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Les MisÚrables

Performed in front of a packed house, the final show of Les Misérables was held in the Douglas J Cardinal Performing Arts Centre last Saturday, February 21. GPRC collaborated with GPLT to host the play, which ran from February 5 - 21, and can boast sell-out crowds for 3 evenings of the run! This is the third time GPRC has teamed up with GPLT to bring great shows to Grande Prairie, and the community involvement, as usual, was phenomenal! Approximately 4180 people from our region attended the show, while over 120 volunteers, cast and band members were involved in the production. We look forward to joining forces with GPLT on many more productions in the future!

Love The Freedom To Read!

GPRC Fairview Library Assistant, Erika Thompson, stands beside the Freedom To Read Week display at the Fairview Campus Library.

Freedom to Read week is a national event, held annually in the month of February in support of freedom of expression within literary works. This year it falls from Feb 22 - 28, and in its honor, Erika Thompson, Library Assistant - Acquisitions, has set up a special display in the Fairview Campus Library. This is a great way of spreading the word, raising awareness, and celebrating the freedom that comes with reading. 

The display contains a selection of books that are considered “banned” and are available in our GPRC Library. Some example of these are To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, My Sisters Keeper, Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, Black Beauty and many more.  Erika has also posted some of the inspirational quotes from these books above the display. Her favorite is from Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird; "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing."

Our Grande Prairie Campus celebrated Freedom to Read week on Wednesday, Feb 25, with scheduled readings from books that have been challenged. Over the course of the day, staff and faculty read passages from different books, and then discussed the issues surrounding the publication. Thanks to Stephen Guy, Katalin Ormay, Daryl White, Duff Crerar and Anna Lapointe for taking time to read to staff and students. 

Freedomtoread.ca states, “Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”  

~ Submitted by Patricia Woronuk

Sharing The Power!

For two weeks this month, 4th Class Power Engineering students from GPRC Grande Prairie, will be on campus at GPRC Fairview, taking part in exercises in the boiler/steam lab. The students will stay in the dorms, from February 17-27th, 2015, allowing them to get "steam-time" that they can't get in Grande Prairie. 

This cross-campus collaboration gives the students hands-on experience, directly related to industrial and institutional processes and process equipment. The students with have the opportunity to start up, operate and shut down power boilers in a laboratory environment. They will monitor processes and make adjustments to meet operating parameters, while under the guidance of experienced Power Engineer Instructors. Together, this team of instructors are responsible for creating course activities, that help each student gain the understanding of all concepts related to the Power Engineering field. Paramount to this are the importance of safety and continual comprehensive review of the processes.

~ Submitted by Stacey Basnett

Visiting From Mexico!

Dr. Carlos Castillo, Tania Ambario, Tanya Makita and Dr. Bruce Rutley. Tanya and Tania are visiting students from Mexico who will be working at the NBDC-TAC, carrying out a Business Case Study from March until July.

Wolves Give Back

Kaitlyn Cordingley, Amy Norman and Jordan Drezet give a cheque for $610 to the Canadian Cancer Society representatives Angie Dauncey and Jacklin Olsen. Funds were raised during the Wolves Pink Weekend.

It's All In The Science!

T.A. Norris Middle School and Glenmary School of the Peace River School Division, teamed up to host an annual science fair. The day-long fair, held on February 11, was set up in the gymnasiums of both schools. The projects were generally whatever the students were interested in, and approximately 500 students participated in about 250 projects. 

GPRC Science Chair/Instructor Dr. Les Rawluk, was invited by former GPRC student and now middle school teacher Byron Schamehorn, to present at the fair. As his specialty is chemistry, Rawluk brought Physics Lab Tech, Sunil Kunjachan along to showcase the physics side of science. Dr. Rawluk intrigued students with chemistry demonstrations in endo & exothermic reactions (gummy bear rocket), the dehydration of sugar using sulfuric acid, the clock reaction where a solution changes between being colourless and blue every 15 seconds, and more! Mr. Kunjachan caught the interest of attendees by presenting on beat frequency, the Tesla coil, and Jacob's Ladder among other topics.

Dr. Rawluk says the event was "well attended by enthusiastic students and a very energetic crowd".

Winners of the science fair will go on to represent their respective schools at the Peace Country Regional Science Fair March 26 - 27, 2015 at the Belle Petroleum Centre in Peace River. The Canada-wide Youth Science Fair will take place in Fredericton, NB in May.

Do You Know About Permaculture?

IVCF Shares The Love!

Sheryl Braim, Marina Newnham and Kyle Driedger of the IVCF pass out coffee and cinnamon rolls to those who walked by their table.

Friday the 13th is a notoriously ominous date on the calendar. This year, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) at GPRC sought to change that perception and share a little early Valentine's day indulgence at the same time.  IVCF members Sheryl Braim, Marina Newnham and Kyle Driedger took the morning to offer free coffee and cinnamon rolls to all who passed by their table. Starbucks donated coffee for the cause, while the Fellowship purchased other coffee, and the cinnamon rolls.  

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been part of GPRC for the past few years, and currently has 14 members, who are students from all backgrounds. The group seeks fellowship, growth and friendship, through weekly bible studies which take place in room B201 each Wednesday from 11:30am - 12:45pm. 

Vroom Vroom!

GPRC Drama Students Present World Premiere

GPRC students will be experiencing a rare opportunity next week.  They are honoured to be producing the world premiere of an award-winning Alberta play, Last Chance Leduc by Katherine Koller.

Koller’s play is the winner of the 2013 Alberta Playwriting Competition, and is set at the time of the Leduc #1 oil strike, an event which changed the province of Alberta and its future. The participation of several members of the community, including some of the cast of The Century Play produced last summer, is also enriching the experience for students.

“One of the special features of this play is its use of Balinese Shadow Theatre,” says Annie Smith, GPRC drama instructor and director.  “This ancient form of theatre is haunting and spectacular.”

The play is set on the site of Leduc #1 oil well, the surrounding bush, and rural Saskatchewan.  The pivotal characters are a young couple struggling to keep their relationship going while dealing with the stress of waiting for a strike.  As the pressure of the well mounts, so does the pressure within their marriage.

“This is an important play, since we live with the outcomes of that famous event today,” Smith says.  “Whether you work in ‘the patch’ or not, it is a reality that impacts all our lives.” 

GPRC drama students present Katherine Koller’s award winning play, Last Chance Leduc, March 5 to 14, in the Black Box Theatre, room L104 at the College.  Tickets available at the door.

~ Newsrelease by Lynne Ness

She's A Pro!

Recently our CRI's New Media Lead, Heather Mathieson undertook training to receive the Sprott School of Business' Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing. The program, which takes place over six days, is "uniquely designed to equip participants with the information, tools and solutions necessary to skillfully and mindfully navigate their way through the fascinating and complex world of marketing."
~ Submitted by Bruce Rutley, excerpts taken from Sprott School of Business webpage

Excellence In People

At each monthly Board of Governors meeting, staff and faculty recognitions are presented to the Board by Don Gnatiuk on behalf of the Executive Team.

• Thank you and appreciation, extended to Angela Logan and Karsten Henrikson for their efforts and commitment in the transformation of Continuing Education practices to satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of the Auditor General during the recent examination of GPRC’s non-credit programs.

• Congratulations to CRI's Heather Mathieson, for completing her Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing through the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. 

• Congratulations to Ali Al-Asadi who was honoured with a 2015 Passionate Hearts Exceptional Service Award. The Passionate Hearts Awards celebrate local social service workers who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to help their clients.