“Take a Hike”… (With a Friend)

“Take a Hike”… (With a Friend)

Live life to the fullest. That’s my life motto. Try EVERYTHING. When I was young, I wanted to play every sport because I wanted every experience, I quickly found out that that was impossible, but it doesn’t stop me from being friends with everyone.

Well, that’s also impossible. But I do try to talk to, encourage, and listen to every individual I come across, and I know that’s possible.

Here’s the thing: college is difficult – heck life is difficult – but people and friends make it easier.

If you can find the people that build you up and encourage you, life’s journey isn’t so difficult. Find these people, but also be this person. That’s where intentional relationships come in. I don’t mean romantic relationships, I mean support groups – people who deeply know you and who you deeply know.

Yes, I know, making friends and maintaining friendships is hard and challenging.

But the benefit of two (plus) people building into each other is massive. When you think back on concerts you’ve been to, how hard it was to get your degree, you first job, you’ve done them all with people. My fondest memories are with people. The thing that gives concerts and degrees and sports so much meaning is the people involved in them.

Yes, you should be proud of the things you accomplish in life! Use positive self-talk to build yourself up! But walking a path bent only on looking at books, grades, or winning a sport game – is meaningless without intentional relationships. What do you achieve by getting a degree? A job sure, but when you have five plus years of experience no one cares about your degree anymore, they care about your job experience. So then what have you achieved?

My point is – We are never meant to walk in solitude.

We always need people. We should always be searching for those around us. We should always be building people up and encouraging them to do their best. Isn’t that what you want?

When I am struggling and someone brings me a snack or a coffee, it tells me that they see what I’m going through and say, “I see your struggle, and I want to encourage you to keep going”. This is being intentional. Look for the needs of others and fill them in some way. If someone is lonely it could as simple as having a conversation and asking about classes, family, work, or hobbies.

Life and College are already difficult. We need to surround ourselves with individuals that aren’t scared to love and kind. Be that person.

Today I challenge you to do something intentional for someone else. Find out a struggle one of your classmates, co-workers, or siblings is having and do something about it. Make them feel seen and heard. In doing so, maybe the consequences of loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear and suicide wouldn’t be so severe.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Christina Shantz.

Thank You, Servus Credit Union!

Thank You, Servus Credit Union!

Servus Credit Union recently gave a $50,000 donation in support of student awards at GPRC.

Dara Campbell, Servus Credit Union, Regional Manager Business Banking (middle) presenting a $50,000 donation to Carmen Haakstad, Vice-President External Relations (left) and Jennifer Robertson from GPRC Student Services (right).

The funds donated established an endowment for student awards in perpetuity.

Servus Credit Union used to serve regional learners through a Servus Scholarship program, but have recently decided that its support is better served through the creation of endowments.

“The contribution is self-sustaining and therefore will continue to support students for many years in the future,” says Dara Campbell, Servus Credit Union, Regional Manager Business Banking. “An endowment supports GPRC and its foundation at the same time as supporting its student body.  It also makes it easier for students to know about scholarships and bursaries available to them through working directly with Student Services.”

Servus has been pleased to work with GPRC to address the specific needs for the College’s students and GPRC is very appreciative of the work Servus has done.

Thanks to this donation, eligible students will have another possible bursary to apply for to lessen the burden of post-secondary education costs.

 Specifics about this Bursary: 

  • Recipient must be a full time student and have been an Alberta Resident for the past five years.
  • Recipient must demonstrate need (see next point) but also maintain a satisfactory Grade Point Average.
  • Recipient will have submitted a statement showing initiative to overcome financial, social or cultural challenges in order to attend post secondary education.

Servus Credit Union currently has endowments in post secondaries in the following locations:  Edmonton, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge.  It currently fund over $16,000 in annual scholarships and bursaries each year and will continue to select one college or university per year in locales where they do business to establish a new endowment for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Servus Credit Union for your generous donation and for your support of our region’s learners for years to come.

Academic Bootcamps

Academic Bootcamps

Be proactive about your learning and get a head start in 2017 by attending Academic Bootcamps with GPRC’s Academic Success Centre.

GPRC Library

Our Bootcamps will be hosted between August 30 and September 1. Not only you can learn more about services at GPRC, write your paper, manage your time efficiently and prepare for exams, but also you will be entered into a draw for one of the two 100$ Gift Card to the Bookstore!! Yes, that is right, you can get 100$ off your books. Do not miss this opportunity and register online or visit us in person.

To learn more about our bootcamps go to http://libguides.gprc.ab.ca/abc or visit our new Website.

GPRC – Red, Black and Rainbow

GPRC – Red, Black and Rainbow

It is Pride Week in Grande Prairie and this year, GPRC is proud to be joining in again on the celebration of diversity and inclusion for all members of the community.

GPRC VP Academics and Research, Susan Bansgrove.

“GPRC is honoured to host Grande Prairie Pride Society (GPPS) events on campus during the 2017 Pride Week,” says Susan Bansgrove, GPRC Vice President Academics and Research. “Respect is an integral part of our Values at the college and we see the vital importance in celebrating the diversity of people, ideas and culture in our community. It is so important to build our GPRC community to be one that is inclusive and welcoming.”

As the driving force behind the second annual Pride Week in the city, the GPPS is Grande Prairie’s primary source for LGBTQ community. Their mission is to create safe and inclusive spaces for self-expression while promoting equality and celebrating the diversity of the city’s LGBTQ community and its allies.

“Every person no matter their sexual identity has the right to be accepted,” continues Bansgrove. “Our goal at GPRC is to always act in inclusion through education, participation and understanding.”

Pride Week kicked off on Monday, June 19 and will continue in Saturday, June 24. Check out what celebrations and events are happening in and around the community and on our GPRC campus here.

Happy Pride Week Grande Prairie!

Learn more about GPRC’s Vision, Mission and Values.


The Academy Dare to Scare

The Academy Dare to Scare

Students helping students.


The Academy, which includes children ranging from grades 4-12 from different schools; 4-8 Alexander Forbes, 4-8 Ecole Montrose, 9-12 Charles Spencer began to donate to GPRC Room O’ Plenty 3 years ago.

A week before Halloween, students go out with flyers and inform people they will be coming by on Halloween to collect food. This year there was approximately 100 students plus their parents and staff volunteers who went out and collected food.

This year, 2,240 lbs of non-perishable food was donated this year to GPRC Room O’ Plenty from Dare to Scare, The Academy. The biggest year yet!



Thank you to the students of The Academy for their time, support and passion to this cause. It’s greatly appreciated, and we’re so excited for next year.

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