September 14

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Welcome Back BBQ Fairview Campus

This year, the Welcome Back Barbecue held at Fairview Campus on August 26, topped off a week of interesting and varied Professional Development workshops. It was the perfect end to a great week. Hamburgers, smokies, salads and sweets were enjoyed by all who attended.

Chris Laue, Donald Parker, Mike Gamble, Wally Bessler and Richard Byam (right, foreground).

Fairview Campus Grounds Crew members (l-r): Nicole Fox, Carissa Sideroff, Tjeerdina Hiemstra, Stephanie Long, Samantha Salmond, Colton Heck

2011 Brick Awards

At this year's College BBQ on the Grande Prairie campus Bert Hunt reminded everyone how the Brick Awards originated, quoting Jill Thomson who was part of the original Brick committee. “The first bricks went to some of those persistent, dedicated faculty/staff who consistently stepped up to move GPRC forward in the community and as a College. The Bricks were our way of telling our colleagues that we noticed their efforts and appreciated the challenges they faced. At the time, it was our way of reminding administration that the foundation of the college was its staff.  Today, the motivation is changing as the creative energy of dedicated staff is being recognized. Now we tend to look for staff who demonstrate loyalty and faithfulness to the organization.”

Chris Boivin presents Nancy Campbell with her "Heart & Soul" Brick Award.

Cheryl Head receives the "Focus" Brick Award.

Barb Ollenberger received the "Money Honey" Brick Award.

The "Above & Beyond" Brick Award was given to Sharron Barr.

Recent retiree and long time employee of GPRC, Jerry Petryshyn, received the coveted "Dinosaur" Award.

Summer Palaeontology Events at GPRC

GPRC hosted and facilitated another busy summer of palaeontology activities.
Work continued in the field with more exploration and excavation along the Red Willow and Wapiti Rivers. The Wapiti River bonebed offered new material including skulls to be described and studied. The work was a collaborative effort between GPRC, the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto/Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Bologna plus students / volunteers from other parts of the Globe!

Visiting scientists and graduate students offered a series of nine presentations to the interested public in July and August. Each of the five evenings attracted about 50 eager amateur palaeontologists who listened to talks detailing Antarctic Dinosaurs, a Sudanese Expedition, Spanish Dinosaurs who stopped a train, a story of Mongolian expeditions, Ice Age animals and a variety of other topics. Our guest speakers were:

• Dr David Evans (Royal Ontario Museum)
• Dr Philip Currie and Dr Eva Koppelhus (University of Alberta)
• Sara Elshafie (University of Chicago)
• Angelica Torices (University of Alberta / Complutense University of Madrid)
• Collin VanBuren (University of Toronto / Western Illinois University)
• Michael Burns (University of Alberta)
• Victoria Arbour (University of Alberta)
• Clive Coy (University of Alberta)
• Dr Christopher Jass (Royal Alberta Museum)

Dr. Chris Jass shares his expertise on a fossil

Special guest appearance was made by “Hugo”, a dinosaur skull that was collected from the Wapiti River bonebed, prepared at the University of Alberta and is now awaiting scientific study and description. Thank you to Chris Boivin for the display opportunity at the Bookstore.

Some of the fossils from our GPRC Educational Collection are also on the move. They are being prepared to be loaned to Peace Country Regional Museums so they can continue their task of educating the public and generating enthusiasm towards palaeontology.

Fossils being selected to enhance the display at the Spirit River Museum

The Science Wing was busy with our Dinosaur Camps. We had close to 100% enrollment in each of the five, weeklong educational and fun dinosaur experiences. 65 campers enjoyed field trips, making casts, learning about footprints, designing posters and presentations, lead by Robin Sissons, Palaeontology Education Liaison and Sharon Lappenbush, camp leader. A parent comment summarizes the experience: “My child had an awesome time, money and time well spent! THANK YOU. I would love this program to be done year after year! I would return and recommend!”  ~ Submitted by Katalin Ormay, Palaeontology Program Manager, photos by Katalin Ormay-

Our Dinosaur Camps were very popular this summer

GPRC Recycling Update

One day you see it – next you don’t! The traditional garbage cans lined with a black plastic bag are gradually being removed from offices and classrooms around GPRC, and replaced with a small garbage bin attached to a blue recycling box.

The GPRC Carbon Neutral by 2020 initiative has included this new disposal system to help encourage us all to think about the garbage we create each day – and to change our habits to reduce waste and recycle whatever possible. Paper, plastic, tin and drink containers should be collected in your blue bin. Food waste, tissues and other garbage may be placed in your black bin, which is emptied and sanitized at every visit from custodial staff.

When your blue bin is full, simply pay a visit to the nearest recycling station and empty it into the appropriate bins. For bin locations, visit and click on “Recycling info.”

Between 2008 and 2010, waste disposed by GPRC was reduced by more than half, simply by increasing our awareness. Together we can make a difference!