April 12, 2012

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Awards Tribute 2012

GPRC hosted over 100 Award Donors and Award Recipients at a wine and cheese reception in the Collins Recital Hall on March 26th.  The event is intended to bring bursary and scholarship donors together in a casual setting where they can meet and mingle with students who have received these awards to advance in their post secondary endeavours at GPRC.

GPRC Education student and award recipient, Brigitte Benning, spoke to the audience on behalf of all student award recipients and expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the generosity of the donors.  Without their financial support, she said it can be very difficult to afford to juggle tuition & book costs, living expenses and workload.  Bursaries and scholarships make it possible for students to maintain a balanced lifestyle and to be involved in the community.

"I have not only been getting a good education and expanding my mind with information, but I have been soaking in life experience, values and positive energy and I have been learning how to give this positive energy back to the community. You (donors) have started this -  your selflessness and willingness to give to the community has inspired me to do the same."

Joan Isaac from the Rupertsland Institute was in attendance and spoke on behalf of the donors. Her organization has recently endowed funds for the Métis Scholar Awards at GPRC, and in her comments Joan emphasized the importance of individuals and organizations like Rupertsland contributing to the success of students pursuing post secondary studies.

Joan Isaac from Rupertsland Institute and GPRC student Brigitte Benning

BikerTV On Campus

BikerTV’s Tom Mann and Angela Lesperance were on GPRC Fairview Campus mid-March to film upcoming episodes of Tech Tips by Wally for the 2012 season of BikerTV. Episodes will start airing on May 20th. Pictured from left: Wally Besler, Tom Mann, Angela Lesperance. Beginning May 20, 2012, you can catch the new season of BikerTV and Tech Tips by Wally on CTV Two Alberta every Sunday at 6:30 PM. ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

College Day 2012

College Day 2012 was held at the Fairview Campus for the first time on March 28th from 1:00 pm to - 7:00 pm. Over 100 students from eight schools were in attendance throughout the afternoon, as well as members of the general public. Students from Fairview High School, Ridgevalley School, Paul Rowe School, Manning, Grimshaw School, Peace Outreach Campus, Peace River, Hillside School, Valleyview, Rycroft School, and Diamond Jenness School in Hay River were in attendance.

Various GPRC departments from both campuses provided fantastic displays in the College Atrium, and tours of the Fairview Campus were also provided. Students, teachers, and the general public alike were able to try their hand at welding, and all were encouraged to get their picture taken on a motorcycle as well.


The feedback from students and teachers who attended College Day 2012 was very positive. To quote one school counselor, "Thanks! Many of our students are interested in the programs--talking with instructors was a great way to ease some of their apprehensions."

A huge THANK YOU goes out to staff from both campuses who participated in College Day 2012 and helped make it the success that it was. ~ Submitted by Gord Ivey, College Recruiter

Thank You Vitaemo Festival

On March 17 & 18, The Troyanda Society of Ukrainian Culture and Heritage held its annual Vitaemo Festival at GPRC's Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre.  This two-day celebration supports the Society's goal to provide programs and services that honor the culture and traditions of the Ukraine, notably through their Troyanda dance program.  Admission to the Festival is free with a foodbank donation and this year, they kindly donated a portion of the food to GPRC's Room of Plenty.  The folks in Student Services estimated that the donation was probably close to a year's worth of food for the Room of Plenty! Thank you Troyanda Society for your generosity and community spirit!

Century Plant Blooms!

Until recently, the GPRC Fairview Campus greenhouse was home to the Agave Americana or Century Plant. Native to north eastern Mexico, it’s known as the century plant because it can be one hundred years old before it flowers. According to Ellen Dalke, who has worked at the college for 15 years, this plant has been there as long as she has worked in the greenhouse and is likely about 25 years old, the minimum age for blooming. It is unusual for a greenhouse to have a plant that lives that long and it won’t happen again as the plant dies after blooming. The bloom can be anywhere from 5-15 meters tall with 15 to 35 branches so a real concern was that the plant would grow through the greenhouse roof.

On March 23rd, Ellen, with the help of Rod Arkinstall, Ron Dennis, Don Loxterkamp, Stephanie Long and Patty Przybylski, moved the plant to the Atrium. The series of photos shows the plant’s growth since then. Karen Lazorko is 5 feet 9 inches inches tall and her reach is 7 feet 5 inches, so you can see how much the plant has grown. Agaves are used for food, fibers, soap, beverages, and medicines. ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

Excellence in People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team. The following recognitions were presented at the March 2012 meeting:

• In the Auditor General Report coming out in April, the AG's Office explicitly cited GPRC for its excellent work on improving audit controls over the last several years.

Wolves Women’s Volleyball team placed 4th at the ACAC Women’s Volleyball Championships. Coach Thomson is very proud of the way the girls played.

