.