My Experience as a Mature Male Nursing Student

My Experience as a Mature Male Nursing Student

I recently completed my second year of nursing studies at GPRC and the journey has been filled with learning opportunities, hands-on experiences in different clinical settings (including long-term care, public health and maternity and pediatrics), stresses and times where I questioned myself, “why am I doing this?”

Being a student in my 40’s with the majority of classmates who are half of my age makes me think sometimes, “is this the right place for me?” I remember one of our instructors last year mentioned that when you reach over 35 years of age, 100,000 brain cells die every day; no wonder sometimes I feel nothing is going into my brain. 😊

GPRC male nursing student Ram Neupane in one of his classes.

Being a male nursing student where nursing is still considered as a female-dominated profession, my experience has been wonderful so far with very little not-so-wonderful moments. When I was in a long-term care clinical setting, patients and staff at the facility were happy to see a male nursing student as some of the patients needed physically demanding care. Whereas in my maternity clinical settings, many female patients were not comfortable with a male nurse. There are some moments where I missed some learning opportunities in the maternity clinical setting just because I am a male student. It is very interesting because many of the same patients would not be uncomfortable if the doctor was a male. I hope the stigma behind male nurses changes over time because, at the end of the day, nurses are here to help, no matter their gender. I am excited to be a part of that change and to be a male nurse. Even with these challenges, I know that I have chosen the right career path for me!

Submitted by GPRC Nursing student and Student Ambassador, Ram Neupane.