Tips for Managing Reading Week

Tips for Managing Reading Week

It is almost that time of year! The time that students everywhere look forward to… Reading Week!

I have been attending GPRC for the past four years. The first two years, I was taking just a class or two, but the past two years I have been a full-time student.  As a student I have very mixed feelings about Reading Week. It’s hard to not love the break, but truth be told, I have a really hard time getting back into the swing of things after Reading Week ends.  With that in mind, if anyone else feels the same struggles as I do, I have compiled a list of a few tips to help you with managing and staying on track during your Reading Week.

  1. Take the time at the beginning of the Reading Week break to make a list of what you want to accomplish over the week. Make a list, and plan the things that you want to do with your time.
  2. Get some rest during the week.
    Our brains are so tired, we really do need some sleep. Treat yourself to some early bedtimes.
  3. During your week off give yourself some time to plan out your next two months of school. Make a schedule using your course outlines as a guide to what is coming up. There is going to be a lot to do, but with a plan in place, you are laying out the ground work for success.
  4. Use some of Reading Week to get caught up. Whether that means doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning your house, or maybe making some meals for the week ahead.
  5. Plan some “you-time”. For myself, this means catching up on texts and phone calls, doing some Netflix binging, and taking my dog, Richelieu (shown in picture), for some good walks. Whatever it is, do things that make you feel good, things that have been weighing on your mind when you are busy with school.

  1. Don’t stop doing school work for the whole week. This is a big one. It is so hard to get back at it once you have completely stopped. I give myself a few days totally off, but then I start slowly getting back into the school routine.
  1. Use the weekend before school starts as a regular weekend. Meaning, use your weekend as you normally would during the school year.
    For me, that means coming to the college to study for a few hours, especially on Saturday, because that is what I do most weekends.

It definitely would be easy to take the whole week off, and I have done that… but the fact is, I’m way more successful at handling the after break blues when I follow these tips.

Have a great Reading Week everyone!

Submitted by Jessica Fontaine Gwin, Student Ambassador

Stress-Less Week Update!

Stress-Less Week Update!

This week (November 28 to December 2) is Stress-Less Week at GPRC!


It’s when GPRC offers a number of ways for students to beat stress during the final crunch time of the semester.

So far we’ve:

  • Had an Introduction to Breathing Practice with Julia from Satori Yoga & Healing Arts where we learned about how mindfulness is scientifically proven to have incredible health benefits!
  • Enjoyed a health break, with Fresh Fruit being passed around campus and
  • Got to get creative with GPRC Education Ambassador and GPRC Fine Arts student, Danielle Ribar. Students were able to create, hang-out and most importantly relax with a painting and book nook activity.

Today, GPRC had several furry friends visit us on campus to give students a chance to cuddle and forget pre-exam blues.

Our pals at St. John’s Ambulance were able to bring in two therapy dogs, Rusty (a Border Collie/Australian Sheppard mix) and Jack (a Pitbull mix) for students to hang out with.


Although, we couldn’t tell who was having more fun? The students or Jake with all the belly rubs!



A huge thank you to GPRC Student Wellness for organizing this great event!

Make sure to click here to see when the next Puppy Days on campus will be!

Then from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., we had furry feline friends visit us from our GPRC Fairview Campus. Dash, Dancer, Polly, Sherman and Yodi are all roughly 7 months old, and are cared and looked after by our GPRC Animal Health Technology program. These 6 bundles of joy joined us for a couple hours, and students were able to play, interact and cuddle every single one of them. What was even more exciting was letting our students know that these adorable balls of fur were available for adoption!

The best moment of the day was meeting Robyn, a GPRC student who recently adopted Dancer! Check it out!



If you’re interested in adopting any furry friends for yourself, contact our Animal Sciences Department!

Phone: 780-835-6630
Toll-free: 1-888-539-4772
Fax: 780-835-6626
Web: Visit Homepage

GPRC Fairview
PO Bag 3000
11235-98 Avenue
Fairview, Alberta
Canada T0H 1L0



We can’t wait for the rest of the weeks activities! Make sure you know what  we have planned: here.  

A huge thank you to our wonderful staff and students in the Animal Health Technology program for all that they do, and for joining us today! 



This Week in Student Wellness

This Week in Student Wellness

Welcome Wellness Wednesdays!!



GPRC Student Wellness is instituting a new program with the goal of raising awareness about various healthy living practices and wellness topics provided by many resources found within the community as well as the College campus. Several times throughout the fall & winter semesters, students & staff will be given many Wellness Wednesday opportunities ranging from 15 – 50 minutes to learn more about health, wellness & fitness activities available to them. The information will act as stepping stones to more health and fitness outlets in the area, and a healthier you!

We want you to join us this Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016 for some upcoming sessions to raise awareness on various healthy practices available to you throughout the community and on the GPRC campus. 

Check out the Wellness Wednesday Calendar to see what’s happening and to get involved.

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