The Number One Cause of Financial Stress for College Students and How to Avoid It

The Number One Cause of Financial Stress for College Students and How to Avoid It

Impulsive buying often makes students buy things that they did not plan to buy or even need in the first place. When I have bought impulsively without thinking, it was an emotional reaction that sometimes lead to excessive spending. I came to learn however, that most items like extra clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, etc. are things that can wait. If GPRC college students learn how to prioritize material needs, it will help determine essential from non-essential items. An important question to ask oneself when tempted to purchase a ‘luxury item’ is: “This item is nice but is it necessary?” If you answer this question truthfully, you will find that you can live without it.

One way to prioritize is to first be attentive to your actual budget, i.e. how much money do you currently have in your bank account? It would be wise to not get into the habit of depending on your credit card given their high-interest rates. It would be better to simply not live beyond your means. For example, if a GPRC student’s income consists of either student loans, financial gifts from relatives, or income from part-time jobs it is vital not to exhaust these sources leaving nothing left for paying essential bills and necessities such as food, housing, and textbooks.

A way to save money in Grande Prairie is to shop frugally in places such as Value Village for clothing (hey, they have some good stuff for cheap!) and No Frills for groceries. If necessary, there is also a GPRC Student Services Food Bank.

Another option to consider is to become less materialistic in life. Try to find satisfaction in non-material things such as helping a stranger, talking to friends, enjoying nature, etc. This may sound odd at first but in time, you may come to know genuine satisfaction that can last longer than a material object.

If you find that your bills/expenses exceed your budget, perhaps it is time to seek some form of employment. Check out the jobs for GPRC students on the College website.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Makuashukwu Chukweta

Keeping the Stress at Bay

Keeping the Stress at Bay

We all know the feeling of our courses weighing us down, stressing us out, however, there are ways we can adapt and overcome the winter blues and keep that upbeat attitude through the school year! 

  • Diet: Making sure to eat a balanced and nutritious diet is key in looking and feeling your best. Try to enjoy fruit, vegetables, and home-cooked meals as often as possible, these are loaded in essential vitamins and nutrients that we need during the cold winter months
  • Exercise: Get moving! Moving and working out is a fantastic way to increase your mood, according to a Harvard medical study, running just 15 minutes or walking for an hour can help reduce the risk of depression. We have a fantastic gym available for students at no charge, just bring your ID!
  • Set aside ‘you-time’: Taking care of yourself is very important. With all the exams and papers that are due we can often find ourselves forgetting to take time to relax and do some much-needed self-care. 
  • Sleep: Sleep is so important for us, even though we can rarely find the time to get the proper amount. Without sleep, you will feel more exhausted and be less focused, which in turn can make sleeping more difficult. 
  • Give yourself time: If an assignment or a paper is due in a week, work on it when you get it. This will help you ration your time better and reduce the stress of having a large paper or assignment due with only a day to do it in!

We all have stress; it is completely normal and natural to feel stressed out. If you are feeling stressed or sad, we have many fantastic instructors and mentors here that can help you out, as well as professional counselors that can help you manage your stress, depression, or anxiety. If you feel you need help, get the My SSP app or talk to student services about mental health help.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Neil Reid.

Stress-Less Week Update!

Stress-Less Week Update!

This week (November 28 to December 2) is Stress-Less Week at GPRC!


It’s when GPRC offers a number of ways for students to beat stress during the final crunch time of the semester.

So far we’ve:

  • Had an Introduction to Breathing Practice with Julia from Satori Yoga & Healing Arts where we learned about how mindfulness is scientifically proven to have incredible health benefits!
  • Enjoyed a health break, with Fresh Fruit being passed around campus and
  • Got to get creative with GPRC Education Ambassador and GPRC Fine Arts student, Danielle Ribar. Students were able to create, hang-out and most importantly relax with a painting and book nook activity.

Today, GPRC had several furry friends visit us on campus to give students a chance to cuddle and forget pre-exam blues.

Our pals at St. John’s Ambulance were able to bring in two therapy dogs, Rusty (a Border Collie/Australian Sheppard mix) and Jack (a Pitbull mix) for students to hang out with.


Although, we couldn’t tell who was having more fun? The students or Jake with all the belly rubs!



A huge thank you to GPRC Student Wellness for organizing this great event!

Make sure to click here to see when the next Puppy Days on campus will be!

Then from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., we had furry feline friends visit us from our GPRC Fairview Campus. Dash, Dancer, Polly, Sherman and Yodi are all roughly 7 months old, and are cared and looked after by our GPRC Animal Health Technology program. These 6 bundles of joy joined us for a couple hours, and students were able to play, interact and cuddle every single one of them. What was even more exciting was letting our students know that these adorable balls of fur were available for adoption!

The best moment of the day was meeting Robyn, a GPRC student who recently adopted Dancer! Check it out!



If you’re interested in adopting any furry friends for yourself, contact our Animal Sciences Department!

Phone: 780-835-6630
Toll-free: 1-888-539-4772
Fax: 780-835-6626
Web: Visit Homepage

GPRC Fairview
PO Bag 3000
11235-98 Avenue
Fairview, Alberta
Canada T0H 1L0



We can’t wait for the rest of the weeks activities! Make sure you know what  we have planned: here.  

A huge thank you to our wonderful staff and students in the Animal Health Technology program for all that they do, and for joining us today!