June 9, 2011

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College Classic Sets Record

"Wow, I still cannot believe it snowed on Friday for the College Classic.  I think that is some sort of new record!"  ~ Amanda Cyr, GPRC Special Events Coordinator

GPRC held its 24th College Classic Golf Tournament on Friday, June 3rd.  The forecast for that particular day was unseasonably low, with temperatures dipping to 5 degrees celsius and rain.  Almost everyone came prepared to deal with this strange weather pattern whether it be by layering, blankets, hats and gloves, but not many were armed with toques, winter boots and down jackets. Everyone experienced a wide range of weather conditions from drizzle to rain to sleet, back to rain, and eventually snow!

Despite the unusual weather though, smiles were abundant and many laughs were had by both volunteers and golfers alike.  Another "classic" College Classic for the memory books.

GPRC Volunteers: Bernice Ouellette & Paula McGregor, Velda McKenzie-Diederich, Noreen Laverick, Barb Johnston

Farley was dressed appropriately for the weather!           Don Gnatiuk & Deena Honan hole spotting.

Snow carts?                                                           Are those greens or whites?

Cookie greeters on hole #1                                                                     GPG&CC Manager Bob Martens

Don Hunt & GPRC VP Administration, Laurie Sutherland

~ Watch for many more College Classic photos coming soon to the GPRC website!

GPRC Recycling Update

One day you see it – next you don’t! The traditional garbage cans lined with a black plastic bag are gradually being removed from offices and classrooms around GPRC, and replaced with a small garbage bin attached to a blue recycling box.

The GPRC Carbon Neutral by 2020 initiative has included this new disposal system to help encourage us all to think about the garbage we create each day – and to change our habits to reduce waste and recycle whatever possible. Paper, plastic, tin and drink containers should be collected in your blue bin. Food waste, tissues and other garbage may be placed in your black bin, which is emptied and sanitized at every visit from custodial staff.

When your blue bin is full, simply pay a visit to the nearest recycling station and empty it into the appropriate bins. For bin locations, visit www.gprc.ab.ca/green and click on “Recycling info.”

Between 2008 and 2010, waste disposed by GPRC was reduced by more than half, simply by increasing our awareness. Together we can make a difference!

Material 2008 2009 2010
Waste 13.175 9.975 6.51
Cardboard 0.4 1.27 0.55
Paper 0.0 0.0 5.107
Tin & Plastic 0.0 0.0 0.06

Parts Tech Training in Grande Prairie

We would like to thank the many people who have helped to make the first intake of Parts Technician training in Grande Prairie a resounding success. There will likely be some who we may neglect to mention and please accept our apologies if we miss you. Those who we must acknowledge are: (in no particular order) Giselle Dinelle for your assistance for anything we needed; Charles Sanderson for being so welcoming and helpful in getting us going; EJ Rudiger for getting us the classroom; Chris Fentie for providing the assistance you always provide, but from a distance; Megan Ryan-Walsh and Susan Bansgrove for including the class in day one orientation; registration staff for your help in getting student ID’s; Dave Hiebert, Chris Laue, Marg McCuaig-Boyd for taking time to welcome the class to GPRC; GP Residence staff for making three students and one instructor comfortable; and all the people (too numerous to mention) that we shared space with in E401.

The list of people is endless if we try to include all who we met and talked to in passing and in casual conversations. Everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming to both the instructors and students which has provided an excellent learning environment and gives the students every opportunity to be successful.

The experience in providing trades training in Grande Prairie (and outside of the Trades and Technologies building as we were in A307) has been very positive and shows that GPRC can fill a need for training wherever it's best suited. The student response has been fantastic and they appreciated the welcome they received. When our students enjoy the experience at GPRC and are successful, we have done our job, and so many people have contributed to a very positive experience.  Thank you all.

~ Brian Carreau and Craig Rode
Parts Technician Instructors