A Summer to Remember

A Summer to Remember

Most of us can think back to a favourite memory, often from childhood, that brings us great joy.  We remember this as a fond but distant memory.  Often, we look refer to it as the “good ole days”.
As I have gotten older and fun activities have had to be put on hold often due to money and other commitments, you find yourself trying to figure out when it all changed.  My favourite memories are of camping in the summer, especially as a child at Spring Lake just outside Hythe and LaGlace.  It was a “simpler” time in my thought as a kid.  Another favourite summer memory is when I was 14 and I lived the summer here in Grande Prairie with my grandmother, I had since moved to Kamloops with my family, but Grande Prairie has always been home to me.  That summer I volunteered, made friends that I still have today and simply just had a relaxing enjoyable summer that I could just take it all in.  The trip up to Grande Prairie was with one of my mom’s childhood best friends and we took the road from Kamloops to Dawson through the Pine Pass; it was the first time I had ever been that way and I have only been that way one other time since then.   My next favourite summer memory was that of the last camping trip I took to Spring Lake. I spent the time with my children and took memorable pictures of my favourite childhood camping place.

Heather’s daughter camping that summer.

That was the last time I went to Spring Lake. That year the ownership had changed and there were to be a lot of changes and I could not bear that it would not be the same for my children.  I wanted to remember it the way it was in a “simpler” time.  A time where kids ran and parents did not worry as much. Catching the abundant of frogs that no longer infest those waters.  Campfire cooked meals, smores, or just burnt marshmallows.  Those were the days…

As we become adults, we realize these were not necessarily “simpler” times. They are not free. Parents have to work to make these vacations happen and it becomes a lot of work to balance paying bills and vacations. Even a “simple” camping trip seems to run a few hundred dollars after paying for wood, and the campsite.  Not to mention if you did not have the gear or a camper. As I think about this I realize my kids have similar memories of “simpler” times in their minds, but now as an adult, I realize they are not necessarily simpler, but it is these cherished memories we carry with us and I realize that is all that matters.  It’s not about trying to keep that feeling you had during those favourite summers but rather creating new ones and enjoying them for what they are and not looking back to recreate it.  My goal for the next couple of years is to find the “simple” moments and enjoy them for what they are.

Let go of the past and recall the memories for what they are; fond, happy, joyful, simple…

What is your favourite summer memory?


Submitted by Student Ambassador, Heather Crichton. 

Leading the Pack this Summer

Leading the Pack this Summer

Steve Sir to Lead Guest Coach Line Up at 2018 Elite Basketball Camp

Photo credit to the 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Cup.

GPRC Wolves are pleased to welcome Steve Sir back to the Sport Camp program as a lead guest coach for the Basketball Elite Camp being held August 17-19, 2018.

Steve who represented Canada at the 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Cup held in the Philippines earlier this month, is a three-point specialist who holds the NCAA record for three-point field goal percentage. He led Team Canada in points, putting him firmly in the top ten scorers at the tournament.

On why sports camps are so important Steve says that “Some of my best memories with basketball are attending the basketball camps I went to growing up. Camps provide the chance to improve our individual skill level for our club or school teams, having a fun basketball experience in the summer and interacting with other athletes that potentially share the same passion for the game.”

Click here for last year’s Q&A with Steve.

Photo credit to the 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Cup.

We are so pleased that Steve is joining us again this year says Mandy Botham, GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball Head Coach, he is admired by the athletes in our community, and we are honoured to have him share his skills and experiences with us.

The 2018 Basketball Elite Camp which sold out last year because of limited availability, promises to be as exciting. Along with Steve, we have a skilled lineup of coaches and mentors. Mental Performance Consultant, Matt Bain will kick off the camp on Saturday with a team session followed by on-court instruction on how to transfer learned mental skills to shooting success.

Strength and Conditioning Coach, James Phillips will spend time with the athletes conducting a basketball specific dynamic warm-up, movement prep, and strength and conditioning workout on-court. He will also speak about the training and guidance that Wolves teams receive, while touring the athletes through our High-Performance Training Centre. The athletes will also receive information on how to assess their skill level including pointers on how to improve and what to strive for to compete at a higher level.

From Wolves Basketball, Women’s Head Coach Mandy Botham, along with Assistant Coach Karli Munro and athletes Britney Peters and Derian Geddes will lend their skills and teach athletes systems and how to play the Wolves way. Men’s Head Coach Evan Lloyd will also be on hand to assist on skill development.

For more information on the Basketball Elite Camp, and to register, please visit gprc.me/summercamps

Photo credit to the 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Cup.
O’Hallahan back in O’Canada

O’Hallahan back in O’Canada

GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball Alumna, Kelly O’Hallahan joins the Sport Camp Program as assistant coach for the Basketball Elite Camp being held August 18-20.

O’Hallahan who is currently playing professional basketball in Ireland, has made her mark on the Irish basketball scene by winning the 2017 Basketball Ireland Player of the Year. Her significant contribution led her team, the Marble City Hawks, to win the Ireland Division 1 National League Championship this season.

During her Wolves career, O’Hallahan achieved much success, and in her 2013/14 season was the only player to be featured in the top 10 of 5 major statistical categories, confirming her athletic talent and versatility. As a multiple Athlete of the Week nominee, and 2013 GPRC Wolves Female Athlete of the Year, O’Hallahan was also a two-time ACAC All-Conference Player, and CCAA All Canadian.

Always an asset to our program, we are pleased to have Kelly back on home turf. Welcome back to the Pack!

For more Sport Camp information and registration, please visit gprc.me/summercamp