My Experience as a Mature Male Nursing Student

My Experience as a Mature Male Nursing Student

I recently completed my second year of nursing studies at GPRC and the journey has been filled with learning opportunities, hands-on experiences in different clinical settings (including long-term care, public health and maternity and pediatrics), stresses and times where I questioned myself, “why am I doing this?”

Being a student in my 40’s with the majority of classmates who are half of my age makes me think sometimes, “is this the right place for me?” I remember one of our instructors last year mentioned that when you reach over 35 years of age, 100,000 brain cells die every day; no wonder sometimes I feel nothing is going into my brain. 😊

GPRC male nursing student Ram Neupane in one of his classes.

Being a male nursing student where nursing is still considered as a female-dominated profession, my experience has been wonderful so far with very little not-so-wonderful moments. When I was in a long-term care clinical setting, patients and staff at the facility were happy to see a male nursing student as some of the patients needed physically demanding care. Whereas in my maternity clinical settings, many female patients were not comfortable with a male nurse. There are some moments where I missed some learning opportunities in the maternity clinical setting just because I am a male student. It is very interesting because many of the same patients would not be uncomfortable if the doctor was a male. I hope the stigma behind male nurses changes over time because, at the end of the day, nurses are here to help, no matter their gender. I am excited to be a part of that change and to be a male nurse. Even with these challenges, I know that I have chosen the right career path for me!

Submitted by GPRC Nursing student and Student Ambassador, Ram Neupane. 

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 7, 2016

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 7, 2016

aotw-riki-steward#13 Riki Steward

Hometown: St. Albert, A.B.
Program: Bachelor of Science

Riki, a 5’10” forward from St. Albert, AB., is studying her Bachelor of Science, University Transfer Program at GPRC and plays for the GPRC Women’s Basketball team. Riki is a skilled forward who has the ability to step out and score from the perimeter when needed and is often tasked with defending the opponents top forwards. Riki was the Wolves’ top re-bounder with 8 boards and chipped in with 7 points this past Saturday and was named Player of the Game for GPRC in a tough loss to Concordia in Edmonton. Riki will be looked upon to help the Wolves crack into the win column this weekend win we play host to the Augustana Vikings.


aotw-kassandra-little#15 Kassandra Little

Hometown: Stratford, P.E.I.
Program: Bachelor of Science Kinesiology

Kassie, a 6’ forward from Stratford, PEI., is in her first year of study in the Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology Program. Kassie is a dynamic forward who has been working hard to develop her perimeter game and is currently the Wolves’ top three point shooter by percentage. Kassie was selected as the Player of the Game last Friday night in a tough loss versus Concordia in Edmonton after leading GPRC with 7 points and 7 rebounds in 27 minutes.  Kassie looks to play a large role for the Wolves this weekend as they play host to the Vikings of Augustana while looking for their first wins of the young season.