Puppies and Kittens Available Through GPRC AHT Program

Puppies and Kittens Available Through GPRC AHT Program

Did you know that our Animal Health Technology (AHT) program on our GPRC Fairview campus takes in animals from the SPCA and local shelters?

Taking in these animals gives our AHT students the opportunity to experience the care of animals at all ages but also lets them experience the care for newborn kittens and puppies as well as being able to follow them through their series of vaccinations and deworming allowing them awesome practical experience.

Currently our GPRC AHT department has three puppies and five kittens in their procession, who are all looking for new permanent homes.

All of these adorable furry bundles of joy have had their vaccines and in most cases, are already spayed or neutered.

Now, let’s get to the fun part and meet these adorable animals.

First year AHT students, Sabrina and Genevieve with three black and white puppies currently in the care of the department.

Pictured with the puppies are first year AHT students, Sabrina Fagan (left) and Genevieve Milner (right).

These black and white puppies in order from left to right are male, female and male. They are currently 5-weeks old, have been dewormed and are getting their first vaccines next week.

The puppies are owned by In the Woods Animal Rescue. The GPRC AHT department took on these little pups and their mom for In The Woods Animal Rescue to help out and to give the students the opportunity to experience caring for newborns dogs.

These little pups will be ready to go home the week of December 11 and might we add, will make the perfect Christmas gift. These three are pretty shy but sure like to snuggle.

As for the current kittens on our Fairview campus, the department has five left out out of the original 13 which means eight kittens have already found their permanent homes!

Let’s introduce you to the five remaining kittens.

Meet Spike. He is 7 months old and a black and white domestic, short-haired, neutered male. Spike is up to date on all vaccines and deworming. He is our shy guy who is finally coming out of his shell. He’s the type of kitty that doesn’t like a lot of commotion and really just loves to curl up on the couch with you and chill.

Next up… nanananana, Batman! Batman is black and white with a couple black marks on his nose much like Spike. He too is a 7 month old neutered male up to date on all vaccines and deworming. He is much more outgoing than his brother, Spike. The AHT department likes to classify him at the happy medium between Spike and our next up kitty, Shroedinger!

Shroedinger!! Oh this boy is our resident trouble maker. He is so darn cute you just cant get upset with him. He is full of energy and would keep any little girl or boy busy for hours. He is also a 7 months old neutered male. Mostly black with white feet, chest and tip of his tail.

Now onto our ladies…

Little orange Petrie. She is such a cutie. Youngest of the bunch only 6 months old. Domestic short-haired. Still needs to be spayed but can be booked into the clinic after Christmas. She is quite the snuggler. Students are often seen with her curled up on their lap.

Last we have miss Glitz. She is a busy girl who is full of energy. She is spayed and ready for her new home at 7 months olds and full of love.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking one of these adorable furry friends home to their forever home, please contact Tiffany Duncan through our GPRC Animal Health Technology department at  780-835-6707 or by email at tduncan@gprc.ab.ca

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 7, 2016

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 7, 2016

aotw-riki-steward#13 Riki Steward

Hometown: St. Albert, A.B.
Program: Bachelor of Science

Riki, a 5’10” forward from St. Albert, AB., is studying her Bachelor of Science, University Transfer Program at GPRC and plays for the GPRC Women’s Basketball team. Riki is a skilled forward who has the ability to step out and score from the perimeter when needed and is often tasked with defending the opponents top forwards. Riki was the Wolves’ top re-bounder with 8 boards and chipped in with 7 points this past Saturday and was named Player of the Game for GPRC in a tough loss to Concordia in Edmonton. Riki will be looked upon to help the Wolves crack into the win column this weekend win we play host to the Augustana Vikings.


aotw-kassandra-little#15 Kassandra Little

Hometown: Stratford, P.E.I.
Program: Bachelor of Science Kinesiology

Kassie, a 6’ forward from Stratford, PEI., is in her first year of study in the Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology Program. Kassie is a dynamic forward who has been working hard to develop her perimeter game and is currently the Wolves’ top three point shooter by percentage. Kassie was selected as the Player of the Game last Friday night in a tough loss versus Concordia in Edmonton after leading GPRC with 7 points and 7 rebounds in 27 minutes.  Kassie looks to play a large role for the Wolves this weekend as they play host to the Vikings of Augustana while looking for their first wins of the young season.