Olivia Abram: Back on her Home Court!

Olivia Abram: Back on her Home Court!

The Wolves Volleyball Camp that took place this last week was a huge success. With over 30 kids participating, the gym was abuzz with activity. We caught up with coach, alumnus Olivia Abram who amassed 653 digs in her two seasons as libero with the Wolves from 2012-14.

Here’s what she had to say;

GPRC Alumnus, Olivia Abram.

What are you doing since you graduated?

I’m teaching Junior and Senior High English Language Arts with the Edmonton Public School District and have coached the Jasper, Sylvan Lake, and Harry Ainlay Volleyball Camps this summer.

What was the highlight of your College playing career?

In 2014, we earned silver medals at both ACAC Championships at home, and CCAA Championships in Toronto. We came together as a team and it was exciting to see how we matched up against teams from all over the country.

What’s the most special memory you have from your time with the Wolves?

Going to Cuba with the team was an incredible experience. All of my most important memories have to do with building relationships with my teammates and coaches – they’ve made me who I am.

Any funny memories?

So many! Ron Thomson booting the ball out of a player’s hands; Ron screaming at the top of his lungs in a pitch you’d expect from a teenage girl after a player attacked the ball out of the court, and of course Larry’s announcing and howling at the beginning of every home game.

Is there a favourite coach saying you use as a guide when you’re coaching, and have you used it your coaching style?

Ron often said to me “don’t do too much”. I think this is very important for the hyper active overzealous athlete who wants to be perfect. Focus on one thing at a time, then move on a tend to your own “garden”. Jeff Smith focused on “we before me” which is another saying I like to use to this day with my teams. Selflessness is important if a team is to be successful. I will always strive to challenge and push my athletes to stretch themselves the way Ron did to me. He always explained the reasoning behind technical feedback and that is something I pride myself in, as well. His passion and energy that I mirror have also helped with my motivating of athletes.

As a coach, how would you coach the younger you?

I would focus on energy and emotional control. I lost my focus a lot because of frustration and expectations I put on myself. I don’t think mental training, like the training we did with Matt Bain in college can ever be taught too soon.

Welcome Back to the Pack Kenny!

Welcome Back to the Pack Kenny!

GPRC is pleased to have Kenny Johnson as an addition to our Sport Camp Program as a coach for both our Basketball and Elite Basketball camps being held August 14-20.

Kenny plays for the Wolves Men’s Basketball team and has a ton of experience and love for the game.

See for yourself…

ACAC All Conference Athlete 2016/17 and 2015/16

ACAC Athlete of the Week 2016/17

GPRC Wolves Men’s Basketball MVP 2016/17

We got to catch up with Kenny and talk to him about his upcoming exciting experience of being a part of GPRC’s Sport Camp programs.


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background? Where are you from?
    From Philadelphia. Just a kid whos been overlooked his whole life and willing to do whatever to reach his dream of playing professional.
  2. What experience are you bringing to the future GPRC Wolves in these summer camps? What are you most excited about?
    Bring what it takes to make it to that level. Hard work and dedication. Also just being there for them, and letting them know that dreams do COME TRUE. Growing up I didn’t have camps and my passion is to be a coach. So I will bring everything I know.
  3. What makes you passionate about your sport?
    Proving to myself that I can reach my dream. Basketball saved my life. Also proving people wrong.
  4. What drives you to be a better athlete?
    Being overlooked. My mother and not letting down the people who believe in me.
  5. Why do you think kids’ camps are important?
    To help the gang kids, give them hope and motivation.
  6. What does it mean to you to be a member/alumni of our Pack?
    Means everything when nobody else wanted me. GPRC did, they saved my basketball career and life. My family and I can’t thank them enough. Wolves for life.

Welcome back to the pack Kenny! We’re excited to have you as one of our Wolves.

For more Sport Camp information and registration, please visit gprc.me/summercamp

A New Wolf

A New Wolf

GPRC is pleased to welcome Steve Sir to the Sport Camp Program as guest coach for the Basketball Elite Camp being held August 18-20.

Steve has a ton of experience and love for the game of basketball.

Check it out:

Two Provincial Championships with Ross Sheppard High School (1999, 2000)

MVP U17 Canadian National Championships. National Championship winner with Team Alberta (1999).

Set the tournament final scoring record with 47 points vs BC

Las Vegas Big Time AAU Tournament highest scoring average (33.3 points per game)

Minnesota single season 3 point State record holder (156 3’s)

Mountain West All-Freshman Team at San Diego State University

Big Sky All-Conference at Northern Arizona University

Lead the NCAA in 3 point field goal % (48.9%) 2004-2005

Lead the NCAA in 3 pointers made per game (4.1 per game) 2005-2006

NCAA All-Time leader in 3 point field goal % (46.8%)

10 year professional career in Europe and Latin America (Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Mexico)

Member of Milwaukee Bucks NBA Summer League roster 2016

FIBA 3×3 World Tour Masters Silver 2017

GPRC caught up with Steve and got him to answer a few questions, check it out:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background? Where are you from?
I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Edmonton when I was 5. I grew up in Edmonton before spending my last year of high school back in the Twin Cities and then heading to San Diego State University and Northern Arizona University.

