February 17, 2012

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Special Guests Visit Fairview Campus

Special guests from Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada were at Fairview Campus
last week! Karly Hunter, Retail Operations and Education, and Leanne Bell, Retail Operations - Merchandising, joined Marg McCuaig-Boyd to take the Introduction to Harley-Davidson® week-long training course taught by Wally Besler. ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

 Photo (left to right): Marg, Karly, Leanne & Wally.

Cabinet Tour 2012

GPRC Grande Prairie Campus hosted a visit of touring Cabinet Ministers on January 26th. The tour included a meeting with the Board of Governors followed by an open student forum in Pillars. The Honourable Frank Oberle, Minister of Sustainable Resource Development and the Honourable Greg Weadick, Minister of Advanced Education & Technology were in attendance to field questions from staff, faculty and students. They specifically wanted to hear the students’ views regarding education, health and wellness, finances, and social services.  Special guests were Mr. Wayne Drysdale, MLA for Grande Prairie-Wapiti, and Mr. Mel Knight, MLA for Grande Prairie-Smoky.

Amprobe Digital Multimeter Donation

Thanks to the generosity of Amprobe Test Tools of Everett, Washington, students in the GPRC Heavy Duty and Automotive programs will benefit from the donation of 10 Amprobe DM7C Digital Multimeters. Amprobe donated 5 meters to EVERY member in the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) – to the tune of $500,000! Both Richard Smith (on left) and Ryan Peterson are members of NACAT.

Wanting to share this generosity, the instructors contacted Earl Verbicky, Career and Technology Studies instructor at Fairview High School, and donated 2 of the 10 multi-meters to the high school shop program. ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

From left: Ryan Peterson, Earl Verbicky, Richard Smith.

Excellence in People

• Thank you to the Wolves Athletes, specifically the Men’s Basketball Team for making what is becoming an annual donation of toques and gloves to the Salvation Army for those in need. Coach Chris Nicol is proud of his team and their examples of service to others.

• Congratulations to Alison Frixel, Recreation Coordinator, for her work in raising the profile of the Fairview Campus Fitness Centre. Recently the Fitness Centre was featured in the Fairview Post with an article regarding the new fitness classes being offered and the Fitness Challenge.

• Congratulations to the GPRC Environment Committee. Recently it has been shown that environmental popups when documents are scheduled for printing have reduced the printing on campus by 76,803 sheets of paper. Not including the toner, the power for the printer itself, or the fuel required to get the paper here, the production of that paper would have:
* Produced 345,615 grams of Carbon Dioxide.
* Used energy equivalent 2.48 years of continuously running one 60W light bulb.
* Used 0.95 Trees

• Huge congratulations to Barb Ollenberger again this year, for being the FIRST to complete the LAPP (Local Authorities Pension Plan) Year-End Reconciliation out of ALL Alberta Local Authority employers. The staff at LAPP is awe-struck by Barb and her abilities! GPRC is used as an example at LAPP of excellent record keeping and submission.

• Thank you to Campus Operations for being so responsive so early this year and getting the parking lots sanded early in the morning. This is appreciated by all staff.

• Huge recognition to Ali Al-Asadi, for his commitment of time to prepare and involve students in the Peer Counselling program. Students dedicate a tremendous amount of time to be trained in counselling to help other students, and recognition of their learning will be placed on student transcripts.

• Thank you to all staff who have worked so hard to help transition the Edson, Hinton and Jasper GPRC Learning Centres by January 1, 2012.

• The Counsellors Update Conference held on campus was very successful. Thank you to Student Services and Megan Ryan-Walsh for their work on this initiative.

• Congratulations to the organizers of the GPRC Grande Prairie Campus Christmas Party: Kim Richardson, Allen McFarlane, Christine Gurlitz, Sarah Lamoureux, Teresa Klassen, Paula McGregor, Gaitane Gilje, Sheila Lock, Mona Grace, Erin Gonci, Sheila Moerkoert, Jean Nordin, Andrea Plumridge.

• Thank you to the Hospitality & Tourism Students for their involvement in the Henry Anderson Recognition event.

• Thank you to John Murray and Bob Howey and all the performers from the Department of Fine Arts for their numerous activities and concerts during the Christmas season that provided so much enjoyment and spirit in the community. Also thank you to the Fine Arts Department for providing complimentary tickets for the donors to attend the events.

• Congratulations to Wendy Morrow for publishing her book “Happy Hour”.

• Thank you to the United Way Organizing Committee: Patricia Woronuk, Carole Arkinstall, Don Watson, Sue Sych, Maureen Clark, Marian Mark, Natalie Amyotte, Tanya Ray, Catherine Dean, Marina Chondros, Jean Reston, Wanda Moen, Gaitane Gilje, Megan Blachford, Velda McKenzie-Deiderich, Angela Scriba, Wendy Emery, Heather Mathieson, Connie Korpan, Lori Fleming.

• Congratulations to Human Resources for implementing their student webpage for job postings.