Student Services Awards

Student Services Awards

We are excited to share that two employees within GPRC student services have been honoured with awards for their amazing work and dedication.

Congratulations to Jackie de Montarnal (left) and Jocelyn Smith (right)!

Jackie de Montarnal has been presented with the Marion Vosahlo Outstanding New Professional Award for her work in the Student Recruitment department at GPRC. Jackie joined the GPRC team in January 2016 and quickly rose from Recruitment Officer to Recruitment Coordinator.

This award is given to an individual with fewer than five years of full-time experience with student services at a post-secondary institution in Alberta. Individuals receive this award for recognized potential for significant leadership, active membership in organizations that enhance services for students, involvement with committees and projects, and/or demonstration of innovative or creative efforts within student services.

“Jackie has demonstrated amazing leadership and dedication to the recruitment efforts of GPRC,” said Jennifer Robertson, academic advising coordinator.

With her outstanding vision and organizational skills Jackie has led numerous on and off campus recruitment events. Her innovative efforts have also lead to a new strategic plan for recruitment that focuses on data driven analytics.

“Her bright and caring personality is always a joy to have around,” said Robertson, “We all look forward to many years working side by side with her.”

Jocelyn Smith has been presented with the Russ Guthrie Contribution to Student Services Award for her work as the accessibility coordinator for the Accessibility Supports and Disability Services Department.

This award is given to an individual who has five or more years of full-time experience demonstrating leadership within student services at a post-secondary institution in Alberta. To qualify for the award individuals must improve programs and services offered; have teaching, research and/or supervisory experience; participate in community service; and/or participate on institution-wide, community, or provincial committees and/or projects that promote best practices in student services.

Jocelyn has demonstrated leadership in student services through encouragement, trust, compassion, and a well-rounded outlook. She has led her team and the entire department to grow, evolve, and become the best they can be.

“She understands that a leader is someone who needs to connect with individuals, both students and coworkers, on a deeper level to promote growth and vitality, and to ensure no one is left behind or without encouragement,” said Kelsi House, accessibility advisor. “She takes the time to care for and truly fight for [individuals] in order to make their quality of life and studies better.”

Congratulations to Jackie de Montarnal and Jocelyn Smith! GPRC is glad to have you as part of the team, supporting our students and community!

President’s Scholarship Award

President’s Scholarship Award

GPRC is excited to announce a new entrance award for Alberta students starting college in September 2017!

This award is a scholarship that covers full tuition and fees for the first year of studies at GPRC and will be granted to the five top students entering their first year at GPRC, in any program of study.

Here is the best part – every 2017 Alberta high school graduate is eligible for this award!

All you need to do is apply for admission to GPRC by August 1, 2017 and you are automatically considered for one of the five awards being offered. If you are selected for this scholarship, you must confirm registration to GPRC and acceptance of the award offer by August 15th in order to receive it. So keep checking your email!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now! Let’s get your started on a path to a career you’ll love!

The GPRC President’s Scholarship Awards will be awarded annually to Alberta high school graduates who apply to GPRC by August 1 of the year in which they graduate from High School. GPRC will identify applicants from Alberta high schools with the highest averages in their high school core subjects, based on transcripts received from the Government of Alberta.

The Academy Dare to Scare

The Academy Dare to Scare

Students helping students.


The Academy, which includes children ranging from grades 4-12 from different schools; 4-8 Alexander Forbes, 4-8 Ecole Montrose, 9-12 Charles Spencer began to donate to GPRC Room O’ Plenty 3 years ago.

A week before Halloween, students go out with flyers and inform people they will be coming by on Halloween to collect food. This year there was approximately 100 students plus their parents and staff volunteers who went out and collected food.

This year, 2,240 lbs of non-perishable food was donated this year to GPRC Room O’ Plenty from Dare to Scare, The Academy. The biggest year yet!



Thank you to the students of The Academy for their time, support and passion to this cause. It’s greatly appreciated, and we’re so excited for next year.

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