May 26, 2011

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GPRC Distinguished Employee Awards 2011

Distinguished Employees 2011 Bob Walsh and Dwayne Head

The GPRC Distinguished Employee award has been presented annually since 2004, and honours an employee who exemplifies the core values of the College:
Student-Centred, Accountability, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Passion.

Nominations are invited from the College community, and reviewed by the selection committee. The Fairview selection committee was composed of: Don Gnatiuk, Karen Scribner, Dianne Bedford, and Gavin Winter and Marg McCuaig-Boyd.

The nominees for the 2011 Distinguished Employee Award, Fairview Campus, were:
Carole Arkinstall – Human Resources
Chris Craig – Financial Services
Trisha Holubowich – Animal Health Technician
Gord Ivey – Community Relations
Bill Knudslein – Facilities Operations, and
Bob Walsh – Welding Instructor

Congratulations Bob Walsh!
Bob is a 30-year instructor at GPRC Fairview Campus, and is known for being a “quiet doer” – accomplishing what needs to be done without complaint or fanfare. Bob stands up for what he believes in, and always has time to help a student or co-worker – not because it is his job, but because he cares. Bob is truly student-centred, and represents the core values of GPRC in all that he does.

The Grande Prairie selection committee was composed of: Don Gnatiuk, Karen Scribner, Shawnna McClelland and Laurie Nock.

The nominees for the 2011 Distinguished Employee Award, Grande Prairie Campus, were:
Carla Basarab – Financial Aid Coordinator, Student Services
Tina Haayer – Instructor, Nursing Education and Health Studies
Dwayne Head – Manager of Fitness Facilities, Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology
Esther Heggelund – Registration and Records Assistant, Student Services
Ken Housego – Instructor, Fine Arts
Marian Mark – Human Resources Advisor, Human Resources
Eden Murray-Black – e-Resources Library Technician, Library
Cal Noskey – Courier, Campus Operations
Joanne Porta – Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts
Jean Reston – Instructor, Arts and Education
Weixing Tan – Instructor, Science and Researcher, Centre for Research and Innovation
Grace Walton – Instructional Assistant, Office Administration

Congratulations Dwayne Head!
Dwayne is a long-term employee, who is known for his cool head and calm demeanor, and for being someone who always stays positive, with a great attitude. Dwayne leads by example, and is known for his willingness pitch in whenever needed to meet the needs of the diverse users of GPRC Fitness Facilities. Dwayne always finds a way to do what needs to be done – with a smile, and with a passion for GPRC!

GPRC Fairvew Campus Convocation

The GPRC Fairview Campus student procession marched into the Speckeen Theatre to the very appropriate lyrics of “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. It was fair to say that all those present echoed the sentiments of wishing the best for the convocants as their journey continues.

With the convocants seated on the stage and the intimacy of the ceremony, the focus was definitely on these 69 students, some from as far away as Victoria, BC and Charlottetown, PEI. Family, friends, instructors, staff and dignitaries travelled to observe this milestone occasion.   As the each student crossed the stage, their instructors were there giving congratulations and hugs. ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

Salutarian Landon Schmidt from the General Mechanic program provided greetings from the Class of 2011 and kept the audience laughing as he relayed comical moments from the past year on campus.

Christie Janak, Transitional Vocational program, receiving congratulations from her instructors.

Thank You Service Plus!

On May 12th, three representatives from Service Plus Inns & Suites paid a visit to GPRC and showed their continued support of our students and programs by donating in the amount of $14,000. 

Left to right are: Ken Loudon, Director of Sales, Courtney Clark, Sales & Marketing, and Sheena Rasmussen, General Manager.  Accepting the donation on behalf of GPRC are Don Gnatiuk and Carmen Haakstad.

Theatre Traffic

The Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre is a hub of activity year round.  It is an invaluable asset to the College community for a variety of reasons.  It provides GPRC with a beautiful, professionally run venue for many purposes including Fine Arts recitals, concerts and drama performances, guest speaker presentations, and
presidential addresses,  just to name a few.  The Theatre is also accessed by a number of user groups and community organizations whether it be comedy tours, pop/rock/country/folk concerts, or film festivals.

