Tips to Enjoying Your First Year of College

Tips to Enjoying Your First Year of College

College is an exciting and nerve-racking time, with endless possibilities. Many are moving out on their own for the first time, and while this can be stressful, once you develop a schedule and routine, you will be more comfortable. Here are a few tips that can hopefully help you thrive and enjoy in your first year of college.

  1. If you accidentally close Microsoft without saving your work, type .asd into file explorer in “my/this pc” your work will be there.
  2. Instead of deleting a sentence you accidentally typed in all caps, highlight it and press shift and F3 at the same time.
  3. To protect your computer from viruses, avoid downloading PDF files that end in “.exe.”
  4. If you are looking for practice tests so you can quiz yourself, type in google “site: edu (the subject) exam.”
  5. I highly suggest studying your notes the same day you take them; this will give you a better chance of remembering them.
  6. Trying to find your way around the Grande Prairie Regional College campus is nearly impossible, and it will take you a while to get used to it. A little information that will hopefully help is that rooms that are in the 100s are on the first level, 200s are on the second level, and 300s are on the third level.
  7. Get organized in whatever way works best for you, because you are responsible for scheduling your classes, study time, extracurricular activities, and homework.
  8. Even though some of your teachers will not require attendance, going to class is very helpful.
  9. Become friends with people in your classes because it can be helpful if you need class notes, or if you study better in groups.
  10. People often study differently, so find the best place for you. The second level of the library at GPRC is a great location; however, if you search, you can find a few hidden gems.
  11. Use a planner!! If it tracks important dates, deadlines, and schedules, one on your phone works just fine.
  12. The academic advisers at GPRC are very helpful as they will guide you when it comes to classes. They will also advise you if you are planning to transfer to another post-secondary institution or desire to go to grad school.
  13. Last year, I devoted my time to studying and was not involved in my community or college. I learned from this mistake. While this may prove difficult at first, learn to balance social activities and schoolwork. I highly recommend you seek out the clubs and events on campus; there is something for everyone!
  14. You have access to many resources on campus. There are two places on campus where you can find free tutoring. First, there is the academic success center in the library which has writing and grammar tutor, and math and science tutor. Second, there is the on-campus friendship which offers free tutoring, plus potlucks every third Wednesday of the month and unlimited coffee for a small price!
  15. If you struggle with maintaining excellent mental health, GPRC students have access to free, confidential, and professional mental health counseling. If you would like, you can make an appointment with Dr. Katie Stabb, the on-site college psychologist. Or, with the “My SSP” app, you can get confidentiality text or talk to a licensed psychologist, whenever you need, 24/7. They advise you to set aside 30 uninterrupted, minutes to talk to the psychologist; however, I advise an hour.
  16. For my last tip, exercise is essential. I love that as a student of GPRC; you have free access to the gym on campus!

While the first couple weeks of college may be stressful and overwhelming, do not worry, almost everyone feels this way. I know I sure did. Try your best to call your family and friends from home, no matter where they are; however, be open to making new friends. In the end, be sure to use all your resources and help each other out.

Submitted by GPRC Ambassador, Heidi Benson.

“Take a Hike”… (With a Friend)

“Take a Hike”… (With a Friend)

Live life to the fullest. That’s my life motto. Try EVERYTHING. When I was young, I wanted to play every sport because I wanted every experience, I quickly found out that that was impossible, but it doesn’t stop me from being friends with everyone.

Well, that’s also impossible. But I do try to talk to, encourage, and listen to every individual I come across, and I know that’s possible.

Here’s the thing: college is difficult – heck life is difficult – but people and friends make it easier.

If you can find the people that build you up and encourage you, life’s journey isn’t so difficult. Find these people, but also be this person. That’s where intentional relationships come in. I don’t mean romantic relationships, I mean support groups – people who deeply know you and who you deeply know.

Yes, I know, making friends and maintaining friendships is hard and challenging.

But the benefit of two (plus) people building into each other is massive. When you think back on concerts you’ve been to, how hard it was to get your degree, you first job, you’ve done them all with people. My fondest memories are with people. The thing that gives concerts and degrees and sports so much meaning is the people involved in them.

Yes, you should be proud of the things you accomplish in life! Use positive self-talk to build yourself up! But walking a path bent only on looking at books, grades, or winning a sport game – is meaningless without intentional relationships. What do you achieve by getting a degree? A job sure, but when you have five plus years of experience no one cares about your degree anymore, they care about your job experience. So then what have you achieved?

My point is – We are never meant to walk in solitude.

We always need people. We should always be searching for those around us. We should always be building people up and encouraging them to do their best. Isn’t that what you want?

When I am struggling and someone brings me a snack or a coffee, it tells me that they see what I’m going through and say, “I see your struggle, and I want to encourage you to keep going”. This is being intentional. Look for the needs of others and fill them in some way. If someone is lonely it could as simple as having a conversation and asking about classes, family, work, or hobbies.

Life and College are already difficult. We need to surround ourselves with individuals that aren’t scared to love and kind. Be that person.

Today I challenge you to do something intentional for someone else. Find out a struggle one of your classmates, co-workers, or siblings is having and do something about it. Make them feel seen and heard. In doing so, maybe the consequences of loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear and suicide wouldn’t be so severe.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Christina Shantz.

