Spring Lineup: GPRC Sport, Fitness & Wellness

Spring Lineup: GPRC Sport, Fitness & Wellness

GPRC Sport, Fitness and Wellness (SFW) is committed to providing essential programs, education and services to support good health and vitality to our students, staff and the entire community.

Spring has officially sprung!

The spring lineup is here at GPRC SFW and will run from April 23 to June 29; totaling 10-weeks of classes.


Want to know more?

Check out the description of each class on the SFW website here.


Individuals who want to get in on the action can either register for a specific class or purchase a SFW Punch Card at the Fitness Centre for $120 for 10 uses.

Let’s get those summer bods ready!

For more information, call Joel at (780) 539-2436 or email, JThibault@GPRC.ab.ca 


Last Days at GPRC

Last Days at GPRC

For the last two years, I’ve spent more time at GPRC than the comfort of my own home. I come here before the sun comes up every exam day to stick with my study habits (and it worked) and leave after everyone has already left.

For every Sunday that I have spent in the empty study halls and hallways trying to make sense and catch up with the topics from my classes, GPRC has always been there to support my crazy study techniques.


As my last days at GPRC near, I start to reminisce about the experiences that made me who I am today as a student, and for every story I remember, this College always plays a big part. Every class I’ve been in and every person I’ve met, has and always will be a special part of my life. As I walk through these halls for the last time as a student, I begin to realize that being a GPRC student has become my norm. However it is time to move on and start living life outside my comfort zone. From the stressful days of midterms and finals to the joyful nights in dorms and Howlers, these are the moments that will forever be embedded in my memory. Life as a college student is rough but my friends, my instructors and the college itself has made it way easier. As future alumni of GPRC all I have to say is thank you.

Submitted by John Raymund, GPRC Student Ambassador.

An Adventure Awaits

An Adventure Awaits

On a cold Thursday evening, deep in the midst of a Northern Alberta Winter, I entered a warm and inviting environment to find some reprieve from the “Winter Blues”. I walked into the GPRC Climbing Gym. What I found there was a friendly community and a joyous experience.

I’d been wanting to visit the climbing gym for a number of months but had never made the final step of actually walking through the door. Midway through the semester, I was talking with a classmate and realized that I had a couple free days that week. I turned to my friend and said, “Wanna go check out the climbing gym tomorrow?”. She responded with an enthusiastic ‘yes’ and we stopped by the climbing gym that evening to find out what we needed to bring the next day. They were very helpful and explained that since we’re GPRC students we only had to bring our ID’s and comfortable clothes, everything was provided. I went home that evening looking forward to the coming adventure.

Logan enjoying the climbing gym located in GPRC’s M-Wing on the Grande Prairie campus.

We both arrived at the climbing gym the following evening to a warm welcome. It took less than five minutes to fill out some paperwork and we were given a quick orientation of the gym. My friend and I spent the next hour having a fantastic time, setting challenges for each other and exploring what the walls had to offer.

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience. The staff were professional and courteous, and took the time to assist us any time we had questions or needed advice. I would recommend this facility to a long time climber or to anybody that has never climbed and wants to try something new.

Submitted by Logan Perron, GPRC Student Ambassador.

New Wolves on the Field

New Wolves on the Field

The GPRC Wolves are pleased to announce 4 new signings to the Women’s Soccer Program. Tea Brown, Sydney Embleton, Sydney Kelly and Kate Allison have all committed to the 2018-19 season under the stewardship of Head Coach Chris Morgan.

Tea Brown with her new coach, Chris Morgan.

North Peace Secondary Schools’ 2017 Female Athlete of the Year, Tea Brown from Fort St. John, is a solid and dependable player who can play a number of positions according to coach Morgan, she is also coachable with a great attitude to the game. With Provincial Gold in Indoor, Outdoor, and most recently, Northern Central Championship Gold, Tea is also on the NPSS Academic Honour Roll and chose GPRC because of the academic offerings. She also looks forward to playing at the college level and developing her skills as an athlete.

Sydney Embleton joins the Wolves in the 2018-2019 season.