Shortly after classes and final exams end in April, the EnCana Music Festival and dance recital season begins.  During this time, the Theatre and Events staff put in long hours of hosting, ushering, producing, lighting, and managing visitors and performers alike.   In April and May alone, the Theatre staff played host to over 22,000 people and the halls were alive with dancers, parents, grandparents and community members. Kudos to Theatre & Events staff who regularly accommodate these busy times: Robert Cole, Michelle McNeil, Richard Lehman and John Rowe.

Music Festival volunteers

Being a Good Neighbour

During the school year, the GPRC Animal Health Technology students and staff work closely with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) facility in High Prairie (formerly Prairie Animal Rescue Society). Many of the dogs from SCARS get their vet checkups, needed medical attention and basic obedience training while they are here to support the AHT program. Before the fires in the Slave Lake area, these dogs had all gone back to SCARS rescue facility in High Prairie so they could be adopted out. The fire put a big wrench in that plan. GPRC contacted SCARS and arranged for the dogs to return to Fairview Campus. This allowed 6 very large pens to be freed up for animals displaced by the fires.

On May 18th, Trisha Holubowich, Dr. Ursula Jedra, Rhonda Shaw and Lin Roy travelled to High Prairie and picked up 12 dogs (10 of them had been at the campus previously). And then the real work began!  All 12 of them need daily and sometimes twice a day walks, play time in the outdoor run, feeding and grooming, not to mention the kennels and runs need to be cleaned daily. Without any students to do this work, it falls on the staff (those mentioned above plus Dr. Susan Klassen and Katey Johnston) to do the work. It is work they really love and it shows in the way they work with the dogs. They call them by name and know each one’s little quirks.
Lin Roy, Program Assistant, with Kioti & Katey                      Katey Johnston with Billy Martin
Johnston, Lab Technician, with Lily

Dr. Ursula Jedra, Instructor, with Pinky                 Lin Roy with Darby

If the dogs could talk, they would say to the AHT staff “thank you for taking such good care of us!”

Bongo                                                                       Justice

Keep in mind that all these dogs (and more) are looking for new homes.  For information on adopting any of the dogs, please visit the SCARS website:  ~ Submitted by Cheryl Frank

Excellence in People

At the May 2011 Board of Governors meeting, the following recognition was presented by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team:

• Congratulations to the recipient of the Students’ Association 2010-2011 Excellence in Teaching Award as nominated by the students, Louise Rawluk; and the Most Student-Centered Staff Award selected by the SA Executive, Michael Lummerding.

• A huge thank you to all of the staff and faculty who volunteered their time and made the Grande Prairie Campus convocation on May 7th the success that it was!  A special thanks to Shawnna McClelland, Robert Cole, Brian Parlee, Suzanne Dunn and Cal Noskey.

• Appreciation is extended to everyone that helped with the Tradeswork for Women project. The participants were very impressed with both the Grande Prairie and Fairview campuses, the staff and instructors. They were also pleased to have been able to sit in on classes and labs, and feel like one of the students.

• Congratulations to Les Rawluk on his 3-year appointment as Chair of Science commencing August 15, 2011.

• Congratulations to Jennifer Thomas on her 3-year appointment as Chair in the Library effective August 15, 2011.

• Congratulations to Robert Walsh, Instructor in Welding and CTO Instrumentation Programs, for being this year’s recipient of the Fairview Campus Distinguished Employee Award.

• Congratulations to Dwayne Head, Manager of GPRC Fitness Facilities, for being this year’s recipient of the Grande Prairie Campus Distinguished Employee Award.

• Congratulations Chelsey Boyne, recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal. There were eight Alberta high school students selected from a pool of 160 from this year’s Premier’s Council recipients, of which Lindsey Heinricks was also in the running. Chelsey and Lindsey are both going into the second year of Hospitality and Tourism.

• Thank you to the coordinators of the Grande Prairie Campus Employee Recognition ceremony: Tracy McLennan, Natalie Amyotte, Karen Gerwatoski-Maddigan, Karen Scribner, Marian Mark, Marina Chondros, Terri Lynn Laffin, Lynne Ness, Susan Thompson, Hazel Liley.