2. What experience are you bringing to the future GPRC Wolves in these summer camps? What are you most excited about? 
My experiences at home in Edmonton, playing Division 1 basketball in the States and playing professionally has taught me a great deal about myself, basketball and how the game extends so much further than just the court. It brings people together, it teaches self discipline, finding ways to work with others and forces you to step outside of yourself for the betterment of the team and the experience.

How I would like to pass these experiences along to the campers would be that regardless of where I have been, elite players and genuine people have very similar characteristics no matter where they come from. They are consistent workers and diligent in their daily attention to details. A bad game or not making a team did not cause them to make excuses or feel sorry for themselves. It caused them to look inward, regroup and continue to find ways to improve. It may sound cliche but in a game where certain things are unfortunately out of your control, your effort, attitude and work ethic are aspects you can always have control over. You get out what you put in and that is not just on the basketball court.

3. What makes you passionate about your sport?
That is a difficult question to answer but I will give it a try. I was raised in a basketball family. My first word was ball and I have played basketball since I was 5. Outside of my two daughters being born, basketball has provided me my most exciting experiences while in the same breath, my most frustrating experiences as well. Basketball is not always kind and the game is rarely ever fair but what it teaches you is if you are are fortunate enough to play this wonderful sport, it is up to you to not to cheat the game. Basketball owes it’s players nothing. You give your absolute best effort because that is what the game requires and that is what you owe to basketball. This is not an easy lesson to learn but ultimately, passion for the game is what carries you through it and it is an aspect about the game I love.

4. What drives you to be a better athlete?
My Dad told me a story when I was teenager of a reunion he went to with his college basketball teammates. He said that to a man, every one of his teammates when asked to reflect on their college career said ‘I wish I would have just worked harder’. Ever since hearing that story, it has stuck with me.

Since hearing that story, I did not want that regret when basketball ended for me. We can make excuses for not getting the results we want but eventually, it turns inward and comes down to your effort.

There are many things I love about basketball but in the end, I love to compete. The opportunity to put all of your hard work and effort out there on the court is a special feeling. In order to do that to the best of my ability, I have always focused on being as prepared as possible. The chance to compete and the preparation required to compete at your very best continues to drive me.

5. Why do you think kids camps are important?
Some of my best memories with basketball are attending the basketball camps I went to growing up. The Golden Bears Camps at the University of Alberta were very special experiences. I made new friends, learned to compete at a higher level against older, better players, learned what it meant to be pushed outside of what I was used to and most importantly, playing basketball in the summer is really tough to beat.

Camps provide the chance to improve our individual skill level for our club or school teams, having a fun basketball experience in the summer and interacting with other athletes that potentially share the same passion for the game.

We are so excited to have Steve in Wolves Country! Welcome to the Pack!

For more Sport Camp information and registration, please visit gprc.me/summercamp

O’Hallahan back in O’Canada

O’Hallahan back in O’Canada

GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball Alumna, Kelly O’Hallahan joins the Sport Camp Program as assistant coach for the Basketball Elite Camp being held August 18-20.

O’Hallahan who is currently playing professional basketball in Ireland, has made her mark on the Irish basketball scene by winning the 2017 Basketball Ireland Player of the Year. Her significant contribution led her team, the Marble City Hawks, to win the Ireland Division 1 National League Championship this season.

During her Wolves career, O’Hallahan achieved much success, and in her 2013/14 season was the only player to be featured in the top 10 of 5 major statistical categories, confirming her athletic talent and versatility. As a multiple Athlete of the Week nominee, and 2013 GPRC Wolves Female Athlete of the Year, O’Hallahan was also a two-time ACAC All-Conference Player, and CCAA All Canadian.

Always an asset to our program, we are pleased to have Kelly back on home turf. Welcome back to the Pack!

For more Sport Camp information and registration, please visit gprc.me/summercamp

A New Jersey

A New Jersey

Brook Sedore is coming back to his beloved GPRC Wolves but this time he’s putting on a different jersey. Sedore who played for the Wolves club program from 2006 to 2011, before going onto the University of Hawaii is joining the pack once again as lead coach for the Elite Volleyball Camp happening this summer as part of GPRC Wolves Sport Camp Program. 

Sedore has 11-combined-years of playing and coaching volleyball at College, University, Provincial, National and International levels. His experience includes playing with the Canadian National team, playing in the 2013 Canada Games, achieving silver at NORCECA Men’s Volleyball Championships and being ranked #1 in the Nation.

Always an asset to our program, we are pleased to have Brook back in action on our court teaching skills that made him successful.

Welcome back to the Pack!

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