Sydney Embleton joins the Wolves from Vernon, BC and chose GPRC because of the academic programs offered, and the teams strong showing in the ACAC over the years. She looks forward to taking part in what GPRC has to offer and is excited about developing all areas of skill against new competition, and bonding with coaches and teammates. A multiple medal winner over the years with Vernon United Rep Soccer, Coach Morgan is positive that Sydney will do well at GPRC, saying that she comes to the program highly recommended, is fast and can play various positions.

Kate Allison joins the Wolves in the 2018-2019 season.

Another Vernon, BC recruit, Kate Allison joins the Wolves after playing with Vernon United and the Fulton Maroons, was also invited to train with Whitecaps Okanagan Prospects Academy 2015-17. She is looking forward to improving her game with Coach Morgan and is pursuing studies in the Kinesiology program at GPRC. Kate has a solid skill set, good work ethic and a great attitude to the game says Morgan who is thrilled she has chosen to continue her education and soccer career with the Wolves.

Hailing from Vanderhoof, BC, Sydney Kelly is most excited about reaching her full potential as a college athlete. With a 2 goal per game average in the 2017-18 season, Sydney will bring goals to the Wolves for sure says Coach Morgan who is excited that she has committed to the season. Sydney who chose GPRC because of the institutions’ academic and soccer programs’ reputation, competed with her high school team at Provincials AA last season, and has also trained with the UNBC Timberwolves.

We’re looking forward to welcoming these four players into the pack.

Finding Opportunities at GPRC

Finding Opportunities at GPRC

Returning to school as a mature student with three children was not the easiest decision and possibly the scariest one I have chosen to make. I did not do well in high school and learning was very difficult. I had always wanted to return to school but the anxiety overwhelmed me to do so, however I finally reached a point that for me to move forward in a positive and successful way I needed more education.

My goal when I first came back to school four years ago was to complete one year and obtain a certificate and get a job. However, with school being difficult for me I had to upgrade, so that one-year certificate automatically became two. My first year was very scary but I was determined to complete that certificate. After I completed my Business Administration Certificate I had five courses left to complete my diploma. So, that was year three and after my five courses to complete my diploma I had three left to pick for a full year of studies, so I picked courses that would be required for a degree because by this time my confidence was rising. I was not certain I would actually complete a degree, but I did not want to limit myself, even if I came back at a later time to do it or did a degree part time while working. But after much thought and research I found the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Public Sector Management at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). This degree got my interest as I always wanted to pursue non-profit and was very disappointed when the Non-profit Marketing course kept getting cancelled at GPRC. But now, instead of taking just one class, I could have a specialization in non-profit. After obtaining my Business Administration diploma in Management, I applied and sent my transcripts to TRU but I was still not committed to go because I still had to wait on Financial Aid and with completing my diploma I was not confident they would continue to give me money to go to school, but they did and not only for the fall and winter semesters but they also approved me to do a summer semester (May-August)! So, by this time I was committed to my degree.

TRU was amazing working with my disabilities and with GPRC on allowing me to stay in on-campus courses as much as they could. Being allowed to stay at GPRC while completing my degree through TRU-Open Learning Campus allowed me to stay involved in the Ambassador program that I applied for in my third year while finishing my diploma. The program was new but rewarding. In this past year the Ambassador program has given me opportunities that I would not have otherwise been able to have, learning about recruitment and retention was not experience I had had the opportunity to have before. This opened my eyes to a new area that I had only discussed in human resource management and management courses. The hands-on experience that GPRC had given me has been invaluable and the opportunities to work with the amazing staff and students I will always value.

As the semester comes to an end, I will be saying good-bye to a group of talented, inspiring, and ambitious Ambassadors and will be meeting a new group of Ambassadors that are ready to take on the challenges that lay before them. The 2018-2019 academic school year will be my last year at GPRC and as I remember the times and experiences that I have had here it is bittersweet to be moving on to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned at GPRC within our community.

GPRC has really taught me what it means to be a part of a team.

PS. This does not mean doing my degree is easy, and I have not cried a few times, but I know I can do it with the support this community has shown me!