• Thank you to the coordinators of the Fairview Campus Employee Recognition ceremony: Don Watson, Carole Arkinstall, Cheryl Frank, Tracy McLennan, Sue Sych, Lynne Ness, Patricia Woronuk. Thank you to Karen Scribner and Marg McCuaig-Boyd for emceeing the event.

• Thank you to the staff who assisted with the 2 tours of Fairview Campus led by Recruiter, Gord Ivey on May 5th and 6th. Staff from the Academic Upgrading Department from Grande Prairie,the teachers, chaperones, counselors, and bus drivers were tremendously impressed with the Campus, the enthusiasm and personal touch demonstrated by all the instructors and other Campus staff that they were in contact with.

• Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers below who assisted in the very successful Trades & Technology RAP Camp on May 5 and 6th. 18 schools with 212 students from grades 9 – 12 registered for this year’s trades camp. Some schools traveled from as far away as La Crete and Fort Vermilion. School counselors and supervisors were equally impressed, commenting that it was very educational and great with the hands on experience for the students:
Marg McCuaig-Boyd, Rik Vandekerkhove, Dianne Lund, Gord Ivey, Ryan Peterson, Trisha Holubowich, Wendy Cane, Dr. Ursula Jedra, Katey Johnston, Dr. Susan Klassen, Lin Roy, Rhonda Shaw, Bob Shmyruk, Tony Shmyruk, Harry Frykas, Dan Parks, Wally Besler, Bill Antonello, Carl Ball, Peter Sellers, Gary Thompson, Michael Rainville, Stewart Primrose, Rob Young, Gavin Winters, Michael Rainville, Ken Rueckert, Russ Minami, Craig French, Dan McRann, Bear Moffatt, Les Ashton, Brian Carreau, Brett Dillman, Brent Boutilier, Cheryl Frank, Bev Candy, Patricia Woronuk, Jeremy Peters, Marie Coristine, Residence House Keeping Staff, Karen Lazarko, Alison Frixel, Rose Murphy, Julie Byrne, Larry McDonald, David Burgess, Instructional Support Staff, Sue Sych, Security Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Fairview Recreation Staff, Accounts Office, Rob Wiebe, Martin Larsen, Dave Hiebert, Garry Candy, Sandy Rendle, Dave Long, Pete Dechant, Tim Brodhagen, and Cafeteria Staff: Roberta Reyda, Dianne Sawchuk, Gloria Ellis, Stephanie Olsen, and Bonnie Loxterkamp

• Thank you to Trisha Holubowich, Animal Health Technology Chair, for the extra time committed, with little notice, to support the needs of the displaced animals as a result of the fires in Slave Lake.

• Thank you to GPRC’s Elder in Residence Miriam Youngchief, for offering Seminars in Aboriginal Awareness. Miriam has been providing guidance to the youth of the community and the GPRC community since she arrived on GP campus in September 2010.

• Thank you to the following staff that worked to implement the Absence Reporting System: Jordan Pickup, Karen Gerwatoski-Maddigan, Barb Ollenberger, Carol Arkinstall. It has had very positive impacts on efficiencies in the Human Resources Department.

• Congratulations to Nursing Faculty member Raelynn Shaughnessy who recently won the Betty Ford Professionals in Residence Award. She has been selected to receive an all expenses paid one week educational experience at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California learning about treatment of people and families with addictions.

• Special recognition to Margaret Bowes and the numerous volunteers of the Encana Grande Prairie and District Music Festival who go out of their way every year to thank the staff at the College that make the Festival a success. The list of individuals recognized by Margaret are: Hazel Liley, Community Relations; Jamie Alaimoana, Campus Operations; Robert Howey and Geoff Whittal, Fine Arts; Robert Cole, Theatre & Media Services; Amy Johnston, Bookings; Fay Bredeson, Conservatory.

Thank you to the team of volunteer mechanics at the Fairview Campus who went beyond the call of duty to help seven commuters get their bikes into a roadworthy state at the Second Annual Commuter Bike ClinicAnnike Watts, Jeremy Peters, Dave Hiebert, and Fred Walkley.