Winter the Season

Winter the Season


Are you worried about leaving 10 minutes earlier? The winter season is almost here again, officially speaking. Time to layer-up and stay warm. I find myself leaving 10 minutes earlier because I either have to clear the snow off my car/driveway or just to beat the slow traffic. Whatever it takes to be on time. Some say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad dressing, I say tell that to the stars! The great thing about this season at GPRC is that the college building is well taken care of. The rooms are set at the right temperature, but hey, don’t forget to bring a warm cup of coffee… because you don’t want to miss out on all the juicy stuff in the classrooms. Just a reminder to always leave your parking permit displayed. It might be a blizzard out there, but the security personnel are always on duty.

With winter set to roll, we too must be prepared. With our winter tires rotated and our winter gear on, we are ready to take on whatever tasks may lie ahead. The fall semester is almost over. Are we ready for winter? With more snow and more schoolwork, I bet we are. On the bright side, Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Don’t forget to cuddle under a blanket with a book at hand, whilst we await this season. Stay safe everyone.

Blog post submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Nneka Nwaigwe

GPRC Wolves: Recruits to the Women’s 2020-21 Soccer Team

GPRC Wolves: Recruits to the Women’s 2020-21 Soccer Team

Recruitment has begun for the 2020-21 soccer season. As if coaching two ACAC sports teams isn’t time consuming enough, GPRC Wolves Men and Women’s Soccer Head Coach, Chris Morgan has also been recruiting. Always on the lookout for talented athletes, Morgan says “it’s never too early to start” and is pleased to be adding to the 2020-21 roster.

Starting the recruitment season off is Kasya Miller and Khloe Webber.

GPRC Wolves 2020-21 Women’s soccer recruit, Kasya Miller.

As a current member of the Regional Excel Centre of Saskatchewan, Kasya Miller is bringing a ton of great experience to the Wolf pack. The SK REX Program is one of eight Canada Soccer Regional Excel Centres and is a stepping stone into Canada Soccer Women’s EXCEL National Pathway. Hailing from Warman, Saskatchewan, Miller also brought home a Provincial title in 2017 with her high school team.

Miller will be enrolled in our Engineering program at GPRC and is looking forward to starting her academic and athletic journey. “I am excited to come into a new team and play the sport I love. [GPRC] is a small College and it has what I want for academics and athletics.”

Head Coach, Chris Morgan is delighted to welcome Miller to the squad and kick-off the recruitment season.

“Kasya impressed me at a recent ID Camp with her agility and distribution. I am delighted she has chosen GPRC to further her education and represent the Wolves.”

Welcome to the pack, Kasya.

GPRC Wolves Women’s soccer recruit, Khloe Webber signing for the 2020-21 season.

Khloe Webber who hails from Stony Plain, AB. Webber is already looking forward to her first ACAC soccer match. “I am most excited to play in the ACAC, and to experience the team and community support in that first home opener match. I chose GPRC because of the supportive coaching staff and competitive team environment.”

As a member of the Junior Pandas Soccer program since 2016, Webber is bringing a ton of great experience to the Wolves including her team being named the Seattle Sounders FC Cup Champions in 2017 and securing MVP Award in the Victoria Showcase in 2018. Webber also earned the Captain title of her 2018 Victoria U17 team.

Webber will be enrolled in our Bachelor of Education program at GPRC and is looking forward to starting her academic and athletic journey.

In catching up with Head Coach Chris Morgan, he mentions his delight to have Webber join the squad. “Khloe brings a real presence, enthusiasm and hunger to the game. She is a vocal player and is excellent in 1v1 situations. Khloe was so impressive at the College ID camp I attended, I’m looking forward to welcoming her to the pack and working with such a talented player.”

Welcome to the pack, Khloe.

Learn more about your GPRC Wolves here and how you can continue to help support their athletic and academic goals here.


Are You a Slave to Fashion Trends?

Are You a Slave to Fashion Trends?

Surprisingly, following the latest fashion trends is still a big deal on college campuses such as GPRC but considering the cost implications, one would think that students could literally not afford to get caught in this trap. Since fashion trends come and go, keeping up with them can become very expensive, particularly for students. I have noticed in my first year at GPRC that a lot of students are wearing the same fashion trends. I can’t afford to follow fashion trends but there are times that I have desired these trendy clothes but their cost was prohibitive. When I wasn’t able to have them, it saddened me because I felt that I was not fitting in with the rest of the GPRC college students. Ironically, these constantly changing fashion trends are a never-ending cycle of spending money just so one can feel “current” in today’s clothing fashions. It would never end if I got caught in this spending trap!

Is it possible that the constant pursuit of these trends is linked to self-esteem? Are people still trying to meet the standards of others? I came to realize that it is not so much about wearing the latest trends but how you could combine your existing articles of clothing, how it looks on you, and how neatly you present yourself.

Furthermore, students who want to look good take care of their inner and outer self: wearing a smile, and sharing some kindness and compassion is more important than what the eyes can see. While you work towards presenting the best outside, consider developing inner traits that make us better people.

Blog post submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Makua Chukwuweta.