• Congratulations to the Wolves Women’s Curling team who won Gold for the second consecutive time in the Conference Championship.

 ~ Sarah Balderston was selected as part of the ACAC Women’s Curling All Conference team. Sarah was then named ACAC Athlete of that Week! The team repeated as ACAC Champions. Sarah is in her second year of the Bachelor of Education program. Sarah is from Sexsmith and her father is Kurt Balderston – good curling stock! Kurt will become the Wolves Curling Coach next year. The team went on to place second in the CCAA Curling invitational event last week.
~ Stephanie Yanishewski  was selected as the ACAC Athlete of the Week. She is being recognized for her performance leading her team to ACAC Gold and to a CCAA Silver Medal at the first ever CCAA Curling Invitational.

• The Wolves Mixed team took the silver medal. Two players, Steven Albert and Jordan Guenette, were selected to the ACAC Mixed All Conference team.

• Congratulations to GPRC Alumna Heather Nedohin for placing 3rd in the World Women’s Curling Championships.

• Congratulations to Adam Woods, Men’s Volleyball, and Sarah Balderston, Women’s Curling, for being named CCAA Academic All Canadian. This is given to those athletes who have been named to a Conference All Star team and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

• Congratulations to Fine Arts Instructor Laura St. Pierre who has an art exhibit, "Urban Vernacular Series" coming up at Gallery 44 in Toronto.

• The Executive recognizes Rick Horner for his dedication to GPRC while on the Board of Governors. He will be missed.

• Congratulations and thank you to Bruce Rutley and the CRI Team for their participation and presentation in the Growing the North Conference. Their session on 'Scenario Creation for the Peace' was very well done.

• Thank you to the staff that made the Worsley Trades Day on March 1 a success: Lenora Roy, Tamara Janzen, Brent Boutilier, Martin Larsen, Rudy Hrynkiw, Walter Besler, Fred Walkley, Richard Smith, Gaylord Toews, Glyn Moffatt, Dianne Lund, Chris Laue, BJ Moffatt.

• Thank you to the organizers of the President’s Awards Luncheon, to the Alumni/Foundation Board and to Lorraine Gabriel who stood in for emcee. Also thanks and welcome to the inductees of the President’s Council and the three award winners.

• Thank you to the organizers and attendees at the Awards Tribute Reception and GPRC student Brigitte Benning for her Tribute speech. Organizing Committee members: Carla Basarab, Sheila Moerkoert, Melanie Kellerman, Bernice Ouellette, Susan Thompson, Joanne Ballance, Lynne Ness.

• Congratulations to the students who competed in the 7th Annual Deans of Business Case Competition. Competing teams were all given the same assignment: come up with a business plan based on specific information provided about a fictional cabinet-making company. Each team had nine hours to finalize its plan and Power Point presentations while locked in a "war room" Friday, and each had to present to the judges Saturday morning. Thank you to the faculty advisors Charles Backman and Pat Coristine, and team members Chelsea Derksen, Nicole Ribnick, Melanie Williams. The GPRC Team was featured in the U of L Newspaper.

• Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Grande Prairie Campus Chili Cook Off. It was a good turnout and raised $100 for the Room of Plenty! This years’ winners were Megan Ryan-Walsh and Joanne Ballance.

• Thank you to the staff who volunteered their time and talents to the Grande Prairie Catholic School District in the Destination Imagination Tournament on March 17: Kat Ormay, Stacy Berg and Ken Housego presented the Dinosaur exhibit and exploration, a dramatic activity and an artistic workshop.

• Thank you to the following people for their assistance in another fantastic GPRC Fairview Campus Convocation: Shannon Ball, Karen Lazorko, Fran McGuire, Ellen Dalke, Sylvia Lucas, Lyla Helle, Patricia Woronuk, Kelly Rainer, Ann Gillett, Jennifer Simpkins, Peter Sellers, Jean Nordin, David Burgess, Alison Frixel, Shannon Glas, Carole Arkinstall, Cheryl Frank, Lisa Osterhold, Sue Sych, Marie Coristine, Mary Starnes, Don Watson, Larry McDonald, as well as the Campus Operations and Residence Crew: Patty Przybylski, Stephanie Long, Don Loxterkamp, Randall Gillett, Rod Arkinstall, Don Koyman, Derek Koyman, Lionel Marier, Ron Dennis, Bill Knudslien. Also, a huge thank you to the Instructors, Chairs, Deans, Board of Governors and Executive team who attended.

• Executive Team recognizes Jennifer Thomas, Craig Pfau, and Jason Fehr for the new app they developed for students to navigate the library. This application enables our students to use their mobile devices to access library services and resources.

• Congratulations to Weixing Tan who was nominated for an Alberta Emerald Award for his outstanding individual efforts regarding a multi-pronged research project in the advancement of Pollution to Products (